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We are now WELL into October and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! We want to watch everything that is scary and about monsters. Maybe some fantasy elements involved as well. I mean who doesn't watch scary stuff, the closer we get to Halloween?

Don't know what dramas to watch this October? WELL I GOT YOU COVERED! I made a list of a collection that dramas that cover many genres and range from DOWNRIGHT TERRIFYING to quirky fun. Hopefully you find something to watch and celebrate Halloween this year!

If you want a creepy, unsettling, DEFINITELY don't watch at night drama - LOOK NO FURTHER THAN STRANGERS FROM HELL! This was one of the dramas I chose to watch to celebrate the Halloween season and MAN IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! You got amazing acting, crazy lighting/camera angles, music that adds to the unsettling feeling of this drama AND OF COURSE MURDER! This Korean drama takes you for a ride and spits you out at the end. I loved the ending of this drama because it just added to the uncomfortable feeling of this drama and I thought it was brilliant. DON'T WATCH THIS AT NIGHT! (Will warn you that it is pretty gory)

Missing: The Other Side is a recently ended Korean drama. Now it isn't your typical Halloween drama BUT I CAN'T RECOMMEND IT MORE! It has ghosts, creepy scenes and killers. So elements you want in an October drama. What I loved about this drama even more was THE EMOTION it created both from its actors but also what emotions I felt while watching it. This is a Halloween drama where you will become connected to the characters and become emotionally attached to them. OCN is the network that made this drama SO YOU KNOW it will be different and refreshing to watch. JUST TRY IT!


Who doesn't like a classic serial killer drama to watch for Halloween? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER THAN VOICE (season 1)! I think I re-watch Season 1 every October. I love a good cat and mouse story and LET ME TELL YOU, VOICE IS FANTASTIC WITH THIS! I will warn you, this is another crime Korean drama that can get pretty gory and bloody. If you like crime dramas with a satisfying team up, fantastic villain and a drama for a good binge session, WATCH THIS DRAMA!

One of the things I loved to do growing up was watch the classic monster movies around Halloween. You can't go wrong with the classics! I watched Frankenstein's Love this year for this reason - I wanted a drama about a classic monster to watch in October and this one caught my eye. Now this one is not scary AT ALL and I liked that. It turned the classic tale on its head and made it its own. It is more fantastical, added comedy and a love line to the story. I love the visuals of this drama. The actor who plays the male lead is also one of my favorite Japanese actors so that was a plus for me. If you are looking for something else to watch this Halloween season - I RECOMMEND THIS ONE!

This series is just A FUN TIME! You got tomb raiding, monsters, ghosts, magic, fighting and sometimes scary scenes. It depends on what season you watch, some seasons are scarier than others BUT you will be entertained for sure. I know that this is sort of weird to choose to watch for a Halloween post BUT I am giving you options. I would totally watch one of the Lost Tomb seasons during October because I think it fits the monster category.

Green Door - NETFLIX

Green Door BLEW ME AWAY when I watched it. I thought it would just be another ghost drama BUT MAN WAS I WRONG! I think I loved this drama so much because I did not see the end coming AT ALL! I also had never seen a Taiwanese drama quite like this one when I watched it so it was refreshing to me. It has some creepy scenes which are unsettling but it brings the emotions in spades! I had never quite experiences a ghost drama with this type of emotional baggage before when I watched it so I BINGED THIS ONE HARD! I can't recommend this one ENOUGH!

This Japanese is in here because it is a COMPLETE 180 from anything else on this list. It is campy and just plain silly. You watch it for the experience of watching it. Vampires are involved so it is perfect for Halloween. You just need to watch this one to see what I am talking about. It is just so different from any other Halloween Japanese drama I have seen. TRUST ME, You just need to watch it.

There you have it! I hope this list helps you guys find something to watch on October 31st or just within the month of October. I hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN!

What dramas do you watch in October? Do you agree with my list? Have you seen any of these dramas?



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