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BRING ON ALL THE SUMMER SONGS!! I am still very much in a summer vibe when it comes to music right now. I have added some other things into this list that wouldn't seem summery - just to mix is up a bit. What are you listening to and enjoying right now?

TWICE - ALCOHOL FREE - This song TOTALLY gives me summer vibes BUT is also new and refreshing. It is a nice twist on a summer song. THE GIRLS LOOK FANTASTIC! The rest of the album is so fun as well. This is just the summer sound I needed to have when I am relaxing by the pool with a drink in my hand.

NCT 127 - SAVE - WHEN ARE WE GETTING A NCT 127 COMEBACK!! I mean this helps but also it just makes me want a new comeback from them. 😂 I LOVE THE PRE-CHORUS IN THIS SONG! I like that it is lighter and different from a lot of their other songs. More poppy in my opinion. It is just a CATCHY song and I love it! I definitely have this on my party playlist.

WEI - BYE BYE BYE - This is a summer song I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED! I love a lot of songs off this new album. I like the prominent guitar in the instrumental. I can totally see myself at the beach or pool and listening to this song. The mv is so colorful as well.

EPEX - LOCKDOWN - I needed a new hard-hitting song AND THIS DELIVERED! I love all the rapping in it. I love the shouting chorus and the singing leading up into the chorus. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE BRIDGE AND DANCE BREAK! It is nothing new BUT IT IS SO GOOD! I can see this group having A LOT OF POTENTIAL. This entire album is a good listen and I am excited to see what they come up with next.

EXO - DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING - EXO IS BACK! It is about time. I am just glad we get a mini album from them AND I LOVE IT! I like that this song is more upbeat and can be a summer song. It reminds me a lot of Power which I liked a lot. It is a nice send-off for some of the members into the military and nice WELCOME BACK to some of the members who just got out. I can ALWAYS appreciate some new EXO vocals!

MONSTAX - ONE OF A KIND ALBUM - I love this ENTIRE ALBUM! I think this album is one of my favorites that Monsta X has made. I LOVE THAT JOOHOEN AND IM SINGS IN THIS ALBUM! Their voices are SO GOOD! This album has variety and I am loving ALL THE SONGS! It is such a mature sexy sound which I always appreciate.

TXT - THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE ALBUM - The song OX1=LOVESONG having that guitar IS EVERYTHING! I also love the shouting into the chorus and in the chorus. This album is one of my favorites of their discography. I like that they keep experimenting and turning out music that seems refreshing and new.

UZA - PROTOTYPE EP - I GOT TO SUPPORT AND SHOW LOVE TO MY ELECTRONIC ARTISTS!! If you have not listened to UZA, you should give her a chance. She does this beautiful mix of retro and electronic which just works. I always love the instrumentals in her song because they are interesting and seem experimental to me.

N.FLYING - MAN ON THE MOON - WE FINALLY GOT A FULL ALBUM FROM NFLYING and I couldn't be happier. THEIR VOCALS ARE JUST SO GOOD AND MAN THIS ALBUM SHOWS THEM OFF! Are we surprised though? We as fans of N.Flying all know they can sing. I love that N.Flying experimented and tried some new sounds with this album. I AM JUST GLAD WE FINALLY HAVE SOME NEW MUSIC FROM THEM!

DARK HOLE OSTs - I enjoyed this drama more than some other people. THE MUSIC THAT THIS KDRAMA GAVE US THOUGH WAS SO GOOD! The OSTs from this drama have been on repeat for me and I have become addicted to them. I am constantly just listening to them. I tend to like OSTs a lot that are produced for this type of genre or the crime genre so there is no surprise here.

LAW SCHOOL OSTs - I LOVED THIS DRAMA! If you have not watched this drama, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! I almost didn't watch this drama and I would have been SO SAD to have skipped it. THE OSTS OF THIS DRAMA ARE *chef's kiss*! 😘 I wish there were more because I feel like we don't have enough.

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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