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KMOVIE REVIEW: Jung_E (2023)

The first thing I will say about this movie is go into it with an open mind. I almost guarantee this movie will not be what you expect it will be. If you are expecting an action movie, you will definitely get that. It is mixed with a lot of other story points so, it is just a straight forward action movie, which threw me off at first. You can watch this movie on NETFLIX right now.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis of Jung_E - The world is at war. A War hero becomes part of a clone experiment and is the hope for winning this war. What happens when things start falling apart?

From the trailer this movie looks like something that everyone would find entertaining. It has action. It has explosions. It has robots and is a sci-fi movie. I think the trailer left a lot of the plot out of it though. The trailer was deceiving in my opinion. I will say I think if the trailer had showed other parts of this plot, it might have become spoilers. This is why I said click play on this movie with an open mind because there are parts of the story that the trailer does not show which will possibly throw you off when you watch it. Overall, it was still an entertaining movie, just don't expect a straight forward action movie.


-The Acting

THE ACTING WAS PHENOMENAL ON THIS MOVIE! Now, I went into this movie thinking it was just going to be an action movie. I knew with this cast; the acting would be great. what I didn't expect was how emotional some of the scenes in this movie was going to be. THE CAST ACTED THESE SCENES OUT BEAUTIFUL! I did not expect to cry with this movie and at one part, I was sobbing. Every cast member did a great job playing their characters. It shows how hard they worked on this movie.

-The Cinematography and CGI

This movie was BEAUTIFUL! The Cinematography and CGI really stood out. You can tell the production spent a lot of money on both. I think when it comes to sci-fi these days, especially action sci-fi, you need to have impressive CGI to make it believable. This movie did not disappoint.

-The Fight Scenes

It is an action movie so, of course, the audience is going to come into the movie wanting to be impressed by the fight scenes. This movie opens up with a crazy fight/battle scenes in it's first couple of minutes. IT SETS THE BAR SO HIGH FOR THIS MOVIE! I was very impressed by that first scene. The impressiveness of that first scene carried through to the end of the movie. The fight scenes were shot so well and it was believable to watch. The fight choreography was fantastical and just like you would expect for a sci-fi movie. it was probably some of my favorite scenes in this movie.

-Daughter/Mother relationship

A part of this movie that I did not expect was the daughter/mother relationship that is shown in this movie. Since it is a major plot point - I will not reveal more details than that. I don't want to give anything away. I loved learning about this relationship though. I loved learning how this relationship impacted the story. I also loved learning the backstory of this relationship.


-The Marketing

I am not sure how the marketing could have changed because I think if the trailer would have shown some things about the plot, it would have gone to spoiler category. I just think the trailer was deceiving on what this movie would actually be about. I think I was a little disappointed in this movie overall because my expectations for this movie was completely different than what was delivered.

-Daughter/Mother Relationship

While I liked this relationship, it was too much of the plot for me. I came into the movie expecting a badass action movie (I still got that part), the mother/daughter relationship and story seemed to overshadow even the action parts. It just was a major plot point in this entire movie and I feel like the trailer and promo about this movie gave no hint to that whatsoever. It was a nice plot twist but I still couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

-The Ending/Certain Plot Points

I have mixed feelings about the ending and other certain plot endings for certain characters. I liked some parts of the plot but others I could have done without. It was clear at the ending that there could be a sequel for this movie. Does this movie need a sequel? I am not sure. I definitely thought one character had a very cliché ending and I thought his character had a boring and predictable ending. Other plot points just did not make sense to me. I know you have to suspend some disbelief when watching these types of movies but some of these plot points were just a little too far fetch for me. I also thought that some plot points like what was going to be done with the clones was not needed at all.

Rating: 7.0/10 (Streaming on NETFLIX now)

So, have you seen Jung_E?

What did you think?

Is it on your list to watch?

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