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THAI DRAMA REVIEW: 7 Project (2021)

I checked out another Thai drama and a short one at that. 7 Project was an interesting concept and I liked the idea. Was it perfecting executed? No but I liked that the drama tried something new. I will explain more about this entire thing in my review below. You can find 7 Project both on the iQIYI app but also Youtube. Did you watch this drama? What did you think of 7 Project? Will you agree with my review?

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis of 7 Project - This drama is about 7 couples. Each couple has their own story told within 1 episode of the drama.

Overall, I enjoyed this drama. Was it the best Thai drama I had ever seen? No but it was cute and really fast to watch because it is only 7 episodes. I will admit this drama caught my eye because a few actors that I am waiting for other dramas from them to come out are in this. So, I originally started this drama to tide myself over until the other dramas I am waiting for start. This drama also introduced me to new actors/actresses that I had never seen before so I always love when that happens.


-DIFFERENT COUPLES - I think the idea of an episode dedicated to 1 couple and we got that one episode to explore their story worked in this drama's favor. It kept the story short and concise and we didn't need to wait 6 or more episodes for the couple to get together or do something because their story only lasted for 1 episode. I liked that we got all kinds of couples represented in this drama from heterosexual to gay males and females. I always appreciate when we see a variety of couples in a drama. You got a different love story and a brand-new concept with each episode which was nice.

-EVERY EPISODE WAS CONNECTED - Even though 1 episode was dedicated to 1 couple, the drama still found a way for all the episodes to be connected. I thought that was a nice touch to the drama because you still got the sense that all these couples were active in the same universe and it added something special to the drama. For example, you might have an episode about a couple and then the next episode there is a new couple and the male in the new couple was the brother of the female in the first episode. Or one episode explored a friend in a friend group and the next episode it moved to another friend in the same friend group. This allowed characters from other episodes to pop up in episodes and maybe push the story along. It was just a nice touch that the production didn't have to do.

-THE STRUCTURE OF THE DRAMA - As I said above, this drama is an anthology drama. Each episode featured a different couple. This allowed for a different story in every episode. I liked this structure a lot. Now the only consistent thing throughout all the couples is that they mostly all went to the same school with a few tweaks with characters. So, if school dramas aren't your thing, you might not like this drama. Within that school, the couples and backgrounds of the characters were all different. It allowed tropes to come into play but not be there long enough if you liked certain tropes more than others. I just love that there was so much variety within these 7 stories. You even had some endings that weren't always happy. I think it made this drama more realistic and relatable. I think this was a major strength with this drama.

-THE ACTING - I thought the acting was quite good. I was introduced to some actors/actresses that I had never seen in a drama before. I thought the entire cast did well with the stories and scripts they got. All the couples had good chemistry. It was a cute and quick drama to watch.


-LIKED SOME EPISODES/STORIES BETTER THAN OTHERS - Given how the structure of this drama was built, it seems logical that I would like some episodes more than others. Not that I mean that the acting was bad or anything but I just enjoyed some episodes over others. Some of the stories had more substance or I just liked the couple's story in a particular episode over others. None of the episodes were bad by any means, I think it just comes down to personal preference and who you as the audience connect more. I am sure the episodes I loved are ones that were other people's least favorite episodes.

-NEEDED MORE - On the other hand from what I said above because I liked some stories over others, I WANTED MORE TIME WITH THOSE COUPLES! 1 episode was not enough with some of the couples. Maybe more than 1 episode with each couple would have helped me enjoy some of the other stories more as well. I get why it was 7 episodes though so this is just a personal thing with me.

Rating: 7/10 (Streaming on iQIYI/Youtube now)

Have you seen 7 Project?

What did you think of this short drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?




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