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DUDE WHERE HAS 2021 GONE!? I know I say this every "My Watchlist" post or "Wrap Up" post but I feel like 2021 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. My list may seem small this month because I have not started a lot of the October dramas that I want to watch because I have been trying to finish a couple of dramas first. You know, SO I DON'T GET SO OUT OF CONTROL! 😂 This also means I am quite behind on a few dramas.

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Girls Planet 999 - LAST EPISODE IS NEXT WEEK! I can't believe we are FINALLY here! It has been a roller coaster FOR SURE! This is the first competition show that I have ever watched. No matter who is in the final group, I will be supporting them. I am VERY INVESTED in this group and want to see them succeed. I hope all the girls that have been eliminated get to debut somewhere else or get to do what they hope to do in the future.

Lovers of the Red Sky (*ADDICTED*) - This is probably one of my favorite dramas that I am watching right now. I just love how beautiful and magical this drama is. There are 4 episodes left and I am anxious to see how it ends. I really can't predict anything that is going to happen and I am ok with that. The CGI and visuals of this drama are still BLOWING ME AWAY!

Second Husband - I am still watching this revenge daily drama. I will probably be watching it for a while. I am okay with that because I am taking it slow AND IT IS 120 EPISODES!! The revenge part has not happened yet. I am sure I still have a good 20 episodes before it does. I am still having fun with this drama though. There are definitely a couple of characters where it will be VERY satisfying to watch what they have coming to them.

The Veil - The drama ends next week. I have no idea what is going on. DO I CARE? no. I am having SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS DRAMA! I love the action scenes. I love the darkness of it. I love all the revenge that is happening in this drama. I don't even care if it makes sense or not. I don't particularly care for either of the female characters in the drama BUT HEY I am sticking around for the fighting and action scenes.

The Tasty Florida - I need to finish this drama. I have 4 episodes to go. It will be quick. Is it the best drama ever? no but I am entertained. I like all the food scenes. The couple is cute. I wish there was more substance but you can't win them all.


Stealth Walker - This drama went on the back burner a bit because I was trying to finish some other dramas. I do plan on finishing it because I enjoyed the first couple of episodes I watched. PLUS, it is a crime drama so OF COURSE I am going to continue watching it. 😂 I am very curious to see what happens with the two leads in this drama because where I am at in the drama, they still haven't met yet.


Someday or One Day - I said this last month but it still stands...I need to stop fooling around AND FINISH THIS DRAMA! As I said last month, I am VERY confused from what I have already seen so THAT IS NOT HELPING! 😂 My goal is to finish it SOON!


Bite Me - I am enjoying this but it could be better. I LOVE THE FOOD SCENES! Seriously, don't watch this drama while hungry. I love our main couple. The cinematography is quite lovely too. I know there is still 5 episodes left but the plot and the relationship seem to be going nowhere fast. It is just a slow burn WHICH HONESTLY, I always have a hard time watching because I just hate waiting. I know we will get there (hopefully not in the last episode) but I want some kind of movement ALREADY! I am still enjoying this drama but it isn't a drama where it is AGONY waiting for the next episode or anything.

There are a TON of airing dramas I have yet to start and a lot of dramas coming in October I plan to watch SO LET'S SEE WHAT MY WATCHLIST LOOKS LIKE NEXT MONTH!

Are you watching any of the same dramas that I am watching? Do you have the same feelings that I do about those dramas? Any dramas I should check out? WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING? WHAT ARE YOU ENJOYING THE MOST? WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING ON STARTING SOON?



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