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What is different? What was added? What did I finish?



- Phoenix 2020: I will be watching this drama PLUS the next 2 Kdramas for AWHILE because all 3 dramas are longer dramas (2 daily dramas and 1 weekend family drama) and don't end until sometime in 2021. SO, these 2 dramas will be on this list FOR A LONG TIME! That being said, Phoenix 2020 is gearing up to be VERY MAKJANG! I mean we have a couple get together AND break up in the first 6 episodes. I love crazy dramas so I can't wait to see what CRAZINESS unfolds in this one.

- A Man in a Veil: This drama is crazy AS EVER! We got people forced into marriages. We got secret identities and star - crossed lovers. It is just WILD and VERY ENTERTAINING! I am TOTALLY along for the ride.

- Homemade Love Story: This is my calm weekend family drama. It still has some crazy storylines but not as ridiculous as the 2 daily dramas above it. My favorite part of this drama is the relationships. As I said in my October Watchlist, THE FOUND FAMILY TROPE IS SO GOOD FOR ME! This drama has that in SPADES! I love the sibling relationships in this drama as well. It is a lot of fun when they are on screen together.

- Mask: Still on the backburner right now BUT I AM NOT DROPPING IT! I will finish it. I want to see how it ends. I want to see the evil people get what they deserve and for the couple to be together at the end. Who doesn't love a happy ending? The main couple have AMAZING chemistry so they deserve a happy ending after all the crazy in this drama.

- My Dangerous Wife: I have no idea where this drama is going or how it will end BUT I am along for the ride. There are so many questions still and everyone is pretty much not who they seem to be. I am so curious on learning more about the characters. I also am curious how the writers plan to wrap everything up because this drama is SO NUTS, I just can't predict how it will all end.

- Tale of the Nine Tailed: Every week I ask myself, HOW CAN I LOVE THIS MORE THAN I ALREADY AM!? Every week I seem to love it EVEN MORE! The lore and fantasy are SO ENTERTAINING AND FASCINATING! The drama is surprising as well because you expect the story to go in one direction but then it takes a turn and has its characters make decisions that keep it interesting. IT IS SMART WRITING! I am still trying to decide who the true villain is in the drama and I am getting myself ready to cry BUT I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!

- Penthouse: I don't know if I am going to stick with this kdrama or not. EVERYONE IS HORRIBLE! It is also a lot more stressful that I was expecting to be. I find myself having to get myself ready to watch this drama because it is SO MAKJANG! For that, THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING! For now, I am still watching it because I am curious about some characters and where the story is headed BUT MAN! THIS IS AN INTENSE DRAMA!

-The Goddess of Revenge: I started this new Korean drama over the weekend and watched the first episode only. IT IS A VERY SOLID START! THAT LAST SCENE IN EPISODE ONE WAS EPIC! I cheered HAHA. I am excited to watch more. The lawyer definitely has known the female lead from before the drama started. It seems like he has held onto feelings for her for a while. I am ALWAYS down for a good revenge drama!



- Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave: Another drama that is still on the back burner. I still plan on finishing and getting back into it. I am still liking it for the ACTION and ADVENTURE! I just need to finish some other dramas first before I go back to this one.

- Hikaru No Go: THIS IS A DRAMA THAT I AM LOVING! It is a Cdrama adaption of the Japanese Anime Hikaru No Go. I am a fan of the anime so I might be a little bias. When I saw that this was premiering, I HAD to start it right away. I think the production has done a great job bringing the story to life. I look forward to new episodes EVERY WEEK! Which reminds me I have NEW EPISODES TO WATCH! Here is my "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" post for the drama so far.

-Noble Aspirations: Another drama that is sort of on the back burner because I need to finish other dramas first BUT I did watch some more episodes. UNLIKE the other dramas that are on the back burner right now. I love all the actors in this drama, I think they make up a great ensemble cast and have GREAT CHEMISTRY! I am excited to watch more and see how the story unfolds. Also LOVE AND REDEMPTION IS FINALLY ON A LEGAL SITE SO I NEED TO FINISH THIS ONE SO I CAN WATCH THAT!

