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I should have known that November was going to be a REALLY slow drama watching month for me. It always is for me with the holidays and just how busy my life becomes in general in November and December. I completed the same number of dramas this November that I completed in November 2022 so, this is a pattern for me. I know I said that in October I was really slow at watching dramas. I still completed 5 dramas. November was A LOT worse. December I will be finishing a TON of dramas because I plan to clear my currently watching list as much as possible before I start any new dramas. I have a ton of new dramas I want to pick up but first I am getting dramas off of my currently watching list.


I only completed 1 Asian drama in the month of November. I should have known this was going to happen because the same thing happened in November 2022. I did watch and complete a couple of English-speaking shows and movies this past month. I will include those shows in this wrap up since I did watch and complete them.

Forever and Ever (Cdrama)(VIKI): I may be very bias when it comes to Forever and Ever because I love Allen Ren and Bai Lu. I loved One and Only when I watched that and I should have watched Forever and Ever right after I finished One and Only but I didn't get around to watching Forever and Ever until this year. I loved Forever and Ever just as much as I loved One and Only. A lot of people say that Forever and Ever is a healing drama from One and Only and I totally agree. I did not think it would be sad at all but it did have a few sad moments. Nothing as sad as what we got in One and Only though. I felt like the ending was quite rushed for this Chinese drama. I still loved the lead's chemistry and I loved seeing them as a couple.

How to Become a Mob Boss (American Documentary) (NETFLIX): I watched this documentary over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I actually enjoyed watching it more than I thought I would. I found it interesting to learn more about the famous mobsters I have grown up learning about. I thought this documentary had a fun and interesting format to teach us about these gangsters. I also liked that the documentary had a main mobster it talked about in the episode but referenced other lesser-known gangsters from history that tied into the topic of that episode. I did think the episodes were too short and I wished they were longer but that is probably because I was enjoying watching the documentary.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (American Movie): I wanted to like this more than I did. I never have read the book but I knew going in that it was a prequel and was the origin story of President Snow. This movie made me want to go back and watch the 4 original Hunger Games movies that came out. I thought the acting was good but I hated the plot. I thought the entire reason that President Snow became a villain was stupid and could have been better. I thought some of the characters were well rounded while others were one-note. I also was ok with some of the singing in the movie but I got tired of all the singing as well. It was an okay movie; it wasn't horrible but it would have been better.

The Gray Man (American Movie) (NETFLIX): This was SUCH AN ENTERTAINING MOVIE! It had a nice balance of comedy and action. It was well acted. It was entertaining and quite a wild ride. It definitely needs a sequel and I hope it gets one. I would gladly watch a sequel to this movie.


I dropped 1 drama in November. I should have dropped it months ago but I finally gave up this past month. I just got bored and started to avoid watching it. That should have been the sign to me to just drop it but NOPE, I held onto it for months without watching more of it.

The Witch's Game (Daily Kdrama): As I said, I should have dropped this drama months ago. Now, I know that since it was a daily drama that the story and revenge would just keep going in circles and would not see a conclusion until the end. Normally I can finish a revenge daily drama because that is always the case. This one just annoyed me. The story just kept going in circles. The bad guys just kept winning and it was not even. It should be game of tug of war where the bad guys and good guys have wins and losses. To me, that was not the case. Also, the female lead being mad at her mother for so long BUGGED ME! So, I just ended up dropping it after not watching it for months.


WHY ARE ALL THE DRAMAS COMING OUT AT THE END OF THE YEAR! I have so many dramas in December that I want to watch. I also have NO TIME to watch these dramas. It seems like this happens every year. During the last 2 months of the year when I have no time, the countries just drop all of their most anticipated dramas of the year. so, BUCKLE UP because this is going to be a LONG LIST! I do like that this list has variety and isn't just one genre.

Sweet Home Season 2 (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 1ST, 2023]

I do plan to watch Season 1 before I watch Season 2 of Sweet Home. Season 1 came out in 2020 and I remember a lot of it but I am sure I forgot some things. So, I want to reintroduce myself to this world and characters before watching Season 2. That being said, I am still VERY excited to watch Season 2 of Sweet Home because I LOVED Season 1. I hope it is just more epic and more intense and we get more monsters.

