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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! 👻🎃🦇 It is very fitting that I am writing this on Halloween, I think. Are you having a good holiday? Doing anything special to celebrate like watching a scary drama or movie or dressing up like your favorite drama character? I dressed up as a character from Squid Game this year which was fun. Did you watch all the scary things this past month?


I had all the intentions in the world to watch all scary dramas and movies this month. Instead, it turned into cleaning out my current watchlist so I can add ALL NEW dramas to it. So, I have not started any of the dramas I intended to start in October BUT my watchlist is pretty much cleared out. This just means I will be starting and watching A LOT of dramas in November to catch up! 😂

The Veil (Kdrama) (VIKI): I enjoyed this drama quite a bit. I think I honestly enjoyed it so much because I went into it with low expectations. The spy Kdramas that I have seen (I have not seen every single one) has largely disappointed me in the end. THIS DRAMA DID NOT! Yes, it had some spy drama clichés and tropes BUT it was exciting and thrilling. The actions scenes WERE SO GOOD! It wasn't perfect but it was a WILD RIDE!

Danger Zone S1 (Tdrama) (iQIYI): YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I WANTED THIS DRAMA SINCE IT WAS ANNOUNCED!! It did not disappoint. I need to start Season 2 ASAP because I need more of this drama. I just loved this FANTASTIC drama SO MUCH! There were a couple things that drove me nuts such as the dumb cops BUT I can forgive that because it was THAT GOOD! You can read more about my thoughts on this drama in my review right here!

My Name (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): THIS IS A FANTASTIC DRAMA! I know I have said this before but I am a sucker for revenge dramas so My Name was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! The acting blew me away. The fight scenes were intense and I have to give props to the cast and crew for pulling the fight scenes off because I am sure they had to film the scenes over and over again. I will say the story is nothing new when it comes to revenge stories and the last episode seemed rushed BUT I still enjoyed this drama a lot. Now, just fair warning, if you can't handle a lot of violence or attempted sexual assault, this drama might not be for you. I love that this drama allowed the cast so show a different character and side that they have not shown in their previous works.

Word of Honor (Cdrama) (VIKI): This is such a fun drama. I can see why a lot of people love it so much. The two lead actors worked well together and had great chemistry. I loved that the fight scenes seemed like the cast was dancing. I will admit I liked the beginning A LOT more than I did the end. I thought the end seemed rushed and I didn't like how some character's story arcs ended. I still was quite entertained by this drama, there is a lot to love about it. My review of Word of Honor will be out soon!

Lovers of the Red Sky (Kdrama) (VIKI): I know there were a lot of opinions on this drama in the end. Some people loved it and some people ended up being disappointed. I enjoyed this drama. I LOVED the fantasy elements and the CGI WAS AMAZING!! This was not a perfect drama of course. Some characters I didn't care about AT ALL! I just love that the production was ambitious and tried new things. I thought it was unique in a lot of ways.

Bangkok Breaking (Thai drama) (NETFLIX): I was very impressed by Bangkok Breaking. The production value was SO HIGH! There was chemistry between the leads, I want more of them together. The acting was good. I wish I had more back story on some of the side characters but maybe if we get a season 2, there will be some. You like Fast and The Furious, you will LOVE this drama. Here are more of my thoughts on this drama in my review.

The Tasty Florida (Kdrama) (VIKI): I think this was a good idea for a drama but the execution wasn't the best. The acting and the chemistry of the cast was the best part. I found some new actors that I am going to try and follow with their future works. Some of the plot points such as the unnecessary love triangle, I did not like. I loved the OSTs of this drama AND DON'T WATCH THIS DRAMA HUNGRY!

7 Project (Thai Drama) (iQIYI): This was such a cute and short drama. It could have been better but it definitely wasn't a bad drama. I liked that it was an anthology because you got multiple stories with all kinds of actors and actresses. I liked some episodes more than others. Each episode was 1 story so, so you got 7 mini stories in one and I thought it was cool that some characters overlapped with each story so they were all connected in some small way. I thought the acting was good and some stories just made me excited for other future Thai dramas.

Girls Planet 999 (KVariety Show) (iQIYI): Since this was my first Korean music competition show, I had no expectations going into it. Was I entertained? Yes, I was. Was it the best thing I have ever seen? Probably not. I liked that I watch it though because I got to know all the girls who are in the final group AND OF COURSE I AM GOING TO CHEER THE FINAL GROUP ON WHEN THEY START PROMOTING!


Well as I said above, October didn't quite turn out as planned. November is just going to be A TON of dramas that I will be starting and interested in. Let's be honest, this will be a common theme for me for the rest of 2021. Well, let me be more honest, WHENEVER have I had a short list of dramas I have been looking forward to in the upcoming month. 😂 Most of these dramas I know where they will be but by the end of the month, I don't know what streaming platform they will end up on yet.

