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It is getting to the year and closer to the holidays. You might want to treat yourself this holiday to a new subscription. A lot of times around the holidays and New Years, some of these services will have sales on their subscriptions so it is a good time to keep an eye out for that. You might be going on vacation and want to find more streaming resources to watch all your Asian dramas. You might be on vacation and come across Asian dramas for the first time and now want to watch more BUT don't know where to find them.

For these reasons and MORE, I want to do this quick post for all you guys. Now the streaming sites that are in this post are the ones I actively use and that work where I live in the world. Some other sites I don't use or don't have access to so that is why they are not included in this post. There are TONS of sites to use that are available for Asian dramas, you just need to choose the ones you are comfortable with.


I use this site a lot! They have a huge catalog and are always adding more. Getting subs on dramas can be difficult and you may have to wait a bit but it depends on the drama and what is popular at the time. This site is constantly adding new content and getting new movies, dramas and variety shows. Another plus is that I can watch dramas on their service on my television since I have a Smart TV. (Need Subscription for some content NOT ALL)


Netflix, over the years, has been adding more Asian dramas to their catalog. They have every type of drama you can think of and movies. Netflix has lots of variety and it might be different depending on where you live but the episodes come out all at once and subbed or if it is an airing drama, the episode comes out according to the airing schedule with subs. Another valuable resource I use. I can also watch Netflix on my tv. (Need Subscription)


I primarily use this for Chinese dramas because it is a Chinese network who produce their own dramas. In the last year, the service has started to branch out a bit and get licenses for other countries' dramas such as Korean and Thai dramas. If you are an avid Chinese drama watcher, you can't go wrong with this app. I have to go to the website to watch or use app on my devices. (Need Subscription for some content, NOT all)


I use this app for Chinese dramas as well. This is also one of the major drama producing networks in China. Tencent has a vast array of Chinese dramas, movies and variety shows. Tencent has also branched out to get licenses for other countries. Because both iQIYI and Tencent are competing networks in China, you won't have access to many Chinese dramas made by the rival. So Tencent doesn't carry iQIYI dramas a lot and iQIYI doesn't carry Tencent dramas. This is why I have subscriptions to other services. I have to use the website to watch or use app on my devices. (Need subscription for some content, NOT all)


KOCOWA is a service for Korean dramas ONLY. They have a partnership with Viki where a lot of their dramas end up on Viki as well. KOCOWA does have some exclusives. If you use KOCOWA, you won't have to wait for subs like you do with Viki. This is a perk if it is a currently airing drama that is both on Viki and Kocowa because you don't have to wait for the subs on Viki to watch the episode. This service also has a lot of variety shows. Downside - Only has Korean dramas and only from 3 of the Korean networks, NOT all. It is all about choices and what combo you want. (Need subscription)


Some networks from various countries will upload their dramas onto their official YouTube channels. I know some major Chinese networks do this as well as Thai networks. I have seen Korean networks doing this with some of their dramas as well. You just need to know where to look and on what channel to find the dramas you want to watch. I primarily use YouTube to watch Thai and sometimes Chinese dramas. I can watch on my television/devices. (Don't need Subscription)


Amazon Prime has a big catalog of dramas and movies. You can usually find its content on other services as well but this is a good one to keep in your back pocket if you just can't seem to find something, somewhere else. I don't think they post many dramas as they air like Netflix or Viki but their catalog is big with already completed dramas (especially Chinese dramas). I can watch this on my television/devices. (Need Subscription)


I know HULU has a very small catalog of Asian dramas and movies. I don't use this service all that much. I know I have watched the Along with the Gods movies on this service and a couple of Japanese dramas but again their library of Asian dramas is VERY small. Unless Hulu starts updating and adding to their library, I don't really recommend Hulu as a resource for Asian dramas but HEY that might just be what is available in my country. Maybe it is different in other places. (Need Subscription)


Another service that is available to me is called ONDEMAND Korea. This is for Korean dramas for the most part. Usually, I check this service if I can't find a Korean drama, I want to watch on any of other services I use. Sometimes it is there but has no subs and sometimes it isn't. Just another service for you to know about. (Need Subscription for some content NOT ALL)

There you go! These are the services I actively use and know the most about. I know there is more out there. You just need to mix and match what works best for you. If you know of any others that you want to let people know about, post it in the comments below. Hopefully this post is helpful and provides you with more resources to watch ALL THE ASIAN DRAMAS!


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