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Are you a fan of movies/tv series about space? Are you a fan of movies with lots of action? Are you a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy? If you are, YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT SPACE SWEEPERS ON NETFLIX!

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis of the movie - It’s 2092 and space is littered with floating satellites and deserted spaceships. A crew of the junk collector ship travels throughout space looking for garbage to sell. When they discover the humanoid robot named ´Dorothy’, a known weapon of mass-destruction, they stumble across a secret that might destroy the world as they know it.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I KNEW I HAD TO WATCH IT! It looked like a really fun watch with lots of action and AMAZING VISUALS! Let me tell you, THE TRAILER DEFINITELY SOLD IT! The movie lived up to the trailer and my expectations FOR SURE!

I have some pros and cons with this movie. I will discuss them below. The cons definitely do not detract from my enjoyment of this movie and you should still check this movie out. The cons are just a couple of small things that I noticed while watching the film.

The Pros

1) The Visuals - THIS MOVIE WAS A VISUAL EXTRAVAGANZA! You can tell the production did not skimp when it came to the CGI or the visuals. They sold the setting and the story with their high budget. The film is a BEAUTIFUL feast for the eyes FOR SURE! I mean the action scenes and chase scenes in this film ARE SO WELL DONE! They are thrilling to watch and you watch in awe because they are masterfully crafted.

2) The Acting and Chemistry - There are a lot of stand - out performances in this movie. All the actors did a FANTASTIC job. You become connected with all of them and eventually you root for them as the good guys. It is not surprising that the acting is top - notch in this film. Song Joong Gi and Kim Tae Ri are AMAZING actors in their own right so it was fun seeing them act together in a film. I think the story also contributed to some great acting because for a film with a HIGH budget and its selling point is the action/thrills, the story had some surprisingly sad and heartwarming scenes. As an audience, you felt for these characters in these scenes which also showed off the actors' skills. The cast has charisma, LOADS OF CHARISMA! The characters and their comradery as a misfit crew is a selling point for this movie.

3) The Diversity - Something I did not expect was the diversity in this film. You heard many languages throughout the film, not just Korean and English. It was fun trying to figure out what language was being spoken or what country this particular character was from on Earth. Ironically, for a movie that took place in space, I don't remember seeing a lot of aliens. Maybe it is because the setting was on and around earth so, for the most part, there were just humans around. I just thought that was an interesting thing I happened to notice.

4) The Story - As I said above, this story had a lot more depth and emotion than I expected it to have. I actually cried a couple of times which I was not planning on doing when I clicked play on this film. The story definitely takes you on a WILD and ENTERTAINING RIDE!

The Cons

1) The Story - The story was also a con for me. Even though I said that it was an exciting and entertaining movie, it was nothing new. We have seen this story before or at least elements of the story in other movies such as Star Wars, Blade Runner and Guardians of the Galaxy. This doesn't make this movie bad, just made the story a little predictable. This aspect of the film was also comforting too because it was something familiar. This aspect of the film is great for people who clicked play on this film and are new Korean entertainment. They can connect to plot points and aspects of the film that are familiar. This movie definitely would be a nice gateway to Asian movies and dramas.

2) Plot Holes - There are a few plot holes that stood out for me with the story as well. This was especially apparent when it came to the villain. I was left with a lot of questions about the villain at the end because some things were not explained. The villain also was just written as very one - dimensional and I would have liked more depth to that character. Granted, you realize that this movie really is centered around the crew of garbage scavengers and not the villain but I still could have used some more story surrounding the villain.

3)Need to See in Theaters - You can't deny that this movie was made to be experienced and seen in theaters. This is no fault to the cast and crew of this film because COVID happened. I just really wish I could watch this on a bigger screen because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FANTASTIC!

Rating: 9/10 (Streaming on NETFLIX now)

So, have you seen Space Sweepers?

What did you think?

Is it on your list to watch?




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