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We are officially HALF WAY THROUGH 2022! You know what that means I NEED TO POST SOME OF MY FAVORITE KDRAMAS OF THE FIRST HALF OF 2022! Unlike, my lists that I do for the entire year (TOP 11 KDRAMAS OF 2021), there is no total number of dramas I am going to try and get too. I am just going to list some of my favorite Kdramas. My list will also not have any order. Just because something is higher in my list doesn't mean I liked it more over the other. This is just a list of Kdramas I liked and would recommend to watch if you have not seen them yet. This list might change by the end of 2022 but it also might not, WE WILL SEE! This list also is the Kdramas that I completed in the first half of 2022 (January to June) so it does not just mean these Kdramas had to premiere and air in 2022. It will also not include any Kdramas I have completed this month (July) because this month is in the 2nd half of 2022. If your favorites aren't on the list, it either means I haven't watched them yet (like MANY 2022 Kdramas) or they might not have been my favorite. Whatever Kdramas I watched and were my favorite in the first half of 2022 will be on this list.



Episodes: 16 (VIKI)

If you like Makjang dramas, you need to watch this drama. If you like scandals, secrets, murder, cheating and SO MUCH MORE, you need to watch this drama. I was SO INVESTED in this drama. It was addictive. I would have liked a different ending but I understood why this drama ended the way it did and was still satisfied by it. THE ACTING WAS AMAZING!! The OSTs fit the drama so well. The twists and turns in this drama WERE EVERYTHING!

Episodes: 10 (NETFLIX)

I am sure you guys are not surprised that I loved Juvenile Justice. I will warn you; the subject manner of this drama is not an easy watch. The cases are interesting but heartbreaking especially once you know that some were based off of real crimes that happened in South Korea. ACTING WAS SUPERB! I loved watching the character development in this drama play out and learn of their personal motivations. EXCELLENT TWISTS! I just was enthralled by this drama.

Episodes: 12 (VIKI)

I am a HUGE fan of the American show Criminal Minds so, I knew I was going to LOVE this drama. I was not wrong. I loved learning about the first profiler of South Korea because this drama has such a fascinating insight into it all. I think because it had real people and real cases in the drama, I was so interested in the drama and learning more about everything. I AM ADDICTED TO THE OSTS FROM THIS DRAMA! This drama has action but it is more into the mind games of it all so, if you like something like that, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS ONE! I also love the topics about society and mental health that it brings up. The relationships between the characters were lovely. THIS IS JUST A TOP-NOTCH DRAMA!

Episodes: 8 (VIKI)

If you had to watch a Korean BL drama this year, I would recommend you watch Semantic Error. It has some great chemistry. I loved the lighting in this drama. It was such a fun drama to watch. It was well acted because the cast had such great chemistry. It was charming and an easy watch. I loved watching the progression of the relationship. If there is ever a Season 2, I will TOTALLY watch it.

Episodes: 11 (iQIYI)

I think this drama has gone under people's radar because it is on iQIYI and not easily accessible. If you do have access to it, WATCH IT! This drama surprised me so much. It has a simple story but it is done SO WELL! THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IS AMAZING!! It gives me an indie feel which is GREAT! It is a pretty drama to watch. The leads have a natural chemistry. I can see this becoming a comfort drama for me. I thought it was well acted and the OSTs are great.

Episodes: 8 (APPLE TV+)

I am so glad I did not read the book before I watched this show. I think I would have very different opinions about this show if I had because I usually compare shows to books. Usually, the books win when I watch the shows afterwards so, I imagine I would have done the same if I had read the book before watch the show Pachinko. This show is just so unique in the drama landscape. It is rich in story and character. It has beautiful cinematography. The cast did AMAZING and KILLED their roles. I loved learning the history, about the characters and all the generations portrayed in this show. I can't wait for Season 2.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

This drama has such a special message to it. I loved watching the episodic stories in this drama. The stories are tragic but SO IMPACTFUL! I loved learning about the grim reapers' back stories and their motivation for doing what they did. The actors did SO GOOD with this drama. I loved hearing the interviews from these actors about this drama and why they wanted to tell this story. Warning though, YOU WILL CRY WITH THIS DRAMA! I mean SOB when watching this drama. These stories are sometimes hard to watch because they talk about topics such as suicide and the harsh history that Korea has gone through. SUCH A MEMORABLE DRAMA THOUGH!

Episodes: 6 (APPLE TV+)

If you have to watch 1 Kdrama, WATCH DOCTOR BRAIN! This was one of the BEST Kdramas I have seen IN A WHILE! This drama pushes all the boundaries from storytelling to cinematography. I loved the production and the creativity that was done to tell this story. The acting was GREAT! The twists and turns in the plot BLEW ME AWAY! I have nothing bad to say about this drama AT ALL!

What were some your favorite Kdramas of the first half of 2022?

Did some of your favorite Kdramas make my list?




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