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June has gone quite well. I finished some dramas that I have been watching for a while. I watched some shorter dramas that I started and finished in a short period of time and these dramas had been on my plan to watch list for a while. I think I am still watching TOO MANY KDRAMAS because I like watching them as they air but when you are watching 9 on-air Kdramas, that leaves little room for other country's dramas in your watchlist. I always want variety. I guess I need to make more of an effort to not watch EVERY AIRING KDRAMA! Again, be pickier in what I watch 😂


I think I said this in my MAY 2022 WRAP UP post, I only finished kdramas in May because I am always watching so many kdramas at once. Luckily during the month of June, I managed to finish some dramas from other countries too. I also finished a Korean Variety show which I don't watch a lot of. I want to watch more of them in the future, from various countries OF COURSE!

Second Husband (Kdrama) (VIKI): I was liking this one a lot and then the production added 30 episodes to it. I get that when a drama has AWESOME ratings, you want to keep momentum and keep the drama going. Adding 30 additional episodes RUINED this drama for me. The writers became inconsistent with the plot with what they introduced earlier on and what was done in the last 30 episodes. They thought no one would notice. I LOVED THE MAIN COUPLE SO MUCH! I stuck it out for them because their chemistry was a highlight in this drama. I wish this drama had multiple couples though, that would have been nice.

Dr. Brain (Kdrama)(Apple TV+): One of the best dramas I have seen in a LONG TIME! The drama pushes boundaries with story and creativity. The production took risks with what they did with this drama and IT PAID OFF! I LOVED THE CINEMATOGRAPHY! The acting was great. The twists and turns in this drama were unexpected and it made the drama even more exciting. IT IS JUST SO GOOD! I really have nothing bad to say about this drama at all.

From Now On, Showtime (Kdrama) (VIKI): I enjoyed this drama quite a bit. It wasn't perfect but very entertaining. I loved that it was a mix of genres. FOUND FAMILY FOR THE WIN! I wish the writers made some different decisions in the last 2 episodes of this drama. Some of comedy also didn't work for me. This drama is still entertaining though and probably would be a quick binge for anyone who wants to try it out.

Favorite Entertainment (KVariety)(VIKI): I am not the biggest fan of trot music but I still liked this variety show. I actually heard some trot songs in this show that I liked which I wasn't expecting to happen. I enjoyed the second half of the show more than the first half. I LOVED getting to know the members of Super Five but I wish we got more episodes and scenes when the members just hung out and had fun together. I may be a little bias in this statement because those are my favorite types of variety shows.

Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul (Thai Drama)(iQIYI): This drama was okay. It wasn't bad but it wasn't AMAZING either. I am glad the ending wasn't tragic. I wanted some of the plot points brought up further explored which they weren't. The 2 actors wo played the leads were the reason I clicked play on this drama and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! You can check out my full review of this drama right here.

Miss Truth (Cdrama)(Amazon Prime): THIS DRAMA WAS SUCH A LETDOWN FOR ME! The first half was SO GOOD and then the second half fell apart. The writer's choices with the plot and characters' decisions DROVE ME NUTS! I was very bias with who I wanted to be each other at the end. I was very happy that it happened but how the writers made it happen and even what they wrote for the ending WAS NOT SATISFYING AT ALL! I thought the acting was great but MAN the writers did us dirty on this one. You will hear more about this in my review that I am writing soon.

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS DRAMA! It wasn't perfect but it was really good. I have not seen the original drama it is based off of so I can't compare anything. I am actually sort of glad I have not seen the original. The acting was AWESOME! If you are looking for an entertaining drama with a lot of action and intense tension, WATCH THIS DRAMA! It had some really nice unexpected twists which I ALWAYS love. The one thing I will say, it did have a cliffhanger ending because it has been split into 2 parts which is never appreciated BUT the cliffhanger, in my opinion, isn't the most dramatic cliffhanger I have ever seen so I can deal with waiting for the second part of this drama. I also think that there was a really unnecessary scene in the last episode but SPOILERS so I won't say what scene.


Insider (Kdrama): I realized as I was watching episode 7 that I didn't care about much that was going on in the drama. The acting was phenomenal but that was really the only thing I was enjoying.

Jinxed At First (Kdrama): I only became interested in 2 things within the plot of this drama. Everything else I didn't care about. As we all know, comedy sometimes isn't for me. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes not. Some of the comedy in this drama was good but other times I didn't care for it. There was just not enough for me to stick with it.


There may not be a TON of dramas I am excited for in July but hey, that's okay. Sometimes you need a month like this. The question is, will I have access to them? I guess that is the beauty of being a drama watcher that watches dramas from everywhere, YOU ALWAYS HAVE DRAMAS TO WATCH! I mean heck, even if you are only watching dramas from 1 country, YOU ALWAYS HAVE DRAMAS TO WATCH! SO MANY DRAMAS COME OUT EVERY MONTH! 😂 Anyways, here are some dramas I am excited for that are supposedly premiering in July.

The Deadly Affair (RUMOR IS NETFLIX): [PREMIERES JULY 4TH, 2022]

I have had my eye on this drama since it was ANNOUNCED! I don't know the actors. I honestly don't even know the synopsis. I also don't know if will FOR SURE have access to it. IT LOOKS LIKE MY KIND OF DRAMA THOUGH! You got DRAMA. You got REVENGE. You got SECRETS. EVERYTHING that could make this a juicy drama to watch AND I AM HERE FOR IT! With "Deadly" in the title, I think I can anticipate some murder being involved as well.

Remarriage and Desires (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES JULY 15TH, 2022]

I guess July is the season of DRAMATIC MAKJANGS! This is also a drama that I have had my eye on since it announced. I love the female lead. I am ready for the backstabbing and the competition. I am curious how it will end. I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR A MORE ADULT DRAMA! This one SCREAMS makjang and looks like it could be quite the juicy drama to watch. I am sure this has some murder in it as well. WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKE MURDER IN MY DRAMAS!

Adamas: [PREMIERES JULY 27TH, 2022]

I don't know much about this drama. I don't even know if I will be able to watch it yet because it has not been added to any streaming sites I have access too. The synopsis looks interesting. I like a lot of the cast both lead roles and supporting roles. It looks like it could be QUITE the crazy ride. It definitely is a crime/mystery drama which I will ALWAYS watch. We will have to see if I have access to this one later in the month.

THERE IS MY LIST FOR JULY! SEE, A VERY LIGHT LOAD! Maybe it is a good thing I don't have many new dramas that I am interested in July. I am watching a TON of dramas right now. It will give me the opportunity to clear out my current watchlist and maybe start some other dramas that have already completed and I have had my eye on for a while. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

What dramas did you start in June? Did you complete any dramas in June? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in July for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list? Is your list short like mine?




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