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What have you been listening to over the last month? We are headed into to warmer weather so HOPEFULLY you are starting to get your summer playlists out and dusting them off. I KNOW I AM!

Hoshi - SPIDER - I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! We all know that Hoshi is a FANTASTIC performer but I love that he got this opportunity to show off what he wants to do as a solo artist. IT IS JUST ART! The choreo is beautiful and tells the story. The song is SO CATCHY and right up my alley when it comes to my taste in music.

I mean, you NEED TO SEE THIS MV! 🔥

OnlyOneOf - LIBIDO - I have ALWAYS been a fan of OnlyOneOf since debut. I think they are special and put out music that is uniquely theirs. THIS SONG IS ADDICTIVE AND CATCHY! The music video is well shot and a work of art. OF COURSE, it is spicy but with a title like that for a song, WHY WOULDN'T IT BE? I love that this group always pushes the envelope and always puts out something surprising. This song is no different and IT IS SO GOOD!

Super Junior - THE RENAISSANCE ALBUM - I HAVE HAD THIS ALBUM ON REPEAT SINCE IT CAME OUT! I just click play and listen to it all the way through. I think this album is one of my favorite albums of theirs's in their ENTIRE discography. Some of my favorite B-sides on the album are Paradox and Closer. If you have not sat down and listened to this album, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

2Z - ACT 1 ALBUM - 2Z is a SOLID Korean band. If you like bands and have not listened to this band, YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT! This album includes some of the songs they have previously released and some new ones. So, this album is a nice introduction to them for you. The 2 music videos released for this album are also SUCH A FUN TIME!

Astro - ALL YOURS ALBUM - This is ANOTHER album that I have been listening to CONSTANTLY. I just love how they show such variety on the album. No song is the same and each song gives the members opportunities to show their talents and other sides of themselves. I think even though there is a lot of variety on the album, the songs all fit together and make a cohesive album too. I can't pick a favorite B-side off this album because ALL THE SONGS ARE SO GOOD!

3YE - STALKER - If you want an underrated girl group to check out - 3YE ARE YOUR GIRLS! They always release quality music and STALKER is no exception. It is catchy and they are powerful in the music video and song. I loved the suits styling in the mv. I just love this group and I hope more people check them out.

DKB - ALL IN - If you are a fan of R&B, CHECK OUT DKB! I loved that All In has this R&B sound but also it is unique due to the rap parts. R&B is a sound that I love so it is like DKB was MADE FOR ME TO LIKE AND FOLLOW! I like that DKB has stuck to this sound and sort of made this their sound - it is refreshing in the landscape of Kpop FOR SURE!

STAYC - ASAP - STAYC was probably one of my favorite debuts of 2020. I was SO EXCITED for their first comeback. Now ASAP does not overtake their debut song SO BAD but THAT SONG WAS LIFE-CHANGING! I still like ASAP A LOT! I am glad they released ASAP because it shows another side of them and another concept that they can pull off. I will definitely listen to it now that the weather is getting warmer which means it will grow on me FOR SURE! I am sure I will be addicted to it in a month or so. My favorite part in the song is DEFINITELY the rap parts!

Mirae - KILLA ALBUM - I AM A SUCKER FOR AN ELECTRONIC SOUND! Mirae delivered this in their debut song and album. This fact is probably why I have been listening to this song SO MUCH! It is just a FUN and easy listen. I am looking forward to what they release next FOR SURE!

Woodz - FEEL LIKE - Woodz is just an AMAZING soloist! I did a Spotlight for him when this new song came out. If you have not read that and want to check it out - you can read it RIGHT HERE. I have not stopped listening to his new song. I love with each new song he comes out with something different and refreshing. FEEL LIKE is just a SEXY song AND I AM HERE FOR IT!

Weeekly - AFTER SCHOOL - Weeekly was another one of my favorite debuts in 2020. I think this song is my favorite of their title tracks. I am sure I will say that every time they release a new song. It has something about it that is addictive. I think it shows off their vocals SO MUCH! My favorite part of the song is FOR SURE the rap section the references their previous title tracks. The bridge is also SO UNIQUE with their harmonization into the last chorus. Also, the album has cats on it - SO WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT! 😻

NOBLE ASPIRATIONS OSTS - I restarted this drama recently AND EVER SINCE I DID, I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH THE OSTS FROM BOTH SEASONS! I haven't even watched season 2 yet. 🤣 It is funny how OSTs are ear worms, ESPECIALLY when you hear the songs for 50+ episodes straight. I have become SO OBSESSED with the OSTs that I can't skip over the title and credit sequence because I want to listen to the songs one more time.

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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