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I did not release a Kdramas News Corner in October so; NOVEMBER WILL COVER 2 MONTHS OF NEWS! I am hoping in 2024 that I will actually get these back on track and be talking about the news that actually happen in the month that the title says. 😂 We have a lot of news to cover so this blogpost will be PACKED! Just a reminder, most of the news posts will be about casting news. I might add a couple of other news tidbits if I find it interesting. This post is just things that I have collected over the last month or so. All of the news will be confirmed - I don't want to post anything about rumors or anything. I AM SURE I WILL MISS SOMETHING - especially the amount of news that is announced every month in drama land.


Lee Soo Hyuk & Lee Da Hee and more confirmed for new webtoon based kdrama [Soompi]

Sulli's Posthumous Films confirms release date [Soompi]

Kim Do Hoon and Chae Won Bin confirmed for a Rom-Com [Soompi]

Lee Si Kang confirmed to take over lead role in "Elegant Empire" [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for new upcoming drama [Soompi]

Go Ah Ra confirmed to take over role in upcoming Kdrama [Soompi]

Shin Min Ah and Kim Young Dae confirmed for new Rom-Com Drama [Soompi]

Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Jun Young confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

Kwon Hyun Bin and Song Ji Woo confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

"Stranger" Spin-Off confirms Lee Joon Hyuk starring and 2024 premiere [Soompi]

"Hospital Playlist" spin-off confirms leads [Soompi]

More cast confirmed for Kdrama based off of web-toon "Study Group" [Soompi]

Lee Jae Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Jae Wook and more confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

Jiwon confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

Wi Ha Joon confirmed for new romance kdrama [Soompi]

Kim So Yeon confirmed for special appearance in "The Escape of the Seven" [Soompi]

Park Se Wan confirmed for new comedy crime Kdrama [Soompi]

"My Demon" confirms premiere date [Soompi]

Season 2 of "The Escape of the Seven" changes directors [Soompi]

Park Ji Hoon confirmed for new fantasy romance Kdrama [Soompi]

"Tell Me That You Love Me" confirms fall premiere date [Soompi]

Jung Ryeo Won confirmed for new romance drama with Wi Ha Joon [Soompi]

Upcoming Kdrama "Hide" confirms cast [Soompi]

Lee Sun Bin and Kim Min Seok confirmed for new horror film [Soompi]

New Time-Slip Drama "Marry My Husband" confirms cast and premiere date [Soompi]

Kim Ha Neul confirmed for new thriller Kdrama [Soompi]

Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang confirmed for new thriller Kdrama [Soompi]

Cha Joo Young and Lee Hyun Wook confirmed for new historical Kdrama [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for new Noir Kdrama [Soompi]

Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung confirmed for new historical Kdrama [Soompi]

That is all the Kdrama news I have gathered over the last 2 months.

Did you see something that interests you?

What casting/drama news are you excited about?

Is this kind of blogpost helpful to you?

Anything I missed?


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