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THAI DRAMA REVIEW: Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul (2022)

I feel like I have not written a drama review for a Thai drama in a while. I really need to watch more of them and diversify what I am watching. I clicked on Dear Doctor for two reasons. The first reason is that the two leads were in one of the first BL Thai dramas I ever watched as a couple and I loved them together in that drama. That drama was called Grey Rainbow and it is on Youtube if you want to check it out. When I heard that they were going to be acting together again in this drama, I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT! The second reason is that I am a sucker for a fantasy drama and I was curious how that was going to be handled in this drama. You can check out Dear Doctor I'm Coming for Soul on the IQIYI app.

I also am glad I am posting this during PRIDE MONTH...HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!! 🌈

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis of Dear Doctor I'm Coming for Soul - Dr. Prakam is a well-known surgeon who is dedicated to saving lives. There is one problem. He can see Death, who comes and does his job of taking souls to the afterlife. One collects souls of the dead while the other attempts to save their lives. What happens if you start to develop feelings for Death? Can a relationship really happen between a human and death?

Overall, I enjoyed this drama but I did have some issues with it. It wasn't a bad drama but, in my opinion, it could have been better. I think there were some missed opportunities with the plot. I personally also wanted to see some things happen with the story which never got explored or it just wasn't explored as much as I wanted it to be. On the other hand, though, parts of this drama were GREAT! I will explain in more detail below.


-THE CONCEPT - I always appreciate when a drama tries a new concept with their story. The concept of a human and a grim reaper being a couple and having a romance is something that is definitely not COMPLETELY new but as a BL drama, it might be new. If it isn't then it isn't but I appreciate when a drama tries something new with its story. Changing up the concept of a story will always be interesting. It will always draw me in and make me want to try the drama to see how it is. Did the drama pull it off 100%? No, I did have some issues with some plot choices BUT it was still fun to watch and entertaining.

-THE ACTING - I said I clicked play on the first episode of this drama for the 2 actors playing the leads and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I loved their chemistry together. They had great chemistry is Grey Rainbow and it was the same thing in Dear Doctor. It was nice seeing them act off of one another in a scene. The emotions between the two actors were portrayed beautifully and were heartfelt. You really believed that their characters cared for each other and their feelings for each grew as the drama went along.

-MULTIPLE COUPLES -I always appreciate when a drama has multiple couples to follow in a drama. It allows the audience to become attached or relate to different couples. If you don't like one couple, you could like another couple and how their relationship grows throughout the drama. I also like that this drama had a mix of heterosexual relationships as well as homosexual relationships. I always like when many types of couples are portrayed in a drama.

-THE ENDING - I may be in the minority but I appreciated the ending. I was thinking it was going to be a sad ending so, I was glad that the ending did not turn out the way I expected it too. It was still a bittersweet ending but I thought the drama handled it well. It still provided a nice and sweet ending even though the inevitable happened. I like that the drama took a sweet but realistic approach. I commend the drama for not just making the ending all rainbows and butterflies. I know some viewers were not totally satisfied with the ending but I think that is a case of personal opinion. I will be curious to hear what you guys think of the ending if you watch this drama.


-DR PRAKAN'S CHARACTER - I may have been a little bias to the grim reaper which is why I had this issue with Dr. Prakan. When a person becomes a doctor, you would think that they have a realistic view that death happens and you can't save everyone. I know that there was something unique with Dr. Prakan because he can see death. I know that a patient dying on you can be traumatic. My issue though is that Dr. Prakan lashed out and took out all his emotions and feelings on the grim reaper. In my opinion, this happened way too much in the drama. Even when Dr. Prakan acknowledged that this was wrong and he shouldn't be doing it, he did it again a couple of episodes later. Both of these characters were essentially just doing their job. Death is inevitable with life so; I didn't see the point of Dr. Prakan doing this repeatedly in the drama.

-PLOT POINTS - I feel like some of the plot points that were brought weren't fully fleshed out or explored. I would have liked to see more relationship development of all the couples, not just the main couple. Even with the main couple, I would have liked to see some of those plot points and scenes explored more. Some of the plot points seemed to have been dropped off in the middle of the drama and never brought up or resolved by the end. Unless, I missed something, I guess. Why bring up something in the story but never explore it or use it as a plot point later on in the drama?

-PACING - This might also be why some of the plot points were not explored enough to my liking. I am ok with a slow burn romance, if it is done well. Overall, I think it was done well but I think if we had gotten the couples, all the couples, together sooner, we would have been able to get more scenes with them together in relationships instead of it all smooshed together at the end. I wanted more explanation or drama with some of the drama that happened in the hospital setting as well. Better pacing or more structure or the plot spread out more would have helped with this, I think.

-MORE FANTASY - You can never have TO MUCH fantasy in a drama, in my opinion. There was a healthy dose of fantasy in this drama. I wanted more though. Maybe a little more exploration of the grim reaper's world. Maybe more instances of the grim reaper using their powers?

Rating: 7.5/10 (Streaming on iQIYI now)

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