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Another month has gone by and I swear I say this every month but this month seemed to have gone by SO FAST! 2023 seems to be going by quickly! I can't believe it is May already. It is nicer outside. I am getting out more, settling into Chicago and being more social. Warmer weather is ahead!


I finished pretty much everything I wanted to finish in April minus 1 drama. I am almost done with that last drama so it will be complete in May FOR SURE! I finished more dramas in April than I have done in any other month so far in 2023. I think there just a lot of airing dramas that I was watching ending in April as well. Overall, April was a good drama much for me. 😊

Oasis (Kdrama) (VIKI): I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS DRAMA! Did I scream at my television because I hated multiple characters? Yes! Did it have the most ideal ending? NO! But I still adore this drama. The cast did an AMAZING job and it had INCREDIBLE acting. It had some great OSTs. I had so much fun watching this drama because it turned into the revenge drama I DREAMED OF! It was a tragic and emotional story but had a happy ending. I was so invested in this drama. THIS DRAMA REMINDED ME SO MUCH OF THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO! I enjoyed watching every week to see if my theories would play out.

Duty After School Part 1 (Kdrama) (VIKI): I LOVED every second of this part 1 of this drama. It was exciting. I loved the concept and story. I loved the students and how all of them stood out. This drama had some great young talent in it that I look forward to watching what they all do next. This drama was action packed, a little gory, a bit scary and I loved see what was going to happen next. I did ugly cry at the end of it. You can read my full review of this drama here.

Duty After School Part 2 (Kdrama) (VIKI): I wish Part 2 was as good as Part 1. It was not. It wasn't bad just we didn't get what was advertised. It was a totally different drama from Part 1. I love that Part 2 talked about some really heavy but important topics. We never really got answers to the questions we had from part 1 especially about the aliens. The cast still did an AMAZING acting job. I am glad this drama was split into 2 parts because if this second parts was attached to part 1, I would not have loved Part 1 as much as I did. You can read my full review of this drama here.

Midnight Museum (Thai Drama) (YOUTUBE): This was a fun series. I loved how unique it was. I have never watched a Thai drama like this one. I loved the fantasy elements. The chemistry between the leads was AMAZING! 🔥 This drama really needs a second season. I WILL TOTALLY WATCH IT IF THIS DRAMA GETS A SECOND SEASON! There were just some unanswered questions and scenes at the end that point to the possibility of a season 2. I also was a little confused at the end of the drama. You can read my full review of this drama here.

The Eighth Sense (Kdrama) (VIKI): If you are a fan of the BL Kdrama Blueming, do yourself a favor and watch The Eighth Sense. It was such a good drama. I loved the OSTs. I loved the cinematography and lighting. I loved that it talked about mental health. I loved the side characters except the ex-girlfriend and the one male friend. The leads had a nice and comfortable chemistry. This has definitely become one of my top Korean BL dramas.

Unintentional Love Story (Kdrama) (VIKI): This also has definitely become one of my top Korean BL dramas. Both of the couples had great chemistry. I was biased going into this drama because I LOVE the actor Cha Seo Won. I was so excited that he signed up to do this drama. I loved that this was a more mature drama. The acting was GREAT! I will say I don't think the second couple was shown enough. I also loved the OSTs in this drama, especially because both of the lead actors (who have beautiful voices) sang an OST for the drama. You can read my full review of this drama here.

Taxi Driver Season 2 (Kdrama) (VIKI): I had a lot of fun with season 2 of Taxi Driver. I will say I enjoyed Season 1 more than Season 2 but I still think Season 2 was a solid crime drama. Season 3 of Taxi Driver has already been confirmed So, I am excited for that already. I did not like that all of the crimes were connected to one villain. I loved seeing the group back together. I think they have great chemistry together. I loved the cameos and I thought the acting was pretty good.

Decoy Part 2 (Kdrama) (VIKI): We all know how much I liked Part 1 of this drama. I think Part 2 was just as good as Part 1. Did it need to be broken into 2 parts? I don't think it needed to be 2 parts. This drama had BEAUTIFUL cinematography. It had some predictable twists but also some great twists. The acting was great as well. It may seem slow to some people who might give this drama a chance. It is a solid crime drama though. I don't think I got all the answers I wanted by the end. I do love that the bad guy was rotten to the core until the very ending. That was refreshing.

Love Me If You Dare (Cdrama) (VIKI): This was the first drama I finished out of my ON-HOLD 2023 Challenge. I wanted to like this more than I did. The first half was great. The second half is where it went downhill. The acting was great. I liked the main couple but I will say once they got together, I thought they lost some of their chemistry. I did not end up liking some of the directions the story took. It did have some interesting camera angles throughout the drama.

