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WE GOT A GOOD MIX OF POSTERS THIS PAST MONTH! Well at least the posters that caught my eye. I think it was a steady stream of posters this month versus the past few months where we were BOMBARDED by Chinese drama posters. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING AT ALL! I got some Kdrama and Cdrama posters for this month's POSTER COLLECTION blog post.

I Don't Feel like Doing Anything

I love peaceful these posters look. I don't quite understand the genres that this drama has on MyDramalist because it doesn't fit the vibes that these posters are giving. I guess that fact intrigues me even more because why did the production choose to go this route? Also, can we just appreciate Im Si Wan's hair?

The First Responders

I LOVE THE COLORS OF THESE POSTERS!! It goes along with the subject matter of this drama. You got red and blue to symbolize the police and EMTs sirens and lights. You the detail of the embers to emulate flames which obviously point towards the fire fighters. I love the details that productions sometimes put into their posters and promo content. I mean I may be thinking too much into these posters but that is what I see in these posters. What do you guys think?

Hero is Back

THIS POSTER LOOKS NUTS!! I have so many questions but also this poster is doing its job. I want to watch this drama now that I have seen this poster. MyDramalist says that it is based off the Rakhasa Street manhua. I know there has been another drama already made based off this manhua which I still need to watch. It has been on my list for a long time and it has gotten some good reviews. I am curious if Hero is Back is a remake or just another adaption. Is it a side story? EITHER WAY - I love that this poster looks like a manhua itself. I hope the drama leans into this concept just like Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain did. THAT WAS A FUN DRAMA TO WATCH!

Mysterious Lotus Casebook

We finally got the first character posters for this drama this past month. EVERYONE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THIS DRAMA! Cheng Yi always looks good in fur collars. There were way more than just these 3 posters released BUT MAN THESE MAKE ME MORE EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA! In another poster, Xiao Shun Yao has an eyepatch which he pulls off quite well.

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty

This drama is on my list to watch. The synopsis and story are right up my alley. I LOVE THESE CHARACTER POSTERS WITH THE TREES!! I am not 100% sure why but I just like the look of them. I also like that you get a closer look at the costumes in those posters. The poster with the red draping just looks cool and sort of sinister. I REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS DRAMA! Has anyone else seen this drama yet?

There is the POSTER COLLECTION for October. We got a shorter blog post and a more rounded collection this month. There were others I could have included but decided not to. I wonder what posters we will have next month.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?



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