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CDRAMA REVIEW: Stealth Walker (2021)

Stealth Walker was another drama that I took the time in January to finish before I started any new dramas. This is another drama that I AM SO HAPPY I STUCK WITH IT! Again, I have no idea why it took me so long to finish it. Once I got back into watching, I binged it SO FAST! Why couldn't I do that back in 2021? WHO KNOWS!! 😂 You can check out Stealth Walker on VIKI, at least where I am. Hopefully this review will convince you to give this drama a try.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF STEALTH WALKER - Li Qiang is a cop in the police academy. Her parents were killed by a drug lord. Multiple undercover cops have been killed by these drug lords. She goes undercover to gather information. She then meets Zhang Xian He and pretends to get close to him to gain information. Things become messy when she actually falls for him, he falls for her and then finds out her true identity.

Overall, there was a lot about this drama that I loved. We all know how much I LOVE CRIME DRAMAS so this drama was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! It surprised me in many ways which is always a good thing. I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to finish this drama because once I got back into watching this drama after a long pause, I binged it SO HARD!


THE LEAD COUPLE - One of the best parts of this drama WAS THIS LEAD COUPLE! The minute they were together on scene their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS!! It was so good that I looked forward to scenes when they were together on screen. The two leads didn't even have to be saying anything to each other or be in a scene with other characters and THE CHEMISTRY WAS STILL THERE! It just seems like Lin Peng and Zheng Ye Cheng worked effortlessly together. The looks these two characters gave each other nearly killed me.

STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS - Not only was the main female character was a strong female character BUT ALL OF THE FEMALE CHARACTERS WERE! Each female character had their own story and problems they were facing. Being strong can take on many different meanings not just the typical "I can kick your butt" aspect but also how you might face certain problems and deal with them. None of the female characters in this drama were meek. Each female character was unique. Each had their own background and their own definition of "being strong" I loved that about Stealth Walker. There was no damsel in distress. This is not something you typically get in crime dramas so it was refreshing to see with this drama.

FAST PACED ACTION - YOU WILL NOT GET BORED WITH THIS DRAMA! Maybe it is because it is only 24 episodes but MAN THIS DRAMA MOVES FAST!! Once it gets started, it doesn't slow down or stop from start to finish. There is no fluff in this plot. It gets to the point and then moves onto the next plot point. It is full of action and nail-biting scenarios. If you are looking for something exciting to watch - THIS DRAMA IS FOR YOU!

OSTS - I LOVE THE OSTS FROM THIS DRAMA!! All of the songs are fantastic. I love scores of crime dramas because there is just something exciting when it comes to the instrumentals of crime dramas. I STILL listen to the OSTs from Stealth Walker. You want an OST that reminds you of scenes or of characters from the drama. THIS DRAMA HAS THAT! I hear a song and IMMEDIATELY think of our main couple or a specific scene from them.


LEAD COUPLE SCREENTIME - I was so invested in the lead couple of Stealth Walker. I NEEDED MORE SCENES WITH THEM TOGETHER ON SCREEN! It took a bit for them to meet and then there were various plots and scenarios where they had to be a part for a period of time. I did not like that they were a part so much because I LOVED THEM TOGETHER!! I just wanted to see them on my screen ALL THE TIME! This is a personal problem for me of course but this is a warning. If you fall hard for this couple like I did, you will not have enough of them on screen together. I don't think there will never be enough of these 2 on our least for me. 😂

TOO MANY CHARACTERS AND NAMES - Since the plot moves so fast and you are sort of just thrown into it, there are a lot of characters and names thrown at you. Sometimes it was hard for me to keep track. ESPECIALLY if the characters on the screen were talking about someone and they weren't in the scene. I had to figure out who they were talking about some times. There were also characters and names that sort of only there for one or two scenes and gone again. It was just a little hard to track sometimes.

STRESSFUL - Don't get me wrong, WE LOVE A FAST-PACED CRIME DRAMA!! Fair warning though, because I got so invested and this drama is SO FAST PACED, THIS DRAMA IS STRESSFUL TO WATCH! I cared about these characters and what happened in the plot so when the characters are CONSTANTLY in danger and sneaking around undercover, IT IS STRESSFUL FOR YOU!! It was very entertaining and satisfying to watch but MY GOD, SO STRESSFUL AT TIMES!

Rating: 8/10 (Streaming on VIKI now)

If you are curious about my reaction to the drama IN REAL TIME - here is my tweets/watch thread for the drama


Did you watch Stealth Walker?

What did you think of the drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

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