Chains of Heart (Thai Drama) (iQIYI): This drama was just ok. It could have been WAY BETTER! I stuck around because I loved the leads. I thought their acting was great and I loved their chemistry. It wasn't the worst drama I have ever watched but it could have been better. The acting was good overall but I will say some of the comedy didn't work for me - especially with one character. The cinematography was beautiful. The pacing of the story was REALLY OFF! The concept was there but it was bad execution.


May might not have as many premieres as April has. I will say I pretty much want to watch all the new Kdramas coming out in May.🤣 We will have to see which ones I get access too. I am glad I already know where some of them will land. I know other people are looking forward to some of the same dramas I have on my list below.

The Ingenious Ones (Cdrama) (iQIYI): [PREMIERES MAY 1ST, 2023]

I know a lot of people are looking forward to this one. I have a lot of Wuxia dramas on my plan to watch list so, I am adding this one to it. This cdrama has a lot of things I love in my cdramas. I like the cast. I like that it seems like it will be a revenge drama. I like that it is a Wuxia which means it has potential for nice fight scenes. The trailers look beautiful. I have had my eye on this one for a while.

My Perfect Stranger (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES MAY 1ST, 2023]

GIVE ME ALL OF THE KIM DONG WOOK DRAMAS!! I am so happy that we are getting multiple of his dramas this month. I have been waiting for My Perfect Stranger for a little bit because it was delayed since when it was supposed to premiere. I like the pairing of Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo together. This one intrigues me because it seems like a mix of time travel but also a crime drama. Of course, we will have a little romance in it. The trailer had a lot more comedy in it than I anticipated but I am excited to see this pairing working together.

Love Mate (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES MAY 4TH, 2023]

I am a sucker for a nice office drama. This one looks cute. Korean BL dramas have been working for me recently so, I am going to check this one out. I always like the short and sweet dramas.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 (Kdrama) (AMAZON PRIME): [PREMIERES MAY 6TH, 2023]

Now, we knew that Tale of Nine Tailed was at least getting another season and maybe even a Season 3. I will say, I enjoyed Season 1 but it could have been better in my opinion with some things. I am definitely still going to watch season 2. I am excited to see some of the gang back together. I also am excited to see the new characters. I LOVE THE TRAILER AND POSTERS FOR THIS DRAMA! I love the costumes. I am curious how the lore and fantasy will work into this time period and story. I am glad we are getting Kim Bum given what happened in Season 1.

Derailment (Cdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 10TH, 2023]

I am hoping this drama actually premieres on May 10th. I have not seen anything to confirm it so, I guess we will see. This drama caught my attention because of the synopsis. You got a little of everything. You got parallel universes. You got mystery. You got workplace setting. Obviously, there is romance. I like the male lead actor in this drama. I don't think I have seen the female lead in anything. We will see if this drama actually comes out in May, when it is rumored to premiere.

Black Knight (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES MAY 12TH, 2023]

I mean WHO ISN'T excited for this drama. I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic settings. KIM WOO BIN IS BACK! I know this isn't his first drama back but it is the first one I am watching. This drama looks like it has a high budget. It looks exciting. The cast looks talented and I just can't wait to watch it. I will say - it is WAY TO SHORT! I already know this.

Delightfully Deceitful (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 29TH,2023]

MY SECOND KIM DONG WOOK DRAMA FOR THE MONTH!! I really hope I get access to this one as well. It looks like a drama that I will like. It is darker. It has crime. I love that it is sort of a role reversal. You never would think it is the female who is the con artist/criminal. I am curious to see these characters team up and battle evil. I think they will have great chemistry together. I PRAY I GET ACCESS TO THIS ONE ON A LEGAL SITE!!

Happiness Battle (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 31ST, 2023]

I don't know much about this drama BUT I AM HERE FOR IT! We got mystery and suspense. The synopsis sounds like it could be a makjang drama. We all know how much I love those. I love that this is a female centered drama. GIRL POWER!! I am loving this cast. I am curious what a social media battle looks like. I am sure this one will have me yelling at my screen.

That is my list for what I watched in April and what I am looking forward to in May, 2023. I am sure I have missed some dramas that are either not announced yet for May or I just didn't find.

What dramas did you start in April? Did you complete any dramas in April? Are you like me and are still watching some dramas you started in 2022? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in May for dramas? What about any movies? Anything I missed and need to add to my list? Is your list short or long? Are you trying to just keep a handle on your watchlist and not watch EVERYTHING like me?




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