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I swear February has gone by in a blink of an eye. I can't believe it is March this week! Is anyone else feeling this way? Let's see what I watched in February and what I am looking forward to in March.


I think I did a fairly good job with completing dramas this month. Life has sort of gotten in the way in the last part of the month and will continue into March for a bit BUT HEY WHAT CAN YOU DO!? I definitely have some dramas I haven't even started yet and there are some dramas that I should have finished in February, but I have fallen behind on. Those will be completed in March, I guess. I DID START ALL NEW DRAMAS IN FEBRUARY THOUGH SO I'M HAPPY WITH THAT!

Love and Leashes (KMovie) (NETFLIX): I like this movie A LOT more than I thought I would. As you know, I am not a HUGE fan of the romance genre. I can watch some here and there but not all the time. I assumed that I would find this movie cringey and I wouldn't like the comedy. I WAS WRONG! It was a cute movie. I did find some scenes a little cringey, but I also didn't mind that. The roles seemed MADE for the 2 lead actors. I loved the message of the movie. I loved their relationship and how it grew throughout the movie. I NOW NEED THEM BOTH IN A DRAMA TOGETHER!

Life: Love on the Line (Director's Cut) (JMovie) (VIKI): I LOVED THIS! I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I expected it to be UNGODLY sad, but I was presently surprised. I liked the leads' chemistry, and the acting was great. I loved how realistic the story was and that the story covered a lifetime. I think it did a great job with showing the ups and downs of a relationship whether than is friendship or love.

Fishbowl Wives (JDrama) (NETFLIX): I loved the story in this drama. Just like with other Japanese dramas, this drama was a lot more than what it seemed on the surface. The story not only covered the leads' relationship and story BUT also brought in other characters. These characters each had their own stories to tell and had their own episode dedicated to them. I loved seeing how these other characters stories played out. Some of the stories were quite beautiful. The cinematography was BEAUTIFUL, and it was well acted. *TRIGGER WARNING* for domestic violence, cheating and intimate scenes. You can read more about my thoughts in my review right here.

All of Us Are Dead (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): This was a solid and exciting drama. It was DEFINITELY not my favorite zombie drama, but it was still exciting to watch. I did not agree with how some of the story went BUT I was still entertained. I would still watch a 2nd season if and when it came out. I thought the young cast did an EXCELLENT job and I am excited to watch them in their future dramas. I have a lot of theories on how Season 2 is going to play out, if it is made.

Stealth Walker (Cdrama) (VIKI): If you like crime dramas, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! It is fast paced and very entertaining. The leads had SO MUCH CHEMISTRY! I wish there were more scenes with them together because I just wanted them together ALL THE TIME! I loved the OSTs from this drama. You will be entertained if you check this one out FOR SURE! You can read more about my thoughts in my review right here.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): This had a unique concept and was fun to watch. I always like fantasy dramas and learning about new folklore that go with these themes. LEE JOON IS SO GOOD IN THIS DRAMA!! I am addicted to the OSTs from this drama as well. By the end the story sort of fell apart for me especially with the logic of it all.

Color Rush 2 (Kdrama) (VIKI): I DEFINITELY liked Season 1 more than Season 2 but that doesn't mean Season 2 wasn't entertaining. It was just REALLY different. The main leads had GREAT chemistry even though there was no romance. They had a natural chemistry which was nice to watch. Their acting was also entertaining to watch. Season 2 still had a creative story, but Season 1 was still better.

Something in the Rain (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): DO NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA!! Ironically, the only thing I liked about this drama was the romance which is HILARIOUS because I am not a romance watcher a lot. The obstacles that the writers made this couple go through in this drama that by the end of this drama, I couldn't even enjoy their romance anymore. AMAZING ACTING BY THE ENTIRE CAST!! You had to be so talented to get through some of those more emotionally driven scenes FOR SURE!

Kissable Lips (Kdrama) (VIKI): I thought this drama was just okay. It suffered from the usual Korean BL drama problems such as short episodes, low episode count and being weirdly paced. You could tell that some scenes were just completely cut out because the story didn't line up. I wasn't even completely mad at the ending. I LOVED that we FINALLY got a vampire BL drama. The leads did well together and had a cute chemistry.

Moonshine (Kdrama) (VIKI): THIS DRAMA WAS SO REFRESHING! I liked it a lot more than I thought it would. It had a great mix of comedy and serious story. The cast acted well together and both couples had GREAT chemistry together. I loved the whole found family aspect of the drama. I loved them work together to take down a bigger enemy. I know this drama has flown under a lot of people's radars, but I would recommend it for something light and entertaining to watch.


