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WHO WATCHED MISSING THE OTHER SIDE !? Did you cry every week like me? Who is already missing it, now that it ended over the weekend? Who got attached to the characters, didn't want to say goodbye to them and are now searching for where to watch those actors in other works?

WELL YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! I am starting a new series where I take recently ended dramas (no matter the country) and I tell you where to watch the actors/actresses you fell in love with next!

Missing: The Other Side seems like a PERFECT choice to start this series because there are DEFINITELY some actors that I was introduced too through this drama and that I will be keeping my eye on for their future projects. Now I am sure I won't cover ALL the actors/actresses BUT I hope I cover some of your favs from this wonderful drama.


Now I am late to the GO SOO party, I have always known about him but was only introduced to him in the last couple of years. My introduction to him was through his movie Lucid Dream that I watched almost two years ago. I recommend this movie for an entertaining, quick watch. I REALLY got to know him through his drama Money Game that aired earlier this year. His acting really stood out in that kdrama and was a COMPLETELY different character than his character in Missing: The Other Side. Money Game may be complicated to watch because of the subject matter BUT if you like character driven dramas, I RECOMMEND IT! I also have been told that Go Soo is GREAT in his movie Love 911 which I plan to watch soon.


Heo Joon Ho's acting chops are NO JOKE! Just the variety he has given us over the years is AMAZING! My introduction to this brilliant actor was as a VERY CREEPY serial killer in Come & Hug Me. His performance in that BLEW ME AWAY! A BIG change from his character in Missing: the Other Side. You also can watch him in the kdrama Kingdom S1 and S2 where again, he plays a very different character from others he has played. Some EPIC scenes with his character in Kingdom FOR SURE! The projects that he has been in gives you many options and genres to watch him in.


Ahn So Hee is pretty new to me. I have only see her in 1 other project and that was TRAIN TO BUSAN! Let me tell you, if you have not seen Train to Busan, YOU NEED TOO! It isn't just another zombie movie, has A LOT more heart to it. PERFECT TO WATCH IN OCTOBER AND FOR THE HALLOWEEN SEASON! Let me tell you though, after watching Ahn So Hee in Missing: the Other Side, I look forward to her future projects! Her playing the lovable hacker WON OVER MY HEART IN THIS DRAMA!


It is the same with Seo Eun Soo as it was with Ahn So Hee, I have only seen 1 of her previous projects. That was the movie On Your Wedding Day which I recommend FOR SURE! It was a cute movie that showed a realistic relationship over the span of 10 years. Now Seo Eun Soo only had a supporting role but I would still recommend this movie. She also appeared as a guest role in Hotel Del Luna so again, don't watch Hotel Del Luna for this actress BUT YOU NEED TO STILL WATCH HOTEL DEL LUNA! Some dramas that she has been in that I have not seen personally BUT I've been told are really good are Legal High and The Smile has Left Your Eyes. Seo Eun Soo's portrayal of Choi Eun Soo in Missing: The Other Side was both beautiful and heartbreaking so I will FOR SURE be checking out more of her works in the future.


I just want to say - WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THESE YEARS!? WHERE HAS HA JOON BEEN IN MY DRAMA WATCHING LIFE!? I want to just apologize that I have not met this actor until now because DAMN I WAS REALLY MISSING OUT! Ha Joon just came out of NOWHERE for me in 2020. I actually duo watched him in Missing The Other Side as well as Blink of the SF8 series, which I RECOMMEND! I recommend all the episodes of SF8 BUT He was great in his episode. Ironically, the only other thing I have seen in his acting career is On Your Wedding Day where he has a guest role and that I mentioned above with Seo Eun Soo. Yes - THE SAME MOVIE! Black Dog is another of his works that I heard was good but I have not seen yet. LET ME TELL YOU THIS, I will be watching ALL HIS FUTURE PROJECTS! I am so glad I found him in 2020.


LAST but certainly NOT LEAST, there is Song Geon Hee. I have seen a fair number of his previous works and I remember that I noticed and liked him in a lot of them. Missing: The Other Side, for me, was his breakout role! I got SO ATTACHED to Thomas that it is going to be VERY hard to say goodbye to him and this drama. Song Geon Hee's character in The Tale of Nokdu was memorable and impressionable. The Tale of Nokdu was one of my top dramas of 2019. The Tale of Nokdu is where this actor caught my eye and then Mystic Pop Up Bar cemented what a great actor he is to me. Even though in both dramas, he has a supporting role...He made those roles his own and stood out for me. Missing: The Other Side is DEFINITELY his break out role for me though.

Well there you go! I hope this helps you track down some other projects that your favs from Missing: The Other Side have done. If you have not clicked play on Missing: The Other Side and gotten introduced to these actors/characters, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! I can't recommend this kdrama enough! It is just a beautiful drama where I guarantee you will feel every emotion and find it hard to say goodbye like I did. This kdrama will probably be one of my favorites of 2020. I liked that I went in expecting one thing and got something COMPLETELY different.

What actors/actresses in Missing: The Other Side will you miss the most? What projects would you recommend we watch next from these actors/actresses? Did you have a favorite that we did not cover? What drama should we feature next in our Hide & Seek series?



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