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Just like last week - HERE IS MY TOP DRAMA LISTS TO END 2020 AND WELCOME IN THE NEW 2021 DRAMA YEAR! So last week I gave you my top 11 Kdramas of 2020. I didn't just watch Kdramas in 2020 (even though sometimes it did seem that was all I was watching 😂), HERE IS MY LIST FOR ALL OF THE OTHER COUNTRIES THAT I WATCHED DRAMAS FROM! Now if your favorite drama of 2020 isn't on any of these lists, doesn't mean I didn't like it. I might not have seen it or I just had too many to choose from and cuts had to be made. I hope you enjoy these lists - they are just for fun.


*There is NO-PARTICULAR order and not ranked*

Episodes: 6 (NETFLIX)

This drama caught my attention right when the drama dropped the first teaser. What I loved about this drama was the cinematography and the costumes. Both were beautiful to look at and very unique in the landscape of dramaland. The story also stood out because it was rich with lore and captivating to watch it play out on my screen. I do wish it was longer or that we get a second season 🤞!

Episodes: 55 (VIKI)

What can I even say about this drama? It has become one of favorite Chinese dramas of all time! It definitely isn't perfect with its REALLY annoying second male lead BUT I love everything about this drama. The main leads are everything for me. I fell in love with both actors and rooted for them as a couple the entire drama. I started this drama because there were crimes and detective work involved but by the end I was rooting for the couple! I just love their relationship, their chemistry together. You wanted them to succeed and be happy together. This is rare for me because romance is not my forte so for me to watch a drama and end of loving the romance aspect of it means that this couple is worth watching!

Episodes: 36 (VIKI/iQIYI)

As I said above, I watch anything with crime involved. So, naturally I clicked play on My Roommate is a Detective and ENDED UP LOVING IT! Again, it isn't perfect and had some characters that weren't needed but IT WAS SO FUN! The cast had great chemistry together and the acting was great! The OSTs for this drama are fantastic so if you want some good music, look up the songs for this drama. You have a good mix of crime and comedy with this drama and also IT IS FAST PACED! It doesn't drag at all. This drama is a must see if you are a crime drama or a republican era drama fan.

Episodes: 14 (iQIYI)

Are you a fan of female centric dramas? Are you a fan of crime dramas? THIS DRAMA IS FOR YOU! You got revenge, crime and KILLER WOMEN! What more could you ask for in an exciting drama? What I loved about this drama was it was centered around the 4 women and their relationship. You did not expect that with this drama but it was refreshing. This drama also had some great twists and turns so it was a thrilling ride from start to finish.

Episodes: 12 (iQIYI)

If you weren't living under a rock in 2020 and are a Chinese drama watcher, I am sure you have heard of The Bad Kids. Let me tell you, IT LIVES UP TO THE HYPE! This drama starts off with a BANG and never lets up. One of the best crime dramas I have seen in recent years. It is definitely not easy to watch because of the subject matter. The cast and acting in this drama is FANTASTIC! I was especially impressed with the young actors in this drama. This is a drama where you will want to binge right away because it is so tension filled and unpredictable.

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

I love when crime dramas are so much more than just a crime drama. You bring depth and character into a drama; I WILL FOREVER BE A FAN! This is a crime drama but it examines society and looks at topics that people want to sweep under the rug. With just 8 episodes, this drama gave so much heart and meaning into its story and with its characters. The acting was AMAZING in this drama and the OSTs just provided more emotion to the story. I still tear up when I hear a particular song because it played during a VERY SAD part in the drama. YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT!

Episodes: 24 (VIKI)

This was a gem in 2020. It was one of those dramas that flew under the radar and I am so glad I caught it. I was pleasantly surprised by it because it exceeded my expectations. It had some BEAUTIFUL cinematography and the OSTs were quite addictive. I REALLY hope we get a second season of this drama because I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THIS CAST TOGETHER AGAIN!

Episodes: 16 (Tencent/WETV)

Another drama that I got way more out of it than I expected too. It is a female - centered drama hidden within a crime drama. Another drama where just when you think you know everything about the drama, the story throws in more clues or another twist. I absolutely loved the message at the end of this drama. The cast and acting in this drama was SUPERB! It was just refreshing and everyone needs to watch this drama because I guarantee you will be surprised by this one. You can check out my review for this drama for more in-depth details of my thoughts about this drama.

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

I almost did not watch this drama because I tend to avoid the horror genre, especially if it involves demons or ghosts. I AM SO GLAD I TALKED MYSELF INTO CHECKING OUT THIS DRAMA! The drama's story was SO MUCH MORE than just a ghost story. It examines humanity and what happens when you make a choice. You having to live with the choices you make. You definitely still had creepy scenes because it was a ghost story but it largely examined the ripple effect of people's choices which I thought was fascinating for a concept of a drama. The cast and acting in this drama was SO GOOD as well!

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

This was just an easy, fun watch. It was a crime drama and I liked a lot of the actors and actresses in the cast so, OF COURSE, I was going to check this one out. I really want to know what happens next so it needs a season 2. The story was intriguing because you got crimes happening but then the drama brings in a sci-fi element that revs up the excitement and puts a fun spin on the story. A quick and entertaining drama that doesn't disappoint!

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

LAST, but certainly not least, is the FANTASTIC drama Alice in Borderland. If you haven't already, check out my review of this drama. It will give you more details on why this drama was one of my favorites of 2020. It is an INTENSE drama that doesn't let up from start to finish. The cast did a great job in this drama. It is dark, graphic, violent and unpredictable. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!


Episodes: 17 (Youtube)

This is an honorable mention because it is a 2019 drama that I finally got around to watching in 2020. By far, this is the best BL drama I have seen to date. Everything will probably be compared to this now 😂. I apologize to everyone that it took me this long to watch this one. It is a beautiful story that you get invested in VERY EASILY. The cast had SO MUCH chemistry and were FANTASTIC!

Episodes: 36 (iQIYI)

This Chinese drama is included in the honorable mentions because I technically have not finished it yet. I plan to in the next month or so. If I had finished it in 2020, IT DEFINITELY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN MY TOP 11! The cast in this drama is SUPERB! The production really has outdone itself with this one. If you have not seen this drama, YOU NEED TOO! It is heartwarming and I am just so impressed by it! You can check out my "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" post for this drama and look out for a review because I will DEFINITELY be writing a review once I am done with it.



What were your favorite Non-Korean dramas of 2020? Did some of your favorites make my list? Did you love some dramas that did not make my list?




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