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THE START OF A NEW BLOG SERIES!! I don't know how regular this series is going to be because I need theories about the dramas, I am currently watching to write this blog post. WHY AM I WRITING THIS BLOG POST or STARTING THIS SERIES you might be asking. There are 2 reasons for this. I want to put my thoughts and theories down on paper so if my theories actually come true, I can come back to this blog post and see when I thought of the theories. My second reason is to create conversation. This blog, in general, has ALWAYS been about finding people on the internet who have the same interests as me and to create a safe space to discuss the topics we love to talk about. THIS THEORIES POST IS SUPPOSED TO START THAT CONVERSATION!

The whole idea for this blog series was because of Business Proposal. By like episode 6, I had theorized how the rest of the drama was going to play out and what the ending was going to look like. Did my theory come true? Some parts did, other parts did not. Was it fun to come up with the theory? ABSOLUTELY! It would have been better if I could have written the theory down and shared it with you guys. ESPECIALLY to see if you had the same theory that I did with Business Proposal.


I don't think my theories will be spoilers but I may reference something that has already happened in the previous episodes so if you have not seen those episodes, you might not want to read this. BASICALLY, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! I will try and not include spoilers but I can't guarantee this.

I don't have a lot of theories for this post. There are just a couple of dramas that I am watching that I have theories so far. Are you one of those people who like to think of theories and see if they play out in the dramas that you are watching?

Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul - So, we know that Prakan and Tuaphee knew or at least met each other in the past. We don't really know under what circumstances though. So, why is Tuaphee INTENSELY protective of Prakan? We have seen him put himself in danger by running into the cold water to find Prakan when he can't get cold himself. My theory is that this is a heart transplant story. Tuaphee died and became a grim reaper. When he died, you saw that he was in the hospital for a while which is one of the places, he met Prakan. When Tuaphee died, he gave his heart to Prakan. That is how they are connected...Prakan has Tuaphee's heart. EVENTUALLY, this heart will give Prakan trouble in the future episodes, maybe he will die. We have already seen that he has had a couple of scenes where he clutches his chest, ESPECIALLY when he is close to grim reaper Tuaphee. Maybe the heart recognizes Tuaphee? My other theory is that Nathee and Kheeta will eventually become a couple in this drama. You can already see that happening with what has already happened in the drama between them.

Tomorrow - One of the things that we are slowly getting as we go further and further into this drama is Goo Ryun's back story. We have gotten little pieces with every episode which is slowly becoming a full picture with each additional clue. Now, we know she is looking for someone. She wants to be reunited with this person. In a flashback in this past week's episodes, we saw her getting married to a young man. I don't think the drama said a name. MY THEORY is that this young man was Park Joong Gil when he was still alive. I WANT THEM TO BE A COUPLE SO BAD!! I think both Kim Hee Sun and Lee Soo Hyuk have such a SPICY chemistry on screen. So, if it turns out that he is the person she has been looking for or they just become a couple by the end of this drama...I WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY! It would be a waste of their chemistry to NOT have them be a couple by the end of this drama.

Crush - This is an older drama that I am half way through right now. I can see the angst coming soon. I mean every romance cdrama needs angst before we get the happy ending. I definitely foresee that our lead couple will break up. I don't know the reason yet but both characters, especially the male lead, are quite stubborn. I don't know why but I also see a time jump coming. I predict that they will break up and part ways. There will be a time jump and then they will meet once again. I don't know how long this time jump will be. I just don't see how this drama will end without a time jump. I think both leads need some time apart to mature and figure out some things in their personal lives before they can be truly content and happy together.


There are the theories that have been floating around my head recently.

Are you watching or have you seen these dramas?

What do you think of my theories?

Do you agree or disagree with my theories?

Do you have any additional theories for these dramas that I didn't write down?




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