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This month has been a combination of older songs and new releases. A lot of the times when I listen to music, I throw on a huge playlist and let it play. This causes me to rediscover songs that may have been released earlier in the year or even a few years back. This is exactly what has happened with the current song I am obsessed with. Has this ever happened to you guys?

CIX - TESSERACT - This came up on my playlist the other day. Ever since I listened to it again, I have been listening to it ON REPEAT! I just love the chorus of the song. I love the guitar in the chorus. I think it supports the chorus so well. The build up to the chorus just gets me hype EVERY TIME! I just LOVE THIS SONG!

SUPER JUNIOR D&E - ZERO - This entire album is great. This sub-unit is my favorite sub-unit from Super Junior. They did NOT disappoint with this album. Zero is a WONDERFUL title track. I guess I am in the mood for fast paced/uplifting songs even though it is getting colder outside. The chorus is SO CATCHY! Same as with the song before, I like the electronic instrumental in the chorus of this song. I have a thing for interesting instrumentals.

JIN - YOURS (JIRISAN OST) - I HAVE MISSED JIN'S VOICE! There is a reason why this guy is my bias wrecker. I was so happy when it was announced that he was doing this OST. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG! I think it fits the drama Jirisan really well. I love his range from the start of a verse and then going higher into the chorus. There is just something special about his voice that I love.

TO1 - NO MORE X - WE FINALLY GOT NEW MUSIC FROM TO1! God, I have needed this! WE NEED MORE SONGS FROM THIS TALENTED GROUP ON A MORE FREQUENT BASIS! They deserve all the listens and recognition because they are so talented. I love how fast paced this song is. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MV!? They all look great and have great concept for the mv. The rappers in this song REALLY stood out for me. I am just so happy we got some new music. The album just gets better and better, the longer you listen it.

TWICE - SCIENTIST - LEAVE IT TO TWICE TO RELEASE AN AMAZING ALBUM A MONTH BEFORE THE YEAR IS OVER! Scientist takes me back to some of their earlier stuff but with a more mature sound. It is still them but mixes old and new styles very well. THE GIRLS LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN THE MV! Are we surprised though? I LOVE THE ALBUM!

THE BOYZ - MAVERICK - I love that The Boyz are experimenting more and trying new things. They have always had great songs but Maverick is NEW! It is a sound they have never done (at least with what I have heard). I LOVE HOW HARD THE CHORUS IS! The choreo for this song IS JUST AWESOME! I love the vocals in this song to because it is opposite from how hard the chorus and the instrumental is. I like the dynamic of this.

LIHA - BLEU MOON - I found this artist randomly and have fallen in love with her music. I don't even remember how I found her. I am a sucker for 70s/80s disco songs. The instrumental of this song is JUST THAT! I love her voice in this song too.

BILLLIE - RING X RING - NOW THIS IS A DEBUT! It is so weird and out there that I LOVE IT! You want your debut song to get people's attention AND MAN THIS DEFINITELY GOT MY ATTENTION! This song probably won't be for everyone but I wanted to hear the rest of the album FOR SURE! Also, THEIR VOCALS ARE BEAUTIFUL! I like that the song is different and weird.

ONEUS - LUNA - I LOVE THAT ONEUS WENT BACK TO THE TRADITIONAL SOUND! It really suits them and I know a lot of other people love when they do traditional sounds in their songs. It is cool that a bunch of the other songs on this album have mvs as well. THE VOCALS IN THIS SONG ARE BEAUTIFUL! The chorus has this smooth, flowing sound but is also catchy. I like that it is more relaxed but is not boring. It is the perfect song for colder temperatures, at least for me.

MARK TUAN - LAST BREATH - MORE MUSIC FROM MARK TUAN IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING! I like that he is getting the chance to show his own style in music. I love the chorus of this song because it is a mix between like pop, rock and r&b. At least, that is how I hear it. THERE IS SO MUCH EMOTION IN THIS SONG!

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?



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