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There were a lot of posters again released in the month of November. We had holidays and network events and just a lot of promotional materials being released. I gathered what caught my attention. Get ready for a pretty long post. I hope you like the collection gathered for November.

Ok, OF COURSE, I am going to start this blog post off with my favorite posters from the month of November. THESE NEW POSTERS FOR ALCHEMY OF SOULS SEASON 2 ARE EVERYTHING! Their chemistry just OOZES off these pictures. I can't wait to watch Season 2 and see how their chemistry is on screen.

This poster caught my eye because Joo Ji Hoon just looks so suave and handsome in it. I have no idea what this movie is about but now I want to watch it. The dog helps as well. Joo Ji Hoon has always looked good in a suit. It is here all on display right now.

Another HIGHLY anticipated Korean drama released posters in November. THESE CHARACTER POSTERS LOOK AMAZING! I just can't wait for Island Season 1 coming out at the end of the month.

This poster just caught my eye because it was cute. The dog is adorable in this photo. Also, could not pass up William Chan.

I always love adventure dramas. I love the posters for action/adventure dramas because it is just exciting. Also, both leads look GREAT in this poster. I am very excited for this drama.

I am cautiously optimistic about this drama. I love Ouyang Nana and love to see that she is getting more roles. I love the concept of this drama and the costumes look gorgeous. I just know this drama could be good but also could bomb as well. I guess time will tell.

I love historical crime/investigation dramas so, this drama immediately caught my eye. I love that half this poster looks like it was painted on. I love the watercolor look it has. The costumes look nice as well. I am looking forward to this one FOR SURE!

Everyone is looking forward to this drama. I still need to watch Season 1. At this point, I might as well wait until Season 2 premieres so, I don't have to wait for Season 2. I love that this poster looks like a drawing. I love the detail and linework. It also sort of looks like it was carved or printed off a wood carving. I like that effect.

I just like that this poster looks like a painting. It sort of reminds me of a comic or an anime in a way. I have no idea what this drama is about but it has my attention.

There is nothing very unique about these posters BUT the colors caught my attention. I am curious about this drama. I might check it out later, we will see. I love the backgrounds in both of these posters. I can't make out if there are any actual images in the background of these posters but I have looked to see if I could find some. Both backgrounds have this smoke effect that is cool. Maybe it is supposed to convey something about neurology or the brain...

These posters caught my eye for 2 reasons. The colors are gorgeous. I do like the group poster better than the character posters. I think it the bright lighting in the character posters that I don't like. I do like the colors in the character posters and the shadow of the other character in the background. I love how the couple poster looks like it has glitter on it. Another thing that drew me to these posters are the costumes on both of the actors. The costumes are BEAUTIFUL!

Is it just me or does this poster OOZE chemistry. I can't stop looking at it. Road Home was already on my radar but DAMN, after this poster, it is on my radar even more. I love when you can get chemistry just from the posters.

There is the POSTER COLLECTION for November. We got a long blog post for you today. There were a lot of posters that caught my eye. There were others I could have included but decided not to. I wonder what posters we will have next month.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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