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KDRAMA REVIEW: Our Dating Sim (2023)

This week's reviews are all about the recent Korean BL (Boys Love) dramas that I have finished. I think I have watched pretty much all of the Korean BL dramas since they started getting made and airing. I know I have missed a couple but overall, I have watched a lot of them. I will always support and watch this type of content because I think it needs to be made and put out there for various reasons. Let me tell you, some of these recent Korean BL dramas have become some of favorites of all time! I plan to do a list coming up of some of my favorite Korean BL dramas but that is for another blog post. This blog post is about the recently aired BL Kdrama Our Dating Sim which you can watch on VIKI.

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF OUR DATING SIM: Two men who were friends in high school meet again after years of not seeing each other. They meet at a video game company and work on making a dating SIM game while getting to know each other again. Something more than just friendship starts to be created as they hang out more.

Our Dating Sim is just a cute and easy watch. It was a delight to watch and just had me smiling the entire time. If you are looking for a relaxing BL drama with little or no angst, Our Dating Sim is a good choice for you. I will go into more detail of what I liked about this drama below. I also disliked one or two things but the things I disliked did not affect how much I loved this Kdrama overall.


THE LEADS: The leads were fantastic with each other. There were a lot of sweet moments between their two characters. You can tell that the two actors were comfortable around each other because it came off in their chemistry. They had a nice, easy chemistry that was perfect for this drama. I thought their acting was good as well. Not over the top, just right for the story being told.

STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS: I loved that the two lead characters were straightforward in their feelings. Maybe because this drama was on the shorter side, the characters had no time to be play games and just needed to tell each other about their feelings. I think this also played well with the story because this couple met again after years of not seeing each other. They didn't want to waste any time since they lost so much already. The two leads being straight forward was refreshing to see and made Our Dating Sim stand out.

NO ANGST/DRAMA: This may be because again the drama was short so, the writing had to cut to the chase but there was little angst or drama in this drama. This aspect makes it a comfort drama. It was just a drama about work and regular life with two men meeting again after years apart. It was about how they went about their day and reconnecting after years apart. It was about them working together to build this dating SIM at work. There was no ex-girlfriends or problematic friends/family. It was a pleasant and easy watch which is great to have after a hard day/week at work.

OFFICE DRAMA: I am a sucker for a good office drama. I need to watch that other office BL drama that aired earlier this year (*makes a note of that). I like couples getting to know each other at the office. You might get working late at the office nights. You might get drunk scenes after a night out with coworkers. You might get cute rooftop scenes, hanging out drinking coffee. I love the coworkers in these dramas. They always bring comedy into the drama. Our Dating Sim has a lot of these characteristics. So, if you are a fan of office dramas and maybe a fan of some of the perks of office dramas I just named, you will enjoy Our Dating Sim.


TOO SHORT: I liked this drama so; I was so sad that it was so short. I was only 8 episodes, 15 min per episode. I wanted to spend more time with the main couple. I wanted to get more cute scenes with them together. I wanted to see what happened next. I wanted more scenes of them after they officially became a couple. Overall, I just wanted more.

MORE DEPTH: I think this plays into the fact that the drama was so short. I wanted the story to go more in depth into characters and their backgrounds. I wanted the drama to go more in-depth into the main couple. I just think the drama could have done so much if the drama was longer.

NEED SEASON 2: One the same wavelength as my other 2 dislikes about this drama, I need a second season of Our Dating Sim. I didn't want this drama to end. I wanted more time with the couple. So, this drama needs a season 2 for me to spend more time with this cute couple.

Rating: 9/10 (Streaming on VIKI now)

So, have you seen Our Dating Sim? What did you think of the drama? Is it on your list to watch? Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?



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