Prajan See Daeng (Thai Drama)(Possibly Youtube): [STARTS NOVEMBER 1ST, 2021]

I don't know any of the actors/actresses in this one BUT the synopsis sounds SUPER interesting to me. I always love a good fantasy drama so this one caught my eye. I admit it does sound a little cheesy BUT HEY I might like it a lot so I am going to check it out when it premieres.

Wisher (Cdrama)(iQIYI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 3RD, 2021]

The Light-On series on iQIYI is one of my favorites from Chinese drama land. I have yet to watch a ton of these dramas BUT Wisher is another drama in this series that will premiere shortly. I actually knew about this one in 2020 and have been looking forward to it so I am glad to see it FINALLY premiere after so long.

Happiness (Kdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 5TH, 2021]

I didn't watch a lot of scary dramas in October SO, NOVEMBER HAS ME COVERED!! I am all for a survival drama and I love that it is Park Hyung Sik's return to drama land. I am curious how this drama will be different from other genres in the same genre. I feel like we got a lot of scary dramas in November and December of 2020 last year so I like this trend if it becomes a trend.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (Kdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 8TH, 2021]

I loved Secret Royal Inspector from earlier this year so I have been looking forward to this one for a bit. I think these 2 leads will do great with the comedy part that this drama calls for. I hope I don't compare it to the other Secret Royal Inspector drama. I am glad that this drama will have some comedy because I feel like I will need some in November.

Fall in Love (Cdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 9TH, 2021]

I know I said this would premiere earlier this year. CLEARLY, that did not happen. Now that I have seen a trailer, this looks more like a romantic comedy than I thought. I still am looking forward to it because I love the time period that this drama is set in. I also find it unique that it would be a romantic comedy in this time period because you rarely see that. So, I am definitely keeping my eye out for this one.

Now We Are Breaking Up (Kdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 12TH, 2021]

Jang Ki Yong is in the military right now SO I AM SO HAPPY we get one last drama from him before we REALLY hit the dry spell of no dramas from him. LOOK AT THIS POSTER!! I hope this is a clue of how good their chemistry will be. I know this will probably be a melodrama which usually isn't my thing but I do love an older woman/younger man romance. All of these things combined means I am excited for this drama.

The Red Sleeve Cuff (Kdrama)(VIKI): [STARTS NOVEMBER 12TH, 2021]

I AM READY TO CRY BUCKETS WITH THIS DRAMA! It is Lee Jun Ho's return to drama land SO OF COURSE I AM GOING TO WATCH IT! As I just said above, I DO NOT DO MELODRAMAS and this SCREAMS that I will need tissues with every episode. I do not do well with dramas that make me cry. We know this but I am willing to suffer through this drama because I love both the leads in this drama.

Hellbound (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): [ALL EPISODES DROP NOVEMBER 19TH, 2021]

GIVE ME THIS DRAMA RIGHT NOW!! I love how unique this drama looks and I just need to know how it all plays out. PLEASE BE A GOOD DRAMA! I have very high hopes for this drama. I am sad that it is only 6 episodes. I am very excited for the lore of this drama because the trailers have made this drama look very unique in dramaland.

One Ordinary Day (Kdrama): [STARTS NOVEMBER 27TH, 2021]

I don't know much about this drama. All I know is that it is a crime drama. That is all I need to know in order to put it on my list to check out. The cast looks fantastic so I know the acting will be good. I just hope we get this drama on a streaming site that I use. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Sponsor (Kdrama): [STARTS NOVEMBER 29TH, 2021]

I was just thinking the other day that I need a good makjang and the last 2 dramas on this list look like they will fit that category very well. As I said above too, I love revenge dramas SO YES TO BOTH SPONSER AND THE NEXT DRAMA HAVE SOME SORT OF REVENGE ASPECT TO IT! I am curious what the description "romance thriller" for Sponsor means so I hope we get this drama on a streaming site soon.

Show Window: The Queen's House (Kdrama): [STARTS NOVEMBER 29TH, 2021]

THIS SYNOPSIS! We have cheating and then probably revenge but who helps a woman have an affair BUT NOT KNOW IT IS THEIR HUSBAND! I mean I want to click play on this drama RIGHT NOW! I hope we get this drama on a streaming site soon or at least know where it will land. Obviously, there will probably murder in this as well.


JUST GIVE ME ALL THE NEW MUSIC!! I am always excited for new kpop releases and I am sure we will have a lot in November FOR SURE! I mean we are going to have a lot for the rest of the year probably!

Did you complete any dramas in October? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in November for dramas? Are you looking forward to the same dramas that I am in November? Any movies you are planning on watching? What about KPOP - anything you are excited for or are you like me and EXCITED for EVERYTHING!?




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