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So, usually I would put all of the dramas from all the other countries that I am looking forward to in the new year in one blogpost but I think there are just too many cdramas I am excited in 2024. So, this year, I am doing one blogpost for cdramas and then next week I will post a blogpost for all of the other countries combined in one blogpost.

Since this is going to be a long list....


Quick Note, all of these cdramas are rumored for 2023. We all know that cdramas can premiere out of the blue or something can happen and the dramas never sees the light of day. There are a lot of dramas out there that I am sure I have not heard of yet that will come out in 2024. This list will be long but I am not putting every cdrama I am excited for on the list or this blogpost will never end. This list is in no particular order. Some dramas will have posters and teasers, and some will not. Let me know what cdramas you are excited for!

I know a ton of people are excited for this drama. I am excited to see Yang Mi as a fox again after Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. The posters and costumes all look gorgeous. I am curious about this pairing because I never pictured them together a couple in a drama. I am a sucker for Xianxia and the CGI looks like it could be great in this one. I know this drama is getting delayed getting its license and stuff to air because it has used technology to make it that has never been used in a drama before. I am super curious how this drama looks after hearing that.

I have two reasons why I am excited for this drama. I love the two leads: Liu Shi Shi and Zhang Yunlong. Again, this is another pair that I would never have pictured pairing up together. I am super curious about their chemistry. I really hope this drama works well for Zhang Yunlong. I love him as an actor and I think he has seen some great growth in the last few years but I think he still needs that one drama to catapult him into that next level. I want more people to love him. I think this drama has that potential to do that for him.

Okay this drama is going to be controversial. I am looking forward to this drama. The pictures coming out of this drama are beautiful and styling is gorgeous. I don't like everyone in the cast so, I am mad that the ones I don't like are a part of this cast. I am probably going to end up watching this drama though anyway. I can't deny that the costumes for everyone looks amazing and the director has a good track record for dramas I liked even though he has a controversial history as well. He knows how to work a camera though. I just hope this drama turns out good.

This drama has a lot of things that piqued my interest. I want to watch more dramas with doctors in it - especially historical cdramas. The female lead is a doctor in this drama. The synopsis sounds interesting too. We have a male lead who is investigating cases and is a constable and a female lead who is a doctor and changes her appearance a lot. Also, the male lead suffers with face blindness apparently. We have a little bit of mystery, supernatural, historical and romance genres all mixed together. The minute you add romance and mystery together - I AM THERE! The pairing of Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi sounds interesting as well.

I still need to watch Blood of Youth but I can still be excited for its' prequel. 😂 I have seen a lot of the leaked photos of this drama and also a mini trailer. Maybe I will watch this one before I watch Blood of Youth if it comes out soon. I always love drams with bromances and this one looks like there is a possibility to have a great one.

There are multiple reasons why this one is on my radar. First of all, the main leads Ren Min and Zhang Wan Yi look great together. I have loved all of the posters and behind the scenes with them that have come out so far. Zhang Wan Yi had a really good year in 2023 and 2024 is looking to be another big year for him. Second reason is Ci Sha is a part of this cast AND I ADORE HIM AS AN ACTOR! Anything he is in; I look forward to watching. No matter if he is lead or supporting character, I am there to watch it. Third is I love when a female lead is a business woman in a historical Chinese drama. I don't know what it is but I LOVE IT!

The number of posters and behind the scene things that have been leaked for this drama, you can't help but get excited for it. I LOVE both the leads so; I am excited to see them work together. Zhang Ling He has been on a roll for the past couple of years. The synopsis sounds interesting because it is a mix of angsty historical mixed with fantasy and sort of a second chance romance. The plot seems like a unique take on the genre. The costumes look gorgeous. There is just so much to look forward too with this drama.

I am just SUPER curious how this cdrama will handle vampires. I have seen some Chinese dramas with vampires and they are all so different. I also don't think I have ever seen a Chinese drama with vampires set in this time period. I have not seen Ouyang Nana in a drama in A LONG TIME! I want her to do more dramas. There are just a lot of what ifs with this drama that I am curious about. The promo photos and posters for this drama look very unique and it looks like this drama could have potential.

First off, this drama looks GORGEOUS! The posters, scene stills and behind the scenes stuff just tells me that this is a different kind of drama. I am super curious about this drama due to all of the cameos. It follows one woman's life and all her relationships throughout her life. This allows multiple actors to do cameos and be a part of her story for a time. The drama has some interesting male actors coming in to do the cameos like Lin Yi and Wallace Huo. I am curious how these relationships will shape her own story.

I NEED AT LEAST ONE ALLEN REN DRAMA IN 2024! Burning Flames look like it is the most likely one to premiere in 2024. I don't particularly like all the costumes and styling for the actors/actresses BUT I like the cast. I think there is a lot of potential and talent in this drama. I might try and watch the donghua version of this drama before or after it airs. I just need to see Allen Ren on my screen again in 2024. I also love Xing Fei so I was excited to see her become part of this drama's cast.

THE WAY I YELLED WHEN THIS DRAMA WAS ANNOUNCED! I am a HUGE fan of Sun Zhen Ni especially after Till the End of the Moon so, I was so excited to see her cast as the female lead for this drama. Then the drama started releasing promo for this drama AND EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOD! I love the Xianxia genre and to have these two leads together in that genre is FANTASTIC! I am just so excited to see this couple be together and to see their chemistry together. I know this drama will be filled with angst but man, I am will to watch all the angst to see this couple together.

This drama looks right up my alley. ever since the synopsis and first trailers came out, I have been excited for it. It looks like it has mystery and suspense. It looks like the main leads are trying to solve cases with one being a doctor. I love the costumes and the time period this drama is set in. This drama looks intense and fast paced and potentially could be epic. There is just so much in this drama that usually catch my eye which is why I want it to come out in 2024 so, I can see it.


This list doesn't even cover like a fraction of what I am interested in. There are just so many cdramas to be excited about. The list had to end somewhere. I don't even know if these will air in 2024. I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up. I am sure a lot of dramas haven't even been announced yet for 2024. What Chinese dramas are you excited for? Did any of the ones you are excited for make my list?




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