Noble Boys


- Cherry Magic: I am still LOVING THIS DRAMA! It gives me joy EVERY WEEK! I love Adachi and Kurosawa's relationship and chemistry. The 2 actors make the relationship and the scenes together believable. The acting in this IS SO GOOD because a lot of the lines in it are thoughts so the actors have to act out facial expressions and not speak lines. Here is my "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" post for the drama so far.

- Noble Boys: I started this Jdrama on a whim. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. First off, it reminds me of the young adult books I read growing up. So, this Jdrama is sort of nostalgic for me if that makes sense. I like to try and guess which boy each girl is going to end up with because I can guarantee it is not who the girl characters are expecting they will end up with. Just a light entertaining Jdrama to take my mind off things.

- Shanai Marriage Honey: Due to Peer pressure I started this drama HAHA! It has a very interesting concept for a plot so I'm curious how the plot will play out for the rest of the episodes. I am HIGHLY suspicious of the male lead and his motives in this drama so we will see. The Male lead is also GORGEOUS HAHA! So that is a little distracting but yeah, I have watched TOO MANY crime dramas to not be suspicious of him.

The Devil's Punisher


- The Devil Punisher: Another drama that I am enjoying A LOT MORE than I thought I would. It may be lower production quality than some of the other dramas that I am watching but there is something endearing about it. The two leads have great chemistry together. The fantasy elements of the drama MAKE IT A LOT OF FUN! I am curious how the story is going to play out because I have theories. It will be interesting to see if my theories play out. My favorite aspect of this drama so far IS DEFINITELY the fantasy/supernatural aspects to each episode.

- Craving You: I love how short and sweet this drama is. I can't believe ALL the kisses have been dream sequences HAHA! I have watched all the episodes except for 2. There really hasn't been much conflict which is nice. Maybe because it is such short episodes and only 10 episodes. I am sure the real kiss will be in the last episode but I am enjoying this one.



-My Engineer: I PROMISE I WILL GET BACK TO THIS DRAMA AND FINISH IT! I am still loving it. It is very entertaining and I like all the actors/characters. I just need to sit down and watch it. I am excited to see how the couples' relationships play out and affect the story.

-My Gear and Your Gown: I am REALLY happy that we have gotten to where the drama started. We are out of high school and back in college. I think it could have happened a few episodes earlier than it did. I also am surprised that we really have no couples TOGETHER! There are ONLY so many episodes left in this drama. I am still enjoying it but I just think the pacing is off a little. I am a little behind on episodes for this one.

- Oxygen: One of my FAVS that I am watching. I love that Solo and Gui are so supportive of each other and comfortable around each other. I love that Kao and Pho have pushed each other and gotten to open up to each other. I still don't get what is going on with the doctors - STILL CONFUSED ABOUT THAT ONE HAHA! I will admit, I am expecting the other shoe to drop. I am expecting like an injury or something ESPECIALLY with the background of some of these characters. I mean a break up wouldn't be surprising either BUT I keep clicking play on the next episode, expecting something bad to happen. I am also a little behind on episodes for this one as well.

- Gen Y: I have only watched the first episode. I am enjoying it. My favorite character is definitely Kit. I think the first episode had an interesting way of shooting one of the couples because we never saw one of the partner's faces but it made sense by the end. I am curious how the story and relationships will develop through this series especially with how episode 1 ended.

-Tonhan Chonlatee: I started this the other week and I have only watched the first episode. I like that there are already multiple couples that will be in this drama. It is a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I found myself laughing because of many scenes and many parts of the dialogue. I love that the family that we were introduced too was accepting of sexual orientation which is a nice change of pace. I'm curious how the characters will evolve through the series because I can already see some issues that might come up.




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