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I don't think I have hit a drama slump (THANK GOD!) but I do think I am watching dramas at a slower pace currently. I have no idea why I think this. Maybe it is because I am not watching a ton of airing Kdramas right now. I am also trying to clear off my current watchlist before I start new dramas so, a lot of the popular dramas that people are watching currently, I have not started yet. I still finished some dramas in October and I also am starting some new dramas at the end of October as well as November. We will see how many dramas I can complete before the end of the year.

As I have previously mentioned, I am in support of the strike that is going on against certain streaming platforms. So, I will not be mentioning or talking about any of the dramas that are supposed to air and/or are made by these streaming sites. THESE STREAMING SITES NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND END THESE STRIKES SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT THE STUFF WE LOVE ALREADY! It has been going on too long! We saw success with one strike so, hopefully we will see the other strike end and then I can talk about more dramas that I loved and want to watch. For now, though, I will not be talking about certain dramas and streaming platforms and that is why.

ANYWAY....back to what I completed in October 2023


October still seemed like I was slow with watching dramas and finishing dramas. I did manage to complete more dramas this month than I did in September so, that is a good thing. I also had a nice variety of completed dramas this month. I think a big factor on my low number of completed dramas in past 2 or 3 months is that I haven't been watching a ton of on-air kdramas recently. A lot just have not interested me. The end of October and November seems to be changing that though but we will see how many I like and stick too.

Flower of Evil (Kdrama) (rewatch) (VIKI): I rewatched this for The Kthree rewatch podcast. You can go and listen to the episodes right now wherever you listen to podcasts. Did I like this any less on my rewatch? I maybe liked it a half point lower than when I first watched this drama. So maybe it is now a 9 out of 10 instead of 9.5. I still had the same issues I had with the ending that I did the first time. The acting was still amazing and this drama is still a great crime drama to watch. I would still recommend it and I had fun rewatching the drama.

Happiness (Kdrama) (rewatch) (VIKI): Another Kdrama that I rewatched for The Kthree rewatch podcast. It was also a great rewatch to do in October because of Halloween and it being spooky season. I also still had my same issues with this drama on the rewatch as I did when I first watched Happiness. I still HATED some of the residents of the apartment building by the end. I also noticed some other plot points that irked me during this rewatch. You will have to listen to the 2nd podcast episode to hear about what new things irritated me but all I am going to say as a clue is Andrew. If you know - you know. 😂 I still rate this at like a 9/10 drama though. It was fun rewatching it.

My Journey to You (Cdrama) (iQIYI): This was a FANTASTIC cdrama. One of the best I have watched in 2023. It does have flaws, of course. The chemistry between both couples were great. The cinematography was AMAZING! This drama is a beautiful drama to watch and experience. I don't think the last twist with the brother was needed in the drama. ALSO, WHY DID IT HAVE TO END THE WAY IT DID! I mean we don't even have a confirmed Season 2 or anything yet! I would still recommend this drama though because the chemistry, cinematography and fight scenes blew me out of the water.

A Familiar Stranger (Cdrama) (VIKI): I definitely watched this in October due to My Journey to You and Cheng Lei. It was on my list to watch anyway BUT it got bumped up the list. This is a solid quick binge if you are looking for a drama like that to add to your current watchlist. I loved the two leads and their chemistry. I thought this drama had a unique storyline. Given the fact that it is a short web-drama with only about 12-minute episodes, I didn't get all the context and plot points I wanted but I still enjoyed the drama. I enjoyed this drama so much; I wanted it to be a full-fledge drama.

Fuujinshi/The Sealer (Jdrama) (VIKI): I watched this drama on a whim. I was not planning on watching this jdrama. It wasn't even on my radar. It was entertaining though with an interesting concept. I loved the fight scenes. I wish it was longer because I wanted more context, world building and lore but I think that is a common "complaint" with Jdramas. Especially with the Jdramas you enjoy a lot. I also don't think the female lead was really needed because she really didn't add anything to the plot or drama.


I only dropped one drama in October. In hindsight, I have no idea why I started this drama in the first place because I usually don't like this type of drama BUT HERE, WE ARE! It isn't a bad drama but not a drama for me. This drama might work for someone else.

Dear Mr. Hermitage (Cdrama): I just started to not care about the drama. I liked the leads and I liked their chemistry. I disliked pretty much everything else about the drama. This drama was slow and that was nice at times and boring at other times. I didn't mind that this drama had tropes but when a drama has one too many tropes, that is when it just seems to pile on and be too much. I also didn't think some of the tropes were even needed in the drama. So, I eventually just decided to drop it instead of try and finish it.


November has some great looking Kdramas that I am excited for. There are a couple of Kdramas that I won't be mentioning because they are on struck sites but I am interested in them. There are also some Kdramas that are rumored for November but it is not confirmed for November. So, we will see if they actually premiere in November. I will have a much busier drama watching schedule in November which is good for me!

Moon in the Day (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES NOVEMBER 1ST, 2023]

This drama was originally supposed to premiere in October but got pushed out because the drama before it was delayed due to various sports events and holidays. So now, Moon in the Day will premiere in November. Moon in the Day has a lot going for it. There is a lot that has caught my eye. We got fantasy. We got reincarnation. We got potential possession. I am really looking forward to the pairing of the two leads. I think this drama has a lot of potential and I am ready for the ride that it will take us on. Also, Pyo Ye Jin as a lead role is always nice to see. I am just really excited to see how this drama stands out next to some of other kdramas that have these same themes because I think it will stand out and be unique.

Goryeo-Khitan War (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES NOVEMBER 11TH, 2023]

I am always down for one of those EPIC historical Kdramas that KBS is known for. I haven't watched one of these in a LONG TIME! I think this one is coming to VIKI, so, I am excited to watch this drama. It will probably be very sad and depressing but I don't care. I have not watched a KBS epic historical kdrama IN A LONG TIME! This drama also is a long one because it isn't supposed to end until February of next year.

A Bloody Lucky Day (Kdrama): [PREMIERES NOVEMBER 20TH, 2023]

Any drama that stars Lee Sung Min - I AM IN! I enjoyed his recent dramas a lot so, when I saw that he was staring in another crime drama this year, I got very excited. The addition of

Yoo Yeon Seok and Lee Jung Eun to the cast and I am SOLD! This looks like an intense crime thriller and I am excited to watch it. I hope I get access to it.

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract (Kdrama): [PREMIERES NOVEMBER 24TH, 2023]

2023 is the year of time travel/reincarnation love stories. I feel like we have had a lot of them this year. I am not mad at this though because I love time travel/reincarnation stories. This kdrama looks fun and I am curious about this couple being paired together. I am at least going to check this one out and see if I like it. I hope it is a good mix of drama and comedy. We will see if I stick with it or not.

That is all I watched in October and what I am looking forward to in November. I am really curious to see what I actually watch and finish in November and for the rest of 2023. There are some dramas that are rumored for December that I am SUPER excited for. What did you complete in October? Did you enjoy those dramas? What dramas are you excited to watch in November?




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