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MY CURRENT WATCHLIST HAS EXPANDED!! I finally started some new dramas and finished some dramas that I was watching for a while. I ALSO DROPPED SOME DRAMAS TOO! I did go against my own rule and start more dramas than I should have. I WAS DOING SO WELL! You know, temptation got the best of me OF COURSE! There are some dramas that start this week that I have not clicked play on yet so there will not be on this list. I HOPE I CAN FINISH SOME OF THE CDRAMAS THAT HAVE BEEN ON THIS LIST FOREVER!🤣

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Beyond Evil (*ADDICTED*) - I always had my eye on this drama but was waiting for it to be done airing to watch it. Since it completed airing and won a bunch of awards, I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE TO START IT! I am now 2 episodes away from completing it which will happen this week. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS DRAMA! It is probably one of the best Korean dramas I have ever seen. I will DEFINITELY be writing a review on it.

Bossam: Steal The Fate (*ADDICTED*) - I am not always a fan of historical dramas BUT THIS ONE CAUGHT MY EYE! As you know from my various posts about posters, this drama has had my attention for a while AND IT FINALLY STARTED! I was definitely intrigued by the synopsis and SO FAR, I am not disappointed. The cinematography is BREATHTAKING and I love the acting. I am really curious what is going to happen next WHICH I LOVE when I am watching a drama.

Dark Hole - I like this drama because I don't have to think very much while watching it. I have no idea where it is going but it is entertaining. Plus, it has a serial killer in it so I HAVE TO CONTINUE WATCHING IT!

Kingdom: Legendary War - As a fan of all the groups, I am just living my best life. I have enjoyed watching all the groups perform. I am just having fun with this and I am so glad that I am watching it.

Law School (ADDICTED*) - You know me, I LOVE WHEN A CRIME DRAMA KEEPS ME GUESSING! Law School DEFINITELY keeps me guessing. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE KILLER IS! Was it just 1 person or multiple people? I am loving that we get to see into the lives of everyone and that everything is being revealed little by little. I am scared that they might pull a fast one on us and make someone who already have been proven "innocent" ACTUALLY the guilty party BUT WE WILL HAVE TO SEE!

Mine - THIS IS THE MAKJANG GOODNESS THAT I HAVE NEEDED IN MY LIFE!! I am not addicted to it yet BUT I CAN SEE MYSELF BECOMING ADDICTED! You have a top notch cast with a story that could go anywhere. I have watched the first 2 episodes AND WE ALREADY HAVE A CRAZY CHARACTER THAT IS UNPREDICTABLE!

Miss Montecristo (*ADDICTED*) - I am just so entertained by this drama. You give me a revenge drama AND I WILL LOVE IT! I am behind on this drama but I am curious to see who the main female lead will really get her revenge on and who might even be dead by the end of the drama. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE CRAZY SCHEMES THAT ARE GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS DRAMA!

Mouse - THANK GOD THIS DRAMA IS DONE THIS WEEK! It has just been ALL OVER THE PLACE! This drama also did not need to be 20 episodes long. I like that is still dark and intense but the story has really been drug out AND I NEED JUSTICE FOR MY DOCTOR!! Am I letting it wash over me and still enjoying it? ABSOLUTELY!

Sell Your Haunted House - I am a little behind on this drama. I need answers in this drama! I need the plot to move along and give us some answers. I am sure I will get some answers because I am behind. I am still loving the ghosts and the chemistry between our 2 leads. There are definitely multiple characters that have secrets that I need more about.

Taxi Driver - I am also a little behind on this drama. I love the taxi team. I like the cases and how they are helping people. Yes, it is violent but that has never bothered me. I can see our characters imploding at some point because these characters have some real issues in their past that they need to deal with. I don't know how I feel about the prosecutor character. I don't hate her but I also don't have any attachment to her either. Maybe I will gain some once I catch up on some episodes.


General's Lady (*ADDICTED*) - I am still liking this one. I love the main couple. I am excited to see them grow and relate more to each other. I am excited to see where their relationship goes in the drama. I AM STILL LOVING THE OSTS!

Noble Aspirations (*ADDICTED*) - I said this last month but I am taking this one slow. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It will be hard to say goodbye to it so I sort of have not been watching it. 🤣 I love the characters and the magic in the drama. I am curious how the relationships between the various characters (SERIOUSLY EVERYONE IS IN THIS DRAMA!) will develop and change over the course of the story.


Love Phantom (*ADDICTED*) - I am a fan of both of the leads of this drama SO OF COURSE I WAS GOING TO WATCH THIS DRAMA! WOW WHAT A FIRST EPISODE! This couple moved SO FAST and I was not mad at it. I am curious where the story is going to go from here because everything isn't what it seems. THE MAIN COUPLE ALSO HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY!




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