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This month was also going to be a very short list. In all honesty, I am still listening to One Ok Rock's Luxury Disease album ON REPEAT! I still can't get enough of it. I can't do another blog post on it though because I have already done 2.

WHAT AM I SAYING!! OF COURSE, I CAN DO A THIRD BLOG POST ON ONE OK ROCK!! I am still not over their Luxury Disease album. So, instead of the usual playlist for the month - I am going to tell you my thoughts and opinions on all of the tracks off this new album. I mean we have waited 3 years for this album, so, why not appreciate it EVEN MORE!

Now, overall, in my opinion, Luxury Disease does not have a single bad song. It goes without saying though, these are my own thoughts and opinions. You are valid to have your own opinions on the song and the album. In my opinion, One Ok rock explored all the genres of rock they could with this one album and it really paid off. It also a good mix of rock and pop which the band has become known for. That reminds me, I still need to watch their Documentary "Flip-A-Coin". I think One Ok Rock also went back to a darker and more angry side for this album than they have with their past few albums. I think that is relatable to a lot of people, especially recently. I have always appreciated that One Ok Rock uses their music to talk about issues that might not be talked about much or that need to be talked about more.

Save Yourself (Japanese Version) - I love that the album starts off on this album. It introduces you to what to expect for this album. It is also a song that surprises you. I am very happy that we got a lot of Japanese songs on this album! I have always loved their Japanese songs. I think because I am so used to not understanding a lot of the lyrics, I tend to listen more to the instrumentals. The more interesting the instrumentals are in a song, the more I listen to it. I love the mix of guitars/rock sounds and the electronic sound that comes in the chorus. The message of this song was impactful as well.

Neon - I don't know why but this gives me Queen vibes. It is probably Taka's singing in parts of this song. I love his tone in the chorus. It has that old-fashioned but GREAT sound. I did not know this until I looks it up now but apparently Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco helped write this song. With how this song sounds, that makes a lot of sense.

Vandalize (Japanese Version) - I think this was a great placement for this song in the album. I love the guitar and more rock sound of this song. Taka is really sort of "screaming" at the end of these lines which just shows off his talent and range. His voice against the guitars leading into the chorus are my favorite part of the song. I also love that the guitar falls put at one point and it is just his voice and the drums at one point. Interesting fact, this song is being used to promote the new Sonic the hedgehog videogame that is coming out soon called Sonic Frontiers. It is the ending theme song.

When They Turn the Lights On - I have no idea why but when this starts EVERY TIME I immediately think of the Beatles or Queen again. That feeling goes away once the instruments come in and the background vocals come in. There are multiple songs on this album that remind me of Queen or that era. It is probably Taka's vocals in the songs. I love the vocals at the moments when they sing "When They Turn the Lights On" and the harmonies at that part. I like that this song has a more hopeful message compared to other darker themed songs on this album.

Let Me Let You Go (Japanese Version) - THIS SONG!! This song is more on their pop side. I LOVE when the chorus comes in with this song because it just comes BLARING IN with both the instruments and vocals. The message of this song is also heartbreaking. This song is emotional. That emotion comes out in Taka's singing. I feel like the instrumentals and his singing in this just makes this song hit even more.

So Far Gone - I am obsessed with how soft this song starts off. Especially coming off Let Me Let You Go and how that song ended. The chorus just comes shattering into your ears because Taka's vocals lead it in. His voice just pierces through because it is at higher notes and the instruments have taken a back seat, especially with the first verse and chorus. This is another song that is heartbreaking especially with the lyrics.

Prove (Japanese Version) - THE INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS SONG IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I think that is a piano that plays at the beginning of this song. Maybe it is an electronic sound. Either way - that running piano sound at the beginning is AWESOME! I also love that the drums and guitar just rock out in the chorus! This is the definition of a headbanger. Prove is probably one of my favorite songs on this album. I also love the message of this song. I interpret the message as someone who is trying to be a better person and trying to prove that they can learn from their mistakes. It is talking about that journey and it talks about their motivations to prove that they can do this. I am sure other people interpret this song differently. That is what I love about One Ok Rock's music. You can relate to it and interpret it how you want, depending on what is going on in your life. Whatever impacts you the most.

