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As you know Netflix has released two Chinese movies in the last couple months with PRACTICALLY the same name. I ASSURE YOU; THESE ARE 2 SEPERATE MOVIES ON NETFLIX NOW!

I watched both of the movies SO YOU DON'T HAVE TOO! Now, I am going to write a post about both movies - comparing and contrasting them. Well comparing and contrasting both movies BUT NOT IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE.

You can read my review of The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity here

You can read my review of The Yin Yang Master here

OVERALL, I liked both movies but for very different reasons. So, I am going to list out some characteristics I liked from each movie that are unique to that movie and then write out some characteristics that both movies shared. It is up to you and what you are looking to get out of a movie to decide which movie you are going to watch and enjoy.

WHY NOT WATCH BOTH!? If you don't want to watch both, hopefully this will help you decide which one to watch.

THE YIN YANG MASTER with Chen Kun and Zhou Xun is UP FIRST!

1) Based on a Video-Game - What I found really unique with this film is that you can tell quite easily that it was based off a video game. It was like the characters were beating levels and moving onto the next boss, all while exploring this world and moving along with the story. As I said in my review of the movie, I found myself thinking "Oh this could be a level where they had to bear the boss". I just thought that was really creative and made this movie stand out. This film has more of an artistic and eccentric feel to it.

2)Cinematography/Lighting - I thought the cinematography and the use of light stood out in this version of the story. I don't know why compared to the other version exactly but I liked how The Yin Yang Master used lighting - ESPECIALLY when the characters were in the whole fighting arena building. I thought it looked more realistic because the lighting looked more like candle light. I always appreciate when a Chinese production uses this type of lighting in the drama or movie because it gives authenticity to the story and draws me into the world more, especially when set during a time period or place that doesn't have electricity. I am not saying the lighting in The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity didn't do this or was bad, it just stood out more to me in The Yin Yang Master.

3)Emphasis on the creatures - I think due to the fact that The Yin Yang Master concentrated more on Qing Ming's story, that allowed the movie to give more background and life to the creatures of the world. You actually got to see the creatures interact with other characters and got some background with them. Each creature and monster lent their own story to the movie and made the movie unique in their own way. I loved that you learned about this world of monsters through them, even getting attached to some of them along the way. This was mostly because Qing Ming's story was embedded in these creatures. You couldn't learn more about him without learning more about them. I liked that a lot about this movie.

NEXT UP is The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

1) Emphasis on the main relationship - One of the best parts of The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity was Qing Ming and Boya's relationship throughout the movie. You grew attached to both characters and then attached to their relationship in the movie. They were really the glue that held this movie together and what drew the audience into the world and story. You continue to watch to see where their relationship would go, how it would develop and ultimately what it would be like by the end of the movie. Their relationship was a MAJOR STRENGTH in this movie and brought a lot of appeal to the film.

2) Like a Marvel Film - This movie plays out like a Marvel film. You got people coming together to fight against a big evil. They learn to work together and you as an audience member get attached to them. You discover all of the secrets and obstacles with the characters. ALL OF THIS ENDING IN ONE HUGE EPIC BATTLE SCENE AT THE END OF THE FILM! It is definitely an exciting and riveting BLOCKBUSTER film from start to finish. So, if that set up if something you like, YOU WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE!

3) Chemistry between the 2 Male Leads - I think one of the reasons why the relationship between the 2 leads is so believable and one of the best things about this film IS THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN MARCH CHAO AND DENG LUN! They work fantastic off of one another. They have great chemistry when they are on screen together. They just drew you in as audience members and kept you captivated when they were on screen together.


1)The Visuals (LIKED) - BOTH MOVIES WERE BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT! Both movies have gorgeous costumes and sets. Both movies had AMAZING CGI! Both movies created these worlds that made your head spin because there was so much to take in and look at. You can tell that both movies spent A LOT of money on production, set and costumes and IT PAID OFF!

2)The Villains (DISLIKED) - I did not like the villain in either of the movies. In the Yin Yang Master, I predicted who the villain was about 1/4 of the way through the movie so I was not surprised at all by the end. I thought both villains didn't really put up a fight at the end of the film and were easily dispatched. I just thought both villains were really weak in story and strength in both films.

3)The Story (DISLIKED) - Now it might be because of the time constraint that a movie has but I thought both movies had issues with their stories. The Yin Yang Master's story wasn't easily followed. It was strong with some characters and parts and weak with other characters and parts. The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity's story was rushed. You could tell the writers just wanted to get to the end to have this epic battle. So, the pacing was off for me with that movie and just seemed lazy. I thought both movies could have done some work with their stories, for different reasons of course. Again, this could all be because a movie can only be SO LONG because the audience loses interest.

4)The Acting (LIKED) - I thought the acting in both movies was FANTASTIC! Everyone in both movies ARE TOP-NOTCH actors so you can't go wrong with either cast. They all shine in whatever movie they are in. The actors play their characters very well and all have scenes where they stand out. Everyone involved in these movies are talented and amazing to watch in dramas and movies. I am a fan of a lot of them myself.

5) The Fight Choreo (LIKED) - Both films have AMAZING fight choreo. Whether the fights use magic and/or weapons, all of the fight scenes ARE EPIC TO WATCH! These scenes were highlights of both movies for me. Each movie had their own unique fight choreo and scenes that the other movie did not have so it was a lot of fun to see all the fights in the movies.

There you go! My thoughts between The Yin Yang Master and The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity.

Have you seen either or both of these films? Did you like one over the other? What did you like about the movies? After reading this post, did it convince you to try one movie over the other OR BOTH!?




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