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To celebrate my favorite group OF ALL TIME having a comeback today, IT IS FINALLY TIME TO SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT ON SHINee!!


From a couple of posts that I have done on this blog, you know my ULT BIAS is Taemin. Well, that is all because my ULT GROUP is SHINee! 😂 So, a little bit of my history with SHINee. I started watching Kdramas over 10 years ago. My first ever drama was Boys Over Flowers. Well people who know this drama, know that SHINee did an OST for this drama. I heard the OST and NEEDED to find out who sang it. Once I found SHINee, I never looked back and dove HEAD FIRST into their discography and getting to know them and then OF COURSE branched out into the world of Kpop as a whole after that.

There are 2 things that I think drew me to SHINee and the members. The first thing was and still is their voices. I think their voices have such color and uniqueness. When I first heard their voices, my reaction was "WOW! This is not something I hear every day". Their voices have also just become more unique as the group has matured and grown. SHINee could sing in a choir and you could pick out their voices individually because even within the group, every member has a distinctive sound. You really see this shine in their solo careers because every member went in their own direction as a solo artist and showed themselves in a new light. As a group, their sound is very SHINee! You hear the song and immediately think OH THIS IS A SHINEE SONG! Just another way the group stands out. THEY ARE JUST SO TALENTED IN SINGING AND DANCING, BASICALLY EVERYTHING!

The second thing is the members themselves. The members' chemistry together has been a joy to witness and experience over the years. They are sincere with their fans and obviously care deeply about each other. They support each other in their solo ventures and works. Each member has their only solo career in music, acting, fashion, variety shows AND SO MUCH MORE! As a Shawol, their fandom, WE ALWAYS HAVE CONTENT AND INTERACTION WITH THE MEMBERS! These members are just talented and can showcase this in MANY creative ways. The members are also genuine. They don't hide anything and speak their mind, even speaking up about topics that need to be addressed in society. Their appearances on variety shows ARE ALWAYS A BLAST TO WATCH! It has just been a lot of fun to support this group and the members for all these years AND OF COURSE FOR ALL THE YEARS TO COME!

SHINee is known for having unique concepts and is known for pushing all kinds of boundaries in both their group and solo careers. Every time the group comes back with new music, it has their distinct flavor but is also refreshing and new. THIS IS WHY I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THEIR COMEBACK TODAY! I love the sound of R&B and SHINee always seems to have some sort of R&B sound with funky instrumentals to their music but also mixed with other genres. Their style of music fit their voices so well! The group likes experimenting with their music and has an influence and say in what the group creates.

Now, it will be SO DIFFICULT for me to pick my favorite song of SHINee because I am such a fan AND CAN'T CHOOSE! So, I will just talk about some of their title tracks so I can post the mv and tell you my thoughts on them. Definitely won't hit EVERY title track because then this post WILL BE SO LONG! Just know that all their title tracks ARE AMAZING! You should really check out them (and their b-sides) out for yourselves. What I also love about SHINee, is that just how the members are not afraid to speak up in real life, they use their music to talk about societal issues or just issues they are having. This also helps the fans connect with them more and relate to them through their music. HERE WE GO, JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY!

We can't talk about SHINee and NOT talk about their debut song "Replay" It still holds up to this day and is an ICONIC song. It was a different sound when it came out and was refreshing which made it stand out. This is definitely a song where you hear the name SHINee and think of this song.

I remember when SHINee's "Everybody" came out AND IT BLEW MY MIND! It just was everything I wanted in a new song and mv. The fashion, the choreo, the aesthetic - EVERYTHING WAS THERE, ALL WRAPPED INTO ONE AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO! Everybody is still one of my favorites of their title tracks to this day! THE CHOREO IN THIS SONG IS SO IMPRESSIVE! They say the new song has EVEN harder choreo than this song (and Criminal) which just BLOWS MY MIND because I am trying to think how that is even possible!

"View" is just a chill summer song that I never knew I needed until it came out. THE CHORUS IS SO CATCHY! I literally only have to hear the first line of the chorus and it is stuck in my head. THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF SUMMER! It is always in my summer playlist and because the song's instrumental is softer, it really showcases the member's unique voices and their voices stand out.

You can't talk about a SHINee song without including "Ring Ding Dong". THIS SONG IS ICONIC! Everyone knows the chorus! Everyone knows the point choreo! Many other groups have covered this song. THIS SONG HAS SUCH AN IMPACT! It is catchy and you can't help but dance that point choreo when you see it!

"Married to the Music" shows the quirkiness you can get from SHINee. They took the concept AND RAN WITH IT! It is campy and so fun to watch. The song is somehow a throwback but also very modern. It fits the sound of SHINee SO WELL!

"Tell Me What to Do" may be a slower song BUT it stills has the synths and the instrumental that SHINee is known for. This song was very experimental for SHINee but also fit the aesthetic of SHINee. It was a sound that we as fans had not heard before in their music which makes it stand out for me. THE VOCALS IN THIS SONG ARE JUST AMAZING!

LAST, but not least, I am going to talk about their latest release as a group before the comeback today. The group did multiple music videos for this comeback but I chose to "Our Page" because of what I said above. SHINee has used music to talk about issues and to heal. Our Page along with the other mvs and songs of this comeback were just that. It was a way for the members to heal but also for the fans to heal. All of this is BEAUTIFULLY showcased in the mv for Our Page.

SHINee's influence across the Kpop industry is EVERYWHERE!

I can't wait for this new comeback and what that is going to bring us! I am excited to see them together again on my screen and listening to new music.


Here is the link to SHINee's Spotify page if you want to explore more of their discography:

Here is the new album/new mv that was RELEASED TODAY! THE MV IS SO GOOD! This choreo is INSANE! SHINee looks amazing! The song is catchy and so experimental which is SO SHINEE! The b-sides on the album are all AMAZING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NEW ALBUM!

Are you a fan of SHINee? Have you heard any of their music before? Do you have a favorite song? Are you excited for their comeback today? What is your favorite song off the new album?




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