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If it is not known - I LOVE DRAMAS. I love to watch them, I love to be engulfed by them and spit out on the other side once I'm done. My life is ALL ABOUT DRAMAS AND MUSIC! Let me tell you, they have been my saving grace this year FOR SURE!

Sometimes though, I need a break from dramas. Just something I can easily watch and not be invested in it. Something to destress with after a long day, maybe give me a good laugh.

THAT IS WHERE VARIETY SHOWS COME IN! I wasn't always a watcher of variety shows but in the last couple of years I started to dabble and I found ones that I LOVE!

So here is a list of some of my favorite Variety shows that I found and why I like them! SPOILER - Most of them (key word MOST) have 1 thing in common - FOOD HAHA

(also MOST of the variety shows I have seen are Korean so that will be THE MAJORITY of this list)

THE VARIETY SHOW THAT STARTED IT ALL! This variety show was my first AND I AM SO GLAD IT WAS! What do you get when you stick a bunch of famous homebodies in one house and make them stay together for a certain time period? You get a hilarious, relatable and heart warming show. This variety show introduced me to new people and let me learn about people I loved and knew already. It is such a nice and relaxing show to watch where you see people living life, interacting with people and cooking. I loved the cooking and interactions. I think I have re-watched this variety show 3 times and When I first watched it, I watched it all in a weekend.

This was a variety show that I found in quarantine AND MAN DID I BINGE IT HARD! I have watched all of the Chinese seasons and most of the Korean seasons. I have to say, I like the Chinese version better, don't ask me why HAHA I never thought I would get so invested in this show BUT I legit cried at the end of certain seasons and became SEVERELY connected to the outcome of some of these couples. It is sort of ridiculous now that I think about it.

I have not seen all of the seasons of this one but I have loved the seasons that I have seen. Again, my formula for a variety show I will love is simple - stick a group of people in a house, make them interact together and COOK TOGETHER! If you want a food variety show THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! I loved watching what everyone could come up with in each episode when it came to their cooking and even what the guests brought to the table.

This variety shows concept was celebrities living off grid for 2 days and 3 nights. I found this variety show to be very relaxing and distressing to watch. You got these gorgeous shots of nature and hung out the the people on this variety show in this setting. It was funny to see how these celebrities lasted out in the middle of nowhere, off grid.

I wouldn't be a lover of KPOP if I didn't have a competition show on this list. The Recent Road to Kingdom was a GREAT ONE to watch. I am a fan of all the groups so I just loved seeing everyone interact, cheer each other on and OF COURSE the amazing performances. I looked forward to each week to see the new challenges and what came out of them. I grew to love all the groups more and grew to appreciate them even more. ALSO can we give a round of applause to the hosts too...CUZ THEY WERE GREAT!

LAST but certainly NOT LEAST, Delicious Rendezvous is my most recent find in variety show world AND I LOVE IT! FOOD IS EVERYTHING IN THIS SHOW! I always have to make sure to not watch it while hungry. THANK YOU TO TWITTER PEEPS FOR MAKING ME START THIS SHOW - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I love the concept of this show where the hosts travel around Korea, come up with recipes using local produce/ingredients and then sell them at rest stops across the country. This show not only promotes local ingredients but also promote consumption and love for local specialties and recipes. I think that is such a great concept for a show AND YOU GET TO SEE ALL THE RECIPES AND FOOD! I love this show a lot!

So there you have it, 5 variety shows that I have watched and come to love. I have some more favorites but these 5 are standouts to me. As you can see FOOD is a main theme! Maybe if you want to start to explore the world of Variety shows, try these out! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THESE AND OTHER VARIETY SHOWS YOU HAVE WATCHED! What are some of your favorite variety shows?




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