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THAI DRAMA REVIEW: Midnight Museum (2023)

Midnight Museum got my attention for two reasons. Tor Thanapob is one of my favorite Thai actors so when I found out he was a lead in this drama, I knew I was going to click play if I had access to it. The other reason is that the trailers and teaser images all showed that this would a very unique drama. Something I have never seen in Thai dramas. That got me even more excited to check out Midnight Museum when it premiered. I watched Midnight Museum on YOUTUBE.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF MIDNIGHT MUSEUM - Dome, a barista at a café on the verge of closure, receives an unexpected job offer. The offer comes from a café regular, Khatha, who orders coffee he never drinks. The job is at an odd museum open only after sunset. With few choices, Dome accepts Khatha's offer. When Dome causes everything in a restricted area of the museum to be lost, he sets out to hunt the magical and dangerous items down and return them to the museum.

Overall, I loved a lot of things about this drama. It was such a different drama than I had ever watched with Thai dramas. I loved that I was surprised all the time with what happened with the plot. It wasn't a perfect drama but I was still very entertained. I looked forward to it every week to see what the drama would give us next. I will go into more detail below on what I liked about this drama and what I thought could have been better about the drama.



A highlight of this drama for me were the leads: Khatha (played by Tor Thanapob) and Dome (played by Gun Atthaphan). As I said above, I am a HUGE fan of Tor and I had never seen Gun in a drama before. I thought these two acted very well off of each other. They are both strong and talented actors in their own right and I thought their talents were highlighted even more when they were in scenes together. After watching the drama, I really can't see any other actors playing their roles in this drama.


As I said above, the leads in this drama acted very well in this drama. One of the reasons why I love Tor as an actor is because he evokes so much emotion just through his small expressions and eyes. Gun is the same way. Not only were the leads great with their acting in this drama, all of the supporting cast was good as well. Even the cast that were brought in on the various episodic stories acted so well in this drama. I had seen many of these other actors/actresses in other dramas but because this drama was so unique with its story (more along the lines of horror) These parts that these actors had were so different than anything I had seen them do before. I thought all the acting was good and I am glad that this cast tried a different genre.


The trailer for this drama showed that this drama would have a lot of fantasy elements in it. I am a HUGE fan of the fantasy genre and I really have not seen it done with Thai dramas. So, I was intrigued to watch Midnight Museum. I am so glad I watched this drama. All of magic and fantasy elements were great. I loved how they were intertwined into the story. I will warn everyone, there are some aspects that were more horror which made some of the story quite gory but that didn't bother me so much.


The magic and fantasy elements made a unique story using these elements. It just was a story that I had never come across in Thai dramas and really not come across much in drama land as a whole. I think that really stood out for me. We got magical items that needed to be found. We got gods and magical beings. We got cults. We got a STRONG bromance. I think this story had a little bit of everything. You are bound to find something you like in this story that will keep you watching until the end.


THE FACT THAT THIS DRAMA WAS NOT A BL DRAMA BLOWS MY MIND! The chemistry between Tor and Gun was OFF THE CHARTS!! These two actors just worked so well together. You can tell they had fun working together and put their all into these characters. Their chemistry was so good, I WISHED this was a BL drama because I wanted a romance between them. 😂 I never think like that. I loved seeing these two actors on my screen together and watching their relationship evolve into something special.


I think because this was a fantasy/supernatural drama, it led to some unique and beautiful costumes. I loved seeing all of Tor's suits every episode. The dresses that both of the actresses wore were beautiful. I just looked forward to the clothes every week as I watched this drama so, I needed to shout the costumes/clothes of this drama. If you are into fashion - WATCH THIS DRAMA! You will love looking at the beautiful clothing.



I don't know if this drama was planned to have a second season BUT IT NEEDS ONE! I may be a little bias because I want to see Tor and Gun in a drama together again. This drama sort of had an ending that could point to a second season. I think the drama still had a lot of story to tell. It left some questions as the end and needs a second season to answer those questions. It left some questions about both the leads but also side characters that could be answered. This drama could easily have a second season.


I will say, I was a little confused at the end of the drama. I felt the ending was a little rushed. Originally, MDL said this drama would be 15 episodes and all of a sudden it was 10 episodes in total. I thought it needed a couple of more episodes to wrap it up nicely. With 10 episodes, it just sped towards the end. I think it skimmed some story bits that I would have liked to have a little more context and details. So, I was a little confused by some plot points or loose threads at the end of the drama.


I know this drama did not start out as a BL drama or advertise as one. As I said above, the chemistry between Tor and Gun was so good, this drama made me with it was a BL drama. So, now I need a BL drama with these two actors as leads.

Rating: 9.0/10 (Streaming on YOUTUBE now)

Have you seen Midnight Museum?

What did you think of the drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?




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