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THE FIRST MUSIC MONDAYS POST OF 2022!! Also, THE FIRST MY PLAYLIST POST OF 2022!! This "MY PLAYLIST" post will be interesting because I have been listening to A LOT of OSTs right now. I tend to listen to my OST playlists when I write, and work and I have been writing and working A LOT! There will still be some Kpop mixed in, OF COURSE, but a lot of the songs will be KDRAMA OSTS.

OH HYUN RAN - LET HIM GO (SECOND HUSBAND OST) - I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!! I don't know what it is about it BUT I LOVE IT! I think Oh Hyun Ran has a beautiful voice. I love the emotion that she puts into the song. I love the instrumental that is behind her vocals. I always appreciate a song that grows slowly the longer you listen to it and then CRASHES into the chorus. I LOVE THIS CHORUS SO MUCH!!

4MEN - LEAVE (BULGASAL OST) - I love how distinct the different voices are in this song. You can clearly tell when one person ends their lines, and another person picks up the song. Like I said above, I like when a song has movement and builds as the song goes on. This song does the same thing. It starts with just voices and then slowly adds more voices and instruments as the song goes on.

HICKEE - HELLO (SHOW WINDOW: THE QUEEN'S HOUSE OST) - I am ADDICTED to this drama's OSTs as much as I am addicted to the drama. You know how some OSTs just seem to evoke the vibe of a drama? HELLO IS THAT OST! It gives off this vibe of money and drama and THAT FITS SHOW WINDOW TO A T!! It gives off a sexy and dangerous vibe and you really have no idea who this OST is actually about.

RUNY - FALLIN' FOR YOU (TINTED FOR YOU OST) - I love RUNY as a singer. HE SINGS A LOT OF OSTS FOR DRAMAS! Fallin' For You is such a fun song. I like the sort of rock instrumental but also just keeps a sort of pop/whimsical vibe to it. RUNY's voice is just so crisp and clear in this song. I love his range, especially with the chorus.

KIM YANG - A HABIT (SECOND HUSBAND OST) - When you listen to your OST playlists A LOT when you are writing and working, you tend to become attach to songs A LOT! This is one of those songs. This was one of the first OSTs released for Second Husband, so I hear it A LOT! I love the range of the singer's voice and how long she holds some of the high notes.

2021 WINTER SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS ALBUM - When you attend the concert on New Year's Eve and get to watch a lot of these songs performed on a stage, OF COURSE, I AM GOING TO BE LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM A LOT! I love that there are songs on this album where members from different groups got to work together and perform together. There are some combinations on this album that I thought I would NEVER see. This album is just fun to listen too. I have never skipped a song on it.

KEP1ER - MVSK - THIS SONG!! THE LIVESTAGE FOR THIS SONG! Kep1er has had an AMAZING debut and I love them! I watched the survival show for this group, so I am very attached to this group. I love this entire album BUT THIS SONG WAS SOMETHING ELSE!! It is my favorite on the album FOR SURE! I can't wait to hear more from Kep1er.

MINHO - HEARTBREAK - I have had this song on repeat since it was released. I am SO HAPPY FOR MINHO! He did great with this song. WE FINALLY HAVE A LIVESTAGE FOR THIS SONG AS WELL!! I like how sexy the song sounds and Minho's tone in the song. THE INSTRUMENTAL IS SO GOOD WITH THIS SONG!! This song is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY with the type of songs I like.

OMEGA X - LOVE ME LIKE - If you are not listening to Omega X, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GIVE THEM A TRY!! I was a fan of a lot of the members before they joined Omega X so OF COURSE I was going to like Omega X. Love Me Like is SUCH A GOOD SONG!! It is an ADDICTIVE song for sure. THE INSTRUMENTAL IS SO FUN! I love the horns and flute in the instrumental. I also love the choreo of the chorus when the flute comes on. PLEASE LISTEN TO OMEGA X or at least give them a try.

MAX CHANGMIN - DEVIL ALBUM - THIS ALBUM!! Max HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I was OBSESSED with his last album and THIS ALBUM WILL BE THE SAME!! ALL THE SONGS ARE FANTASTIC!! I also love that each song is different but there is also a cohesion with the album and Max's style. ALSO, MAX'S RANGE IS INSANE, but if you listen to TVXQ, you would already know this. I think Fever is my favorite song on the album, but THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS FANTASTIC!

ERIC NAM - THERE AND BACK AGAIN ALBUM - I think this my favorite album of Eric Nam's. There are definitely songs off this album that are my ALL-TIME favorites of his. I have been listening to this album ON REPEAT since it was released as well. WILDFIRE IS SOMETHING ELSE!! I loved that Eric Nam tried new styles on this album because IT PAID OFF FOR SURE!! If you have never listened to Eric Nam, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS ALBUM! If you have not heard this album yet and you have listened to Eric Nam before, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!

What have you been listening to recently? Are you like me and need music when you write or work? Do you listen to OSTs or just stick to Kpop? What do you listen too? Do you like Jpop/Cpop/Jrock or anything else like that?




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