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August 2022 Poster collection blog post is DOMINATED by cdramas. There was only one kdrama that released posters in August that caught my eye. That drama is included in this blog post but everything else is from Chinese drama land. There are also a TON of posters this past month which is different from the last couple months. SO, ENJOY ALL THE PRETTY POSTERS!!

If you know anything about me and from this blog, you will know that any time some poster with Allen Ren is released, IT WILL BE AT THE TOP OF THIS BLOG POST! Thousand Years for You is gearing up for a premiere. It is rumored for this month. So, we got some posters in August for this upcoming drama. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA! It has an interesting concept which I don't think I have seen this combo before in a cdrama personally. It might exist but I have not seen anything like it. I also am a fan of Li Qin so, I am looking forward to seeing them together in a drama together. I also LOVE republican setting for a drama. There are a lot of things about this drama that I like.

Now, I may have dropped Checkmate but I still can appreciate the posters for the drama. Checkmate just wasn't for me and I kept comparing it to My Roommate is a Detective. I loved these posters for the drama though. I love the water and how it is made to look like the characters are looking through a fish tank. I love the little details that are put into each poster to match to the characters in their individual poster.

I am currently watching the Taiwanese drama that Love in Time is a Chinese remake of. I am loving that tdrama so far. Did I start Meet Me @1006 because I wanted to finish it before Love in Time premieres? Yes, yes I did. What drew me to these posters? The sky in both of the posters caught my eye. I loved the color of the night skies. I loved the stars in the skies. I loved the shooting stars in both posters. I also like that the sky takes up a lot of both posters. It attracted my eyes to it immediately. I will be curious how this version is when it airs.

Whenever does something creative and different with their posters, they catch my eye. These posters from the Chinese drama Lost Track of Time are JUST THAT! I love how it is the real actor/actress in the poster but then they added in a drawn background and costume. I just thought that was great idea. I also like that the concept of the circles is in all three posters. It sort of connected them together a bit. I want to check this drama out when it premieres. I am also a fan of Xing Fei and her acting.

For people who may not know this about me, I AM A HUGE FAN OF BAMBI ZHU! I have loved her since Peach Blossoms so, I am always excited when I see her with a new drama coming out. I also am a fan of Zhang Han and he hasn't done a drama in Historical costume in a LONG TIME! Yeah, the synopsis of this drama might not peak a lot of people's interest but that is ok. What drew me to this poster is them together in a poster. I love their chemistry in this poster.

As I said above, any time a drama does something creative with their posters, it catches my eye. I love these cute cartoonish posters for Ode to Joy 3. I have yet to watch any of the dramas in this drama series but they have always been on my list.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Production Company

I am not sure what drama or dramas these posters are for. They were released by the same production company who released the popular drama Love Between Fairy and Devil. I remember this production company releasing these types of posters for Love Between Fairy and Devil as well. I am glad they have kept this same look and concept for these posters. They are BEAUTIFUL and definitely have piqued my interest of what dramas these will be in the future. I guess that is the goal, right?

This Chinese drama sort of came out of nowhere. I am happy to see it here though. I love a lot of the cast members in this drama. The trailers and posters for this drama look GREAT! Can I add another drama to my current watchlist right now? I JUST DON'T KNOW! 😂 I love that each character sort of has their own color scheme with each poster. I love how each poster seems to highlight their characters' characteristics as well. I love the actresses' posters A LOT with this drama.


Now to the 1 Kdrama in this poster blog post and it is for The Queen's Umbrella. As you can see, it will be released in October. Today, I just found out it will be airing on NETFLIX as well which is always good. I JUST LOVE HOW BEAUTIFUL THESE POSTERS ARE! I am a HUGE fan of Kim Hye Soo and she looks FIERCE in that first close-up poster. The second poster just gives some idea with how beautiful this drama might be. I love the setting. I love how pulled back the poster is, so you can see the palace and the courtyard. I LOVE the rain in the second poster. These posters caught my eye RIGHT AWAY!

THATS IT FOR THIS POST! The opposite of what these poster blog posts have been for the past couple of months.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters - wonder what ones I will have then! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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