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Just because work has been CRAZY since the last time I wrote this music post DOESN'T MEAN I don't have music to include in this post. THERE HAS BEEN SOME AMAZING SONGS THAT HAVE DROPPED OVER THE LAST MONTH! A lot more than what I can include in this one blog post so here is just a sample of what I have been grooving too.

LISA - LALISA - THIS SONG GETS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD! You listen it to it once and next thing you know, you are CONSTANTLY singing it in your head. I LOVE LISA'S RAPS IN THIS SONG! We all knew she could rap. I also love that she incorporated her culture into the music video because those were SOME BEAUTIFUL SCENES!

MIYAVI - HUSH HUSH feat. KANG DANIEL - This is a collab I NEVER KNEW I WANTED! I love Miyavi. I love Kang Daniel. So, to have them on a track together was GREAT! Their voices go so well together. It was fun hearing Kang Daniel on a rock instrumental that you normally associate with Miyavi. It was sexy but also playful. MIYAVI'S ENTIRE ALBUM IS AMAZING! This song was an AWESOME surprise.

ATEEZ - ROCKY - I always am a fan of Ateez's songs that are like anthems so I am not surprised that this is my favorite song off their album. The chorus is SO ADDICTING! This album is so different than what they have done before but also sounds a lot like them. I like that they are experimenting and always doing new things with their music. THAT GUITAR TOWARDS THE END OF THE SONG IS EVERYTHING!

LOONA - NOT FRIENDS - I NEED MORE SONGS FROM THIS UNIT! I am still confused on how and why this song happened BUT I AM HERE FOR IT! The fact that this music video says "to be continued" at the end OF COURSE gets me curious and excited of what's next. This song doesn't sound intense but when you watch the music video with it, that adds a WHOLE NEW LEVEL to the song. I also love the singing rapping in it.

MONSTA X - ONE DAY - This song may be on the slower side BUT I AM OBSESSED WITH IT! I listen to this song and I am like WHY ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG?! You usually don't like this type of song BUT HERE WE ARE! I love their voices in this song. I love that this song is vocally driven with a chill instrumental. I think their voices shine in this song. I love that it is a chill, end of summer song.

HYUNA & DAWN - PING PONG - I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS ALBUM! I never thought it would happen. I AM SO HAPPY WE GOT AN ALBUM FROM THEM TOGETHER! I love that they are themselves in this song and album. It has their character and style. I love that they are unapologetic about it too.

OMEGA X - WHAT'S GOING ON - I am one of those people who loved OMEGA X'S debut. I also listened to a TON of the members in their previous groups so I want this group to succeed SO BAD! This new release did not disappoint. I mean this song is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY so it is no surprise that I loved it. I love that the members are actively involved in what they put out. This group is just FULL OF TALENT!

GENERAL SSO - ESP- I think I found this song by listening to like Spotify RADAR playlist or something. However way I found it, I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH IT! I love female soloists who produce music like this. So, if my readers know of any other soloists, I should check out who produce music like this - LET ME KNOW! This song is both a retro style but a little electronic too which I love. If my readers know of any good electronica Korean artists, I will also take those suggestions.

BiBi - PADO - You should know by now that ANY TIME BiBi puts out a song, IT WILL BE ON THIS LIST! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite female soloists. I love artists who experiment and put out different styles with every release. BiBi is one of those people. I am always surprised with what she puts out. I love the chorus in this song where she is sort of shouting. Again, this song is a mix between retro and electronica in my opinion. I guess that is what I've been in the mood for recently. I also LOVE THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THIS SONG! She just does her own thing and puts out addicting and unique music.

FROMIS 9 - TALK & TALK - I will admit, at first, when Fromis_9 put this song out it was not my favorite. I liked other releases of theirs's more. I still do BUT THIS SONG HAS SLOWLY GROWN ON ME. That chorus gets you! I am also just so happy that they have released new music and are doing well on charts. THEY DESERVE SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY ARE SO TALENTED!

MCND - MOVIN' - Any time MCND puts out an album/title track - I BECOME ADDICTED TO IT! I think this is their best title track TO DATE! It sounds so much like their sound but also puts a new twist on it. I can't help but start dancing to this song when it comes on. I love the instrumental breakdown towards the end of the song too.

BTOB - FINALE (SHOW AND PROVE) - I was OBSESSED with this song when BTOB was on Kingdom! Since BTOB included it on their newest album, I HAVE BECOME OBSESSED WITH IT AGAIN! IT IS JUST SUCH A GOOD SONG!! I love that it starts like a rock song and then goes into their beautiful vocals. It goes into like a song from a musical. This song truly embodies its' title which is it is definitely a FINALE!

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?



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