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I just decided to make a list of what I have been obsessed with recently. Some of these songs came out recently. Some of these songs I have rediscovered after not listening to them for a while. What have you been listening to recently?

GLIMPSE OF US - JOJI - I want to thank Youtube for putting this song on my recommended page to check out. I probably would have not heard it if not for that. NOW, I am OBSESSED WITH IT! If you are looking for something different and interesting to check out, I recommend you give this a chance. I love Joji's voice and the song is so haunting. I especially love the harmonies on the chorus.

CRAZY - WONHO - Anything Wonho does has been GREAT! I have loved everything he has released as a soloist. Crazy is no different. I love his creativity in the music and music videos he puts out. I love the guitar in this song. It adds something unique to this song. Of course, Wonho looks FANTASTIC in the music video but you know that is always the case. I also love the distorted low voice in the beginning of the song. You automatically just dance with this song.

XV ALBUM - TVXQ - This is one of those cases where I found this album again and ever since, I AM OBSESSED! I recently went on a drive and one of the songs off this album came on shuffle AND DAMN I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS ALBUM! I proceeded to put this album on repeat and listen to it NON-STOP for the entire trip. Japanese just hits different sometimes AND I LOVE IT! If you have not heard this album yet, YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!

MAISON - DREAMCATCHER - I know I have already put this in a previous "My Playlist" blogpost when it was first released. It came up again in a playlist again so I rediscovered my love for it. DREAMCATCHER IS JUST SO GOOD!! If you have not heard Dreamcatcher yet and you are looking for something different, CHECK THEM OUT! If you like a rock sound, CHECK OUT DREAMCATCHER! I love this song's message and it is just a catchy song, I can't help but sing along.

DRIVE - MIYEON - SHOUT OUT TO MIYEON HAVING HER SOLO DEBUT THIS YEAR! I don't remember if I talked about this song on a previous blog post when it was first released. If you are looking for a chill summer song, TRY THIS SONG OUT! I LOVE THE CHORUS IN THIS SONG! It is unexpected but I welcome it. It is a simple song but you don't need a complicated song for it to be good.

HOT - SEVENTEEN - It would be VERY weird for a seventeen song to not be on this blog post. I love the entire album that HOT is from but I just put HOT on the list. I love everything about this song. I like the catchy chorus. I love the build-up to the chorus. I love the choreography. Every member looks amazing this comeback. Seventeen is just THAT GROUP FOR ME! I can't wait to see this song and them in concert soon!

JIKJIN - TREASURE - Another song that came up on a playlist and I had forgotten how addictive this song was. I AM ADDICTED TO IT AGAIN - THAT IS FOR SURE! The chorus is really what gets me. I just love how the song ebbs and flows throughout its entirety. I must have listened to this song a MILLION times in the past week or so. 😂

DON'T CARE ABOUT ME - GOT7 - Got7's newest album is SO GOOD but this song is my favorite off the album. I love how it leads into the chorus and then the chorus is just AMAZING! I love how hollow the pre-chorus sounds. All of their voices sound amazing on this song too. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG! I have listened to it SO MANY TIMES!

POP - BUGABOO - This song is very interesting. I was not expecting how it started but I also wasn't expecting anything that happened in this song as it continued to play. It has an interesting and unique structure. I think that is why I like it so much. I say that you will probably love this song like I do or hate it. THE RAPPING IN THIS SONG IS AMAZING!

VILLAIN - PIXY - HONESTLY, if you want my attention, have a weirdly structed song at this point. 😂 PIXY also recently released Villain and MAN it has a unique structure AND I LOVE IT! I am so intrigued by the chanting singing and then the instrumental comes in and I love it even more! The rapping is also great in this song but I AM HERE FOR THE INSTRUMENTAL FOR SURE!!

What have you been listening to recently? Do you listen to certain artists or playlists on repeat like me? What have been your favorite releases recently? Are you excited for new releases coming soon? STILL LOOKING FOR SUMMER SONGS!🔥 LET ME KNOW ON TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM OR IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! WE NOW ALSO HAVE A DISCORD SO TALK TO US ON THERE AS WELL!


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