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Let's see what I finished in the MAD DASH to the end of 2020!

I will tell you right now that I have not started many new airing dramas because most of the airing dramas don't start until late January. I also plan on finishing a lot of dramas between now and the next "MY WATCHLIST" post in February. EXPECT MANY CHANGES TO MY WATCH LIST NEXT MONTH!

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!



A Man in a Veil - I am really glad that some people have found out other people's secrets because now they are allies to take down the enemies together. This drama ends early next month AND WILL BE MY FIRST DAILY DRAMA I ACTUALLY FINISH! I am a little behind on the drama but we will get there. I am not liking the second male lead because he just doesn't know when to quit. I also just feel sorry for him at this point because his family is horrible and I need them to get what is coming to them sooner rather than later.

Awaken - I am SO GLAD this drama ends next week! It was SO GOOD first 9 or so episodes and then I don't know what the writers did. It went in directions I wasn't expecting and I didn't want. I don't HATE the drama, by any means, I just wish it had taken a different route and used the actor's potential like I thought they would. What is good about this drama is that I have NO IDEA how it is going to end so at least it is unpredictable. THE ACTORS ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! The writers have just let them down with the plot of this drama and some of the choices made with that.

Color Rush (*ADDICTED*) - I just find this BL drama so unique in what I have seen so far in the BL dramas (across all countries). The cinematography is BEAUTIFUL which is not surprising because it is a Korean drama. I wish it had longer episodes and more of those episodes because this plot has meat to it that I wish could be explored more. The two leads have great chemistry together so I am excited to see how this drama wraps up.

Mask - I know I have put this drama on the backburner until 2021. Since it is 2021 now AND I have a couple of days off soon - I plan to finish this drama in those days off. Hopefully you don't see this drama on February's "MY WATCHLIST" post.

Phoenix 2020 - Well her family has definitely fallen from grace at this point. Everyone is either dead or poor at this point except for a select few. I am expecting A LOT MORE DRAMA! I am hating the second female lead and also the second male lead right now BUT HEY THAT IS PAR FOR THE COURSE WITH THESE KIND OF DRAMAS! 😂

Royal Secret Inspector (*ADDICTED*) - I am SO GLAD I started this drama. I am having a lot of fun with it. The romance part of this drama has not clicked with me. We are half way through the drama at this point so I doubt the romance will click with me ever. It is ok because I am watching this drama for other reasons. Crime and the investigations into those crimes are what I am enjoying the most in this drama. The comedy also makes me laugh ALL THE TIME!

The Goddess of Revenge - This drama ends this coming weekend so I am curious to see how it ends. I am glad that this drama is risky and takes chances. It discusses and brings up topics that need to be talked about. Not many dramas do that. It has become more of a melodrama than I would have liked but I am still liking the drama.

The Uncanny Counter (*ADDICTED*) - THIS DRAMA IS STILL MY CRACK DRAMA! I love everything about it. It has made me laugh, smile, cry and get so angry! That is a sign of a good drama and that I am invested in it. I am going to be really sad when this drama ends in a couple of weeks. I AM SO HAPPY WE ARE GETTING A SEASON 2!! I don't have to say goodbye just yet to these characters.

True Beauty - Every week I click play on a new episode and immediately think "I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM STILL WATCHING THIS DRAMA!" This drama should not be working for me. Yes, it does have tropes and is still TOO cute at times for me but I should not be enjoying it as much as I am. I just don't usually watch these types of dramas. YET HERE WE ARE! I am past the half way mark so I will definitely be finishing this drama.



Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave - This drama is STILL on the backburner from last year. Now that is it 2021, I HOPE TO PICK IT BACK UP AND FINISH IT!

Hikaru No Go (*ADDICTED*) - I still have not finished this drama because I don't want to say goodbye. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS DRAMA! I don't want to say goodbye to the characters. I don't want to say goodbye to the relationships. I don't want to say goodbye to ANYTHING! Will it still be on "MY WATCHLIST" post for February? WHO KNOWS!

New Face - I am still enjoying this drama. I hope I can finish it in the next few days. The acting is great and it seems like it is sort of an underrated drama. It flew under the radar for sure. I am curious how it will all end.

Psych Hunter (*ADDICTED*) - I AM STILL LOVING THIS DRAMA! All the elements really work for me. I am just having a fun time with it. It is a very easy watch and I hope to finish it soon.

Noble Aspirations - This drama is still on the backburner until I finish some of the other Chinese dramas I am watching. Since I have only watched a few episodes, I plan to start it over and give it my full attention when I do pick it back up again.



The Devil Punisher - I am behind a bit with this drama but I am still enjoying it. I will admit i am a bit bored. I am such a sucker for supernatural dramas and this has that IN SPADES! I have some theories about the end so it will be interesting to see if my theories come true or not in the coming weeks.

Wacko at Law - THIS DRAMA HAS ALL OF A SUDDEN ADDED A SCI-FI ELEMENT TO IT! I really was not expecting it but I like it. It is a slower paced drama but it is working for me. I want the two leads to learn more about each other and become a couple which I can see happening in the next week or so. I like that there is not a TRUE BAD GUY....YET!



Gen Y - THIS DRAMA - MY GOD THIS DRAMA! I literally don't know who is supposed to be with who anymore in this drama EXCEPT FOR 1 COUPLE! We only have 2 episodes left and I just don't see how this drama is going to wrap everything up. I can see a season 2 happening which I wouldn't be mad at. I just need the people I want together TO GET TOGETHER! Choices need to be made at this point! The chemistry between some of these actors is SO GOOD and it is a pity that they aren't a couple yet.

Manner of Death (*ADDICTED*) - I AM STILL LOVING THIS DRAMA! The leads have AMAZING chemistry and are doing a very good job acting out their parts. I love that the drama isn't JUST about their relationship. The drama has a well-rounded story and is interesting. I am excited to see the conclusion of the drama and see how the investigation wrap up. I still have no idea who is the culprit 😂.

Tonhon Chonlatee - I am SO GLAD this drama ends next week. I would have dropped it but I am writing a review of it so I can't. I am HATING this drama SO MUCH! The writers could have done so much with this and done so much better but we have this. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA!





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