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So, this isn't going to be a review or anything. I just want to put my thoughts down. What I REALLY want to talk about is how this special might affect Season 3 of Kingdom. I am not saying I have theories yet or predictions but I just want to start a conversation and put my thoughts onto paper. This post might be more of a stream of consciousness post. It may be short or long. BUT KNOW THIS *SPOILERS ALERT* I might reveal something from this special episode and maybe even Kingdom so, if you plan to watch this or Kingdom and don't want to be spoiled - DON'T CONTINUE READING! You have been warned.




Alright, if you are still reading, can't say I didn't warn you.

Ok the MAJOR question from this entire episode is how is Ashin going to come into play in Season 3 of Kingdom? We just got a glimpse of her at the end of Season 2. We had no idea who she was and how her character was going to play out in the rest of the story.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North gave us A LOT of context with both her character but the entire story OVERALL! Let me tell you, it will send ripples through the entire overall story and universe that the first 2 seasons of Kingdom has built. The whole revelation that is all started with her I am sure will come into play in future seasons. KINGDOM IS HER REVENGE! I mean since the prince finally met her character at the end of season 2, they are bound to be seen together on screen in Season 3. The prince has no idea who she is, what her backstory is or what she has done coming up to the point that see them meet for the first time. This special episode GAVE US THAT CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND!

Now, season 3 is lacking a villain. Season 2 really killed off our villain so we need a new one. I CAN SEE ASHIN BECOMING THAT VILLAIN! DAMN WHAT A GOOD VILLAIN SHE WOULD BE TOO! She is a strong woman who has been through so much BUT ALSO DOWN RIGHT TERRIFYING! She could do so much as a villain. She still hasn't met up with Min Chi Rok yet to exact her revenge on him so I am sure that will come into play since he is with the prince. I mean does Min Chi Rok know what she did to his military camp yet? She said at the end of this special episode that she plans on turning herself into a zombie to join her family so she really doesn't care how this all ends. I find it really hard to believe that she will be an ally with anyone because everyone she has cared about is dead. I don't see her softening up and caring enough to become allies with anyone. She would make an interesting villain because she has some parallels with her story as with the prince. If she becomes the villain, I can see an interesting view into the parallels of these 2 characters' stories and what they have been through so far. One thing I know for sure - NO WAY IS SHE NOT GOING TO BE AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER OR SOMEONE WHO IS THERE FOR 2 EPISODES AND THEN GONE!

What is the prince going to do to her when he finds out that he is essentially in this mess because of her!? How will that play out? Especially if he seems to be going to her at the end of Season 2 for help. I mean SHE IS THE REASON HE IS WHERE HE IS! She doesn't seem to care at all so I have a really hard time buying that she will help him. If she does help him, I am sure it will for her own goals and schemes and not for the good of humanity. I also have another question for Ashin. Has she been experimenting with the zombies? Has she created new ones or different ones? Will we see them in season 3?

Another thing that this special episode could introduce to Season 3 is WAR. There was already China mentioned in Season 2 of Kingdom and how they might have brought the flower into Joseon to destroy it. In this special episode, war with Japan was always prevalent. This special also introduced the clans of the North. Throughout this special, various characters and the narrator all said that the Pajeowi were to be feared and if they were to come together and attack. THAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM! I could see that happening in Season 3 FOR SURE! A theme with Seasons 1 and 2 of Kingdom are humans taking advantage of the situation and trying to get ahead and get more power. I mean Kingdom along with this special episode examines the ALWAYS prevalent question: What is worse - Humans or Zombies? Will any of the countries or tribes take advantage of the zombie situation and invade? The Pajeowi already see Joseon as their enemy.

Last thing that I want to talk about is the setting. This special introduced the North. It is cold up north. We know that temperature has a HUGE impact on the zombie situation from Season 2. SO, WHAT IS THAT SETTING GOING TO MEAN FOR EVERYONE! I am sure we will see more zombies - maybe different kinds that we have not seen before. I had a theory above that Ashin has been experimenting so did she produce a new type of Zombie? Does she know what the prince knows about the zombies, temperature and water since she has always been up North and in the cold? This special also brought in the concept of animal zombies so could that come up again in Season 3?


Did you watch Kingdom: Ashin of the North?

What did you think?

Do you have your own theories for Season 3?




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