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Cdramaland has just been CHUCKING out dramas left and right which means there have been A LOT of posters getting posted. Tencent also had an event where the network released a bunch of promo materials. I mean it was hard to choose for June's Poster collection because there was so much to choose from. Which ones of the ones I chose for June is your favorite?

We love a good steamy poster. I love when dramas sort of take a unique approach to a story. My Marvelous Fable seems to be that. Over the last few years, we have seen some cdramas that are these travel dramas. My Marvelous Fable is one of these dramas. This poster also just SCREAMS chemistry. I also like the lighting, especially the pink on their heads.

I love two things about this poster. I love the colors, especially from the hanging lanterns (?) or beads (?). I like that they are red but also blue due to the shading. Add in the light in some of them and I like the color combo of those 3 colors. I also like how the cast is peeking around and through the lanterns (?) or beads (?). It makes an interesting perspective for the audience. It is like the audience is about to walk through a door that these lanterns (?)/ beads(?) are hanging in.

Now since I watched the trailer, I have lost a little interest in the drama because the drama seems to have a lot of comedy. I will say the posters coming out for this drama have been BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors in this one. I am curious why Zhao Li Ying looks so much more regal than her costar Kenny Lin. Maybe because he is supposedly living a simpler life during the drama at the time they meet. I love the peacocks (or are those phoenixes) in the background.

I just half to laugh because even in this poster, it seems like Yang Zi is set to marry all 4 of these men. I mean they are all wearing red. This drama is really saying you will not know who she ends up with until THE VERY END OF THE DRAMA! 😂 The red is very striking though in the poster. It looks both beautiful but also sinister at the same time.

I am a SUCKER for these types of adventure/action dramas. So, I have been looking forward to West Out of the Yumen FOR A LONG TIME! I love adventure/action dramas even more if there some fantasy involved. That is why I love The Lost Tomb series so much. I love the angle that these posters are - through a car window. I also love that behind the character in the car window there are clues about the story. I AM JUST SO EXCITED!! Now, these posters are making me want to go and watch some of the The Lost Tomb series or Candle in The Tomb series I have not seen yet.

I am not watching Destined but it is on my list. I know a lot of people are watching this one and liking it a lot. This poster caught my eye when someone else posted it on their social media. We all know people are suckers for a good kiss scene or a scene where someone needs saving. I wonder which scene this poster is or is it both? I also like the colors of this poster. It also seems like there are embers or sand flowing around them. It just stood out to me for some reason.

These posters stood out to me for two reasons. One, the lighting/colors of these posters ARE GORGEOUS! I love how the drama is called Ray of Light and the posters look like rays of light from the sun are hitting these actors. Another thing that stood out to me is the overlay of the actors on the posters. I love when posters do this. It looks like the person's shadow/person is overlaid on top of another photo of them in the poster. This just makes the poster look really nice and unique to me.

That is the POSTER COLLECTION for June 2023! I hope you enjoyed this month's Poster Collection. Cdramaland always tends to DOMINATE these posts but mostly because they release so many posters all the time. WHICH I PERSONALLY LOVE! That is why cdrama posters are always in this post because I love the look of a lot of them.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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