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I guess I should just admit that when I am stressed with other things in life, I tend to add dramas to my current watchlist. That means, the dramas I am already watching tend to fall to the wayside until later. MY LIFE IS GOING TO A MESS FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS! So, get ready for chaos in my current watchlist too. 😂

So, here is what I am currently watching AND ALL I HAVE ADDED TO THE CURRENT WATCHLIST RECENTLY!

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Bad Prosecutor - This Kdrama is everything I wanted it to be. I can't wait to watch more episodes. You got a chaotic found family. You got comedy. You got crime and some butt-kicking. You got a prosecutor who fights bad guys with questionable means but you don't think he is a bad person. He has morals and upholds justice. He just fights crime with crime. It is refreshing. D.O also is showing off his acting chops again. This drama is just fun.

Glitch - I don't know how I feel about this drama. It is refreshing because it is different. I have only watched the first episode and let me tell you, the first episode was quite entertaining. I like that you don't quite know what is real and what is not. It makes you question everything as an audience member. I am excited to watch more and see what happens.

May it Please the Court (*ADDICTED*) - I AM SO SAD THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE NOT WATCHING THIS DRAMA!! 😭 I ABSOLUTELY love it. The leads have AMAZING chemistry! The acting is phenomenal. It is another crime drama where you don't know if a good guy is really a good guy or if he is a bad guy. That is how good the acting is because he is quite convincing. The comedy is SO GOOD! I am having SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS DRAMA!


Take 1 - I have only watched the first episode of this so far because it premiered last night. I am looking forward to more episodes. I love seeing performances and what goes into a performance so, THIS SHOW WAS MADE FOR ME!

Young Actors Retreat - I AM SO SAD THAT THIS IS ENDING THIS COMING WEEK! 😭 I hope we get more variety shows where actors can come together and hang out. If Hwang In Yeop doesn't get more variety appearances after this, I WILL RIOT! He is hilarious in this. I have laughed every week with this show. It is relaxing and the perfect show to watch on a Friday evening after work. I loved watching the actors interact with each other every week. I wish it was longer or we are getting more of this type of variety show.


Love in the Galaxy Part 1 - I have only watched 2 episodes of this first part. I have enjoyed it so far. I am excited to watch more. It has sort of taken a backseat because I have started so many other things. I don't think my watchlist will get under control again until 2023 at this point. I will say, THIS DRAMA IS BEAUTIFULLY SHOT! I have loved the sets, costumes, camera shots - it is just a beautiful drama so far. It has more comedy in it that I thought it would have but it is okay. I think the acting is good so far and I already have a couple of characters that I am sure I will hate already.

The Longest Day in Chang'An - I am still enjoying this drama but it has taken a bad seat for now. I have to be in the mood to watch it because it is one of those dramas that I have to pay attention too. THE PRODUCTION ON THIS IS AMAZING!! I am in awe with how this drama looks. It definitely is exciting to watch. I am excited to watch more and see what happens next. I wonder if it will keep up the pacing it has right now.🤔

Thousand Years for You - I mean are we surprised that I attempted to watch this as it aired? I never do this with Chinese dramas because I can never keep up. THAT IS THE CASE HERE! I am over half way done and it still has already ended. 😂 I mean it is also Allen Ren so, OF COURSE I WILL TRY AND WATCH IT! I know there are people who did not like this drama. For now, I am enjoying it quite a bit. Is it the best drama I have watched no BUT I am entertained and I like a lot of things about this drama. I am curious to see how it ends and I am surprised I have not been spoiled on anything.


Kabe-Koji-nekoyashiki-kun Desires to be Recognized - I have a soft spot for Mamoru's type of character. I always enjoy the characters who are quieter and not good at being social. I think it is because I relate to that type of character. So, naturally I LOVE Mamoru in this. I am curious to see how Mamoru and Issei's relationship progresses. I can definitely predict some obstacles that will happen later but we will see if it actually happens. I am enjoying this drama a lot.


My Tooth Your Love - IT HAS FINALLY PREMIERED!! I enjoyed the first 2 episodes which aired last night. OF COURSE, the drama had to do us dirty and now only air 1 episode a week. I sort of wish I had waited for more episodes to binge it. I like our main couple. I am curious to see past traumas to be revealed and aired out. I am glad we get multiple couples in this drama. It looks like there could be potentially 3 couples in this drama. I love when a drama makes me curious and want to know more about characters and their back stories.

Meet Me @ 1006 - I am still making my way through this drama. It has admittedly taken a back seat. I also have not caught up to the place I was before Dramafever shut down either. I will definitely finish it. I just need some time. I probably will be bringing this drama over to 2023 at this point.


The Love Proposal - I needed a juicy lakorn in my life. I have only watched the first episode BUT GOD DAMN, it was a wild ride already. 😂 I am ready for the craziness that it about to go down with this drama. This drama might be another one to be brought over to 2023 but we will see.


Jujutsu Kaisen - I am still watching Jujutsu Kaisen. I am watching it with someone else which is why it is taking so long. I am curious to see how this season ends. I hear that there is a Season 2 that should come out soon. I am definitely going to watch that because I am enjoying this so much. I am definitely doing a review of this anime once I am done with it. What Anime should I watch next?


House of the Dragon - I am still watching House of Dragon. I am a little behind. I have not gotten to the episodes where the younger versions of the characters have become adults. I think that is the next episode I have to watch. I need to catch up because it ends next week. I have enjoyed what I have watched so far. I am excited to watch more and see how the story unfolds as well as ends next week. I am also excited to talk about the show with my dad because he is caught up on it.

That is what I am currently watching. This list will be quite different in November. I have a lot of dramas/shows ending in October. We all know I will still be watching dramas and shows even though we are about to enter the chaos that will be the rest of the year. Dramas and shows will help me through the chaos so, I am curious what this list will look like in the coming months and when I am on the other side of the chaos. 😂







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