March is going to be a weird month for me and drama watching. Again, as I said above, life has become busy and will stay a little busy for the first couple weeks of March. I also will get busy again at the very end of March. SO, LETS JUST ASSUME THAT I WILL NOT BE DOING MUCH DRAMA WATCHING IN MARCH! That does not mean that I am not looking forward to a TON of dramas but that should not surprise anyone because I always have my eye on many dramas. There are also a lot of dramas that are rumored for March but not confirmed so we will have to see what ACTUALLY airs in March.

Crazy Love (Kdrama) (iQIYI and/or Disney +): [PREMIERES MARCH 7TH, 2022]

I mean you have murder in a romance drama, I AM ALL IN! This drama looks wacky but I am going to at least check it out. Kim Jae Wook's return to drama land is ALWAYS a good thing. Ha Joon is also in this drama so I have more than one reason to check this drama out. I am not positive I will have access to this drama. We will have to wait and see where it airs and if it is regionally blocked.

A Superior Day (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES MARCH 13TH, 2022]

All this drama had to say was OCN and I am THERE! We all know my obsession with the OCN network so, I am SO GLAD that the network is still producing dramas. The synopsis of this drama is an interesting one. It seems unique and exciting. I am also excited to see the 3 main leads work together, in a genre like this

The King of Pigs (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MARCH 18TH, 2022]

Another crime drama to add to my watchlist. GIVE ME ALL THE CRIME DRAMAS! The cast is fantastic in this one. I am a HUGE fan of Kim Dong Wook so, OF COURSE I am watching this one. I hope I get access to this one. It hasn't been added to any streaming sites yet. It does seem to have a few major topics in its synopsis that seems over done in Korean dramas lately. I am still going to check it out though. It might turn out to be different and seem refreshing. We will have to wait and see.

Tomorrow (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES MARCH 25TH, 2022]

WE GOT GRIM REAPERS! WE GOT GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE IN SUITS! WE GOT PINK HAIRED KIM HEE SUN! There is a lot in this drama to look forward too. I love fantasy, supernatural dramas so, this one is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!! I hope it is a lot of fun to watch. I can already see a potential FOUND FAMILY happening.

Insider (Kdrama): [RUMORED FOR MARCH 30TH, 2022]

This is another drama that may have a premiere date but has not had any trailer or poster released yet. Since it premieres so late in March, it could still happen. I like the cast in this one. It looks like a nice revenge drama which I always enjoy. I love watching the good guys sticking it to the bad guys. I am curious to see how this story plays out because it seems like an interesting concept for a story.

Death to Snow White (Kdrama): [RUMORED FOR MARCH, 2022]

I am a sucker for small town crime dramas! This drama sounds SO GOOD! I NEED IT! What is interesting about this drama is that it is based off a German novel. THE CAST IN THIS DRAMA IS FANTASTIC!! Byun Yo Han's return to drama land has been a long time coming AND IT IS FINALLY HERE! CRIME DRAMAS ARE MY THING so we all knew I would be ALL OVER THIS ONE! We will have to see if it actually airs in March, but I am okay waiting for it as well.

The Tuxedo (Thai Drama): [PREMIERES MARCH 5TH, 2022]

I have to put some variety on this list! IT CAN'T ALL JUST BE KOREAN DRAMAS!! What drew me to The Tuxedo is that this is going to be a drama about clothes. THAT MEANS THE FASHION IN THIS DRAMA MIGHT BE FUN TO WATCH! If the poster gives you any clue on how the costumes will look in this drama, I AM A FAN! I don't know any of the cast which I am always a fan of because I get to discover new talent to watch and follow.

Dear Doctor (Thai Drama) (iQIYI): [PREMIERES 23RD, 2022]

You get a love story between Death and a doctor. WHAT AN INTERESTING CONCEPT! The cast of Grey Rainbow reuniting in a drama is ALWAYS A PLUS! They had GREAT chemistry in that drama, so I am excited to watch them in a new drama. I am excited to see how this story will play out.

A Dream of Splendor (Cdrama): [RUMORED FOR MARCH, 2022]

I NEED THIS DRAMA!! I have been wanting this drama since it was announced. It is still ONLY rumored for March and I REALLY HOPE IT HAPPENS! Like just from this poster, Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao look GREAT TOGETHER! From the synopsis, I am getting strong female lead, found family, female group of friends who all work together to survive and MUCH MORE! There is just so much in this drama that I could potentially like, so I JUST NEED ACCESS TO IT ALREADY!!

This may be a shorter list of dramas than usual that I am looking forward to in March BUT I AM OKAY WITH THAT! I am behind on some of the dramas I am already watching and haven't started others I want to start. SO, THERE IS PLENTY OF DRAMAS I WILL BE WATCHING! I am not worried.

What dramas did you start in February? Did you complete any dramas in February? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in March for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list?




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