Mad World (Japanese Version) - Another song on the album that has a darker message. I love how hollow part leading up to the chorus sounds because most of the instruments fall away. The chorus, of course, is another head banger. I think this message because it is relatable to younger generations and how frustrated they are right now. Life is hard and this song is just agreeing with that statement. That can be comforting sometimes. At least, that is how these lyrics and song is speaking to me.

Free Them (Feat. Teddy Swims) - There is just something about the choruses with this album. I just love when choruses all of sudden open up and just rock out. One Ok Rock DELIVER that with this album. Another song that is relatable to a lot of people right now or recently. This song's lyrics just make it seem that Taka wants to explode and just say what he has always wanted to say. something has always held that back. Something has always held him back from expressing himself, in whatever way or saying what he wants to say. THIS SONG IS SO RELATABLE TO ME!! I think that is why I love it so much. Also, Teddy Swims on this song was an AMAZING addition. His grit goes well when he sings harmonies with Taka and sounds great against the instrumentals.

Renegades (Japanese Version) - One of my favorite songs that One Ok Rock has ever released. Fun fact, I did not know that Ed Sheeran helped write this song. This song was released a bit before this album so I was very familiar with this song. I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO THAT GOES WITH THIS SONG!! Another song that speaks about societal issues. I love the lyrics in this song and how it is a message to the younger generations. I think it is fitting that this is the theme song for Rurouni Kenshin: The Final.

Outta Sight - The drums stand out to me in this song. They are so prominent and in the forefront. I love that because it is different compared to of the other songs on this album. My interpretation of this song is you are saying goodbye to something or someone. You are accepting that you need to walk away and move on. You are accepting that this person or thing is not good for you. I love that message.

Your Tears are Mine - THIS SONG!!! It is another song that seems to be talking to the audience. Sort of a lean on me moment. That even if you might not need someone or you don't think you do, there will be someone who is always there for you. THE INSTRUMENTAL THAT COMES IN WITH THE CHORUS! Another song that gives that classic rock and Queen sound to me. The message hits hard for me and I am sure I am not the only one. This message may seem sad but it also has that upbeat and comforting message that I think a lot of people need to hear. I also love that during the end, the instruments fall away and it is just Taka singing. It is a beautiful moment.

Wonder (Japanese Version) - This song was needed on the album after the slew of angrier/darker songs. It was a warm welcome. I love the lyric "Life is beautiful. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST PEOPLE! The guitars and drums going off in the chorus is great! It does still have a sadder message if you listen closer to the lyrics but is also hopeful at the same time. I love the chanting in this song too with just the shouting vocals and instrumentals.

Broken Heart of Gold (Japanese Version) - Another one of my favorite songs off this album. I LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO WITH THIS SONG! I think it just makes the song more impactful to the audience. Taka's voice against the piano opening this song is haunting. The message is sad and I think that is why this song is so impactful. The songs with a sadder message seem to always feel more relatable and more impactful because One Ok Rock speaks about issues that people normally can't say or are taboo within society. So, to have a song that speaks the words the we want say - that makes the song more meaningful to us.

Gravity (feat. Satoshi Fujihara)[OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM] - The features on this album ARE SO GOOD! Again, another song where the chorus hits hard and I can't get enough of it. Satoshi Fujihara's voice is a nice addition to this song and a nice contrast with taka's voice. Another song with both a sad but also hopeful message. I feel like this is what One Ok Rock is GREAT AT!

Are you a fan of One Ok Rock?

Have you listened to this new album Luxury Disease?

What do you think about it?

What are some of your favorite songs off the album?

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