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KMOVIE REVIEW: Unlocked (2023)

If you want to watch a thriller movie that will make you think about it after it is over, THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU! It is creepy and could totally happen in this day and age which makes it even more creepy to think about. If you want to check this movie out, it is on NETFLIX right now.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis of the movie - A woman loses her phone. Her life then is thrown into chaos because it was picked up by a man who uses it to destroy her life.

I got excited for this movie once I watched the trailer. I love a good thriller movie and this one definitely is an entertaining yet creepy one to watch. This movie is also based off a Japanese movie so, now I want to watch that movie and see if they are similar or not. There are some things that this movie exceled at but other things that fell a little short for me with Unlocked. I will discuss what worked and what didn't work for me below.


-Creepy and Plausible

This movie was already creepy but it is even more creepy because this story could easily happen in real life. I actually am sure it has happened and you could find a crime story with this plot SOMEWHERE! Just the idea of the fact that this could happen to you, just makes it creepier. It is a good thing when a movie makes you think about is days after you have finished watching it. THIS MOVIE WILL DO THAT TO YOU!

-The Acting

THE ACTING WAS PHENOMENAL IN THIS MOVIE! The entire cast was great in this movie. They really brought their characters to life in this movie. Im Siwan REALLY stood out to me in this role but Chun Woo Hee held her own. She was new to me through this movie. Now I am curious to check out some of her other work. If you liked Im Siwan's acting in his drama Strangers from Hell, YOU WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE!

-The Effects

I don't quite know if this is cinematography so, I am going to say I was IMPRESSED by the effects that this movie had. When a character was doing something on a phone, the way that the movie showed the angle of the action from the phone with an overlay of the phone number screen or whatever the person was doing, THAT WAS FANTASTIC! It really allowed the audience to be immersed even more into the story. It allowed us to get the perspective of the bad guy which I think made the movie creepier for me. It was a creative choice that I think paid off well.

-The Twists

There a HUGE TWIST at the end of this movie that I REALLY was not expected and just made a HUGE impact on what I thought of the movie. It just changed my perspective and thoughts of a certain character. I LOVED THIS TWIST especially for where it was in the plot. The other twists were great too especially because it just added to the creepiness and caused more of a thrill with this movie. There are many good reasons why this movie is deemed a thriller.


- The Pacing

Even though this movie was a thriller and quite a good one, I will say, There were some parts that dragged. Some parts just seemed to be slow to me. Maybe it was because other parts were so creepy and had such high adrenaline, when a scene didn't have this, it seemed slow to me. I am not sure. I did not get bored but I definitely thought at times that some scenes could have been cut down, not dragged out or just paced differently so not seem like these scenes were slow or dragged.

- Needed More Info

Now, this might be because this movie is based off a Japanese movie that turns out is part of a series BUT I NEEDED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT IM SIWAN'S CHARACTER BY THE END OF THIS MOVIE! Some information was just unveiled to me by the end of this movie that I wanted to know. I still enjoyed the movie but I just wanted to know more about his character because he was such an interesting character.

-The Ending

Now again, this might be because this movie is based off a Japanese movie that turns out is part of a series but the ending definitely was left open for a sequel to be made. I don't know if that means that it will be another bad guy or Im Siwan comes back BUT if you don't like that sort of ending, you might not like the ending of this movie. Hey, it might be the remake of the sequel to the Japanese movie that will be made. WHO KNOWS!? I guess we will see if it happens.

Rating: 8.5/10 (Streaming on NETFLIX now)

So, have you seen Unlocked?

What did you think?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this movie now after reading my review?




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