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I don't think I wrote a "MY WATCHLIST" post for April and I don't know why I didn't. So, needless to say, My Watchlist is going to be completely different or almost completely different than what it was in March. I finished A LOT of dramas in April and started some new ones. There are couple of things I am watching that I need to finish or drop already. May is going to a month where I don't finish a lot because life got in the way and was busy.

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Queen of Masks - THIS DRAMA IS WILD!! Does it make any sense? Not really. It isn't the best drama ever. One of the characters makes me want to throw something at the tv any time she opens her mouth. I will watch it to the end to see the bad guys get what is coming to them. I want to see the couples I like thrive. I also want to see how much crazier this drama can get because I don't see how we are only half way through this drama and how this can get any crazier than it always is. Can I also say, I am starting to hate when everything is connected to one character. As least do it in a way that makes sense!

Love Mate - This is a very easy watch. The couple is cute and the episodes are short. I wish the episodes were longer so we could get more substance and character development. The drama is doing some the tropes and cliché storylines very well. The chemistry is nice too and I like the couple's communication. Their relationship is quite healthy. I love a good old office romance drama too. This drama might not be everyone's cup of tea but it is a nice one to check out.

My Perfect Stranger - I am REALLY far behind on this one and need to catch up. I have watched the first episode and I am very intrigued. I am curious how the leads will start working together. I am curious how their chemistry will develop the more I watch. I am curious how everything will tie together. I also already love a lot of the supporting cast especially the actor and actress playing the younger version of Baek Yoon Young's parents.

Star Struck - I just watched the first 2 episodes of this drama this week. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I do like the trope of friends becoming more. Zuho's character is SO aloof though so, I can't read him. I also don't know if I like the style of the drama yet. It is another drama that has very short episodes so, I don't know if I will like this as much as other BL kdramas I have watched in 2023.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 (* ADDICTED*) - I am having SO MUCH fun with this drama. I am LOVING all of the characters. I am loving learning more about the characters' backstory. I love the action sequences. I wish there was a little more magic but it is understandable why there isn't. I love the hints of comedy in the drama too. I am very curious what will happen in future episodes with this drama and if it will connect at all the Season 3 that is coming up.

The Real Has Come! - I am trying to finish my first weekender ever. I am SUPER behind on this one. I always fall behind on these. I have just decided I am going to watch this at my own pace and eventually I will finish it. I have seen posts on social media on how horrible some of these characters are and I am okay with that because I watch makjangs all the time. 😂

The Witch's Game - This drama is still on the back burner. Life has just gotten in the way. I still have a long way to go with this drama but I have just decided that I will watch this at my own pace. I will eventually finish it. 😊


Boys Planet - I know this show has already ended and I also know a lot of the people who made it to the final group. I plan to still finish it though. I now don't need to stress about some of my favorites because a lot of my favorites made it to the final group. Some of my favorites did not so the eliminations will still be a little heartbreaking when I have to see those people go.


Till the End of the Moon (*ADDICTED*) - THE WAY THIS DRAMA HAS A HOLD ON ME!! I am speed watching this drama because I am supposed to record a podcast episode on it in about a week. I usually don't do well with bingeing dramas BUT MAN THIS DRAMA MAKES IT EASY TO BINGE!! I am so invested in this drama and its characters. I am about halfway through this drama. know I am about to get my heart broken so much in the second half of this drama. I don't even care because THIS DRAMA IS JUST SO GOOD!! I can go on and on about this drama. I am definitely going to be writing a review on this drama once I have completed it. I think I might have to do a special posters and fan art blogpost from this drama CUZ MY GOD I AM SAVING SO MANY PICTURES AND STILLS FROM THIS DRAMA! I am a little obsessed...

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 - I FINALLY FINISHED PART 1 OF THIS DRAMA!! That is another drama off the list that I brought over from 2022. Now, I just need to finish Part 2. I definitely liked this drama more once a lot of the comedy was gone. I AM HERE FOR THE MAIN COUPLE!! I love them together. I know there will be some heartbreak in the second part of this drama for sure but I hope we get a happy ending for all of our couples by the end.

That is what I am currently watching in the month of May. Are you watching some of the same dramas I am currently watching? Do you agree with my opinions? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE WATCHED TILL THE END OF THE MOON!? Were you obsessed like I am currently!? Every month seems to bring more dramas that I want to watch which I guess is good for us drama watchers. There will ALWAYS be dramas to watch!





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