My Man is Cupid (Kdrama) (AMAZON PRIME): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 1ST, 2023]

The first of Jang Dong Yoon's dramas arrives right on December 1st. My love for him will at least make me check out this drama and see if I want to continue it. I think the concept sounds interesting but because it is a rom-com, sometimes the comedy part does not hit me right and I don't end up liking it. I also like NaNa so, I am curious to see these two as a couple and see how their chemistry is. I can see that this has potential but I just have to check it to see if I end up liking it and sticking with it.

Night Has Come (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 4TH, 2023]

High school dramas usually don't work for me but when you add crime or horror into a school setting, I love them more. I loved All of Us Are Dead and Night Has Come looks like it is part of the horror genre so, that might help me get into the drama and like it. I think this one has potential because the characters are forced to play the game mafia and whoever they vote on ends up dying. I am very curious about this and definitely clicking play on it this week when it premieres. I also like the cast so, that is a plus for me.

Death's Game (Kdrama) (AMAZON PRIME): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 15TH, 2023]

A TON of people are looking forward to this one, including me. The cast is STACKED and looks amazing. The concept for the drama and story looks entertaining, unique and interesting. I have not read the webtoon so, I have no idea how this story ends and I love when I go into a drama, not knowing anything about it. There is a rumor that this drama will be broken up into 2 parts but I have nothing to confirm that.

Like Flowers in Sand (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 20TH, 2023]

The second Jang Dong Yoon drama is out near the end of the month. I am hoping that this drama will surprise me. The only reason I have any interest in this drama is because of Jang Dong Yoon. Sports dramas usually don't do it for me unless it is a sport I like. This drama also seems to be a slice of life drama which usually aren't my cup of tea. We will have to see what I think of this drama and if I stick with it.

Gyeongseong Creature Season 1 (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 22ND, 2023]

Another HIGHLY anticipated drama for everyone. I also am excited for this drama. When this drama first announced, I thought it would be about something else. I thought it would be a more serious historical drama about Japanese occupation and stuff. That assumption was just going off of one drama still that we had and before we got any synopsis or trailer. The minute that it came out that this drama was part of the horror genre and was about monsters, I IMMEDIATELY added it too my plan to watch list. This drama will definitely be a 2-part drama with the second part coming in January.

My Happy Ending (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 30TH, 2023]

This kdrama came out of nowhere. One day we didn't have much except the cast and the next day we had a synopsis, trailer and poster. When I first saw this drama, I didn't have any interest because I assumed that it was a rom-com based on the title. THE SECOND I heard that it was a revenge makjang type drama, I said I AM ALL IN! You guys know I love MAKJANG and Jang Na Ra does this genre SO WELL! I actually did not predict this being released at the way end of 2023. I thought it would be a 2024 drama BUT HERE WE ARE!

Yu Yu Hakusho (Jdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES DECEMBER 14TH, 2023]

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my favorite animes OF ALL TIME! It was one of the first animes I ever watched and I got SO EXCITED to see a live action adaption coming out for this anime. Seeing that this live adaption is being released in December, maybe I should rewatch the anime first. I have not rewatched the anime in a couple of years so, that might be fun to do before watching the live adaption. I just hope this live adaption is good! I am PRAYING that it is good! I am a little worried honestly.

Derailment (Cdrama): [RUMORED FOR DECEMBER]

I NEED THIS DRAMA RELEASED ALREADY! I have been looking forward to this drama since it was announced. I just love time travel stories or like parallel world stories. These types of stories just interest me. This story looks like it has potential and could have a good time travel/parallel worlds concept. I have watched the male lead in dramas before but I have never seen the female lead in anything. I need a December premiere confirmed for this drama!

That is all I watched in November (which was practically nothing 😂) and what I am looking forward to in December (which is EVERYTHING!). I am really curious to see what I watch and complete before 2023 comes to a close. What did you complete in November? Did you enjoy those dramas? What dramas are you excited to watch in December?




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