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I am ACTUALLY very proud of myself. When I get stressed, I usually just add more dramas to my current watchlist. I just tend to start new dramas all the time and never finish the ones I was currently watching or it will take me more time than originally to finish them. I thought this would happen over the last couple months of 2022 because I was making some big life changes and I was going to be stressed about. OVERALL, my watchlist did not swell to the size I thought it would. Sure, I did not finish as many dramas I wanted in the last few months of 2022. Sure, I carried over dramas into 2023 that I still need to finish BUT I am not watching 17 dramas right now which I thought that would happen.

Here is what I am currently watching. A little bit of a mix: some of the dramas I am have been watching for a while and they are still on my list and I also added a couple of new dramas in January 2023. I also plan to add a few more new ones before February. I also hope to finish a couple of dramas by the end of January. January has been a slow drama watching month for me because LIFE and distractions. I am very aware that a lot of these dramas have been on my current watchlist FOR A VERY LONG TIME!

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 2 - I ABSOLUTELY loved Season 1 of this drama. I am excited for Season 2. Currently I have watched the first 2 episodes of Season 2. I love all the characters that were in Season 1. I love that the main leads are still cute together and still very much in love even though we have not gotten a kiss or anything from them yet. One thing I do not understand from Season 2 is WHY DID SEASON 2 ADD 2 POTENTIAL LOVE RIVALS FOR THE LEAD COUPLE!? Like both of the rivals don't make sense on why they are there. It is hilarious that they are even there because the 2 leads are so in love with each other that they don't even see the 2 rivals. I do still like that the drama deals with healing not just the body but mind and soul as well. I am curious what happens in future episodes because there is still some mystery especially with the new characters. It is good that this 2nd season is only 10 episodes too.

Payback: Money and Power - I did not know how I felt about this drama when I watched the first 2 episodes but now that I have watched 4 episodes, I am ALL IN on this drama. I love that we got a group of characters that have banded together for revenge. That is always a fun time. I am curious to see how this revenge plays out and if it will be satisfying in the end. The acting is great and I love the chemistry between the cast.

The Witch's Game - As per usual, I always have 1 daily Kdrama going on my watchlist at all times. I think I am going to try and watch a family weekender after I am done with this drama. That won't be for a while because I am not very far in this daily revenge drama.


The Longest Day in Chang'an - This drama has sort of been put on the backburner of my watchlist for various reasons. I am planning on going back to it soon. Probably in February. I still like what I have seen. I love the cinematography and sets and costumes as I have said in previous blog posts. It is one of those dramas that I have to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to it and I just have not been in that mind set in the last 2 months or so with life going on. Now, I think I can start watching this drama again.

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 - This is another drama that I sort of put on the back burner. I was trying to finish up dramas that I was further along on before I moved and before 2022 ended. I plan to restart this drama soon because I have only watched the first 2 episodes and I forget a lot of what happened. I am excited to dive back into this drama because I have heard great things.


Between Us - Win and Team were my favorite couple in Until We Meet Again so, I have been waiting for Between Us ever since it was announced. Now, in hindsight, I probably should have just waited and binged this drama. I am like 10 episodes behind and it ends this coming week. So, I am going to basically binge this drama in the next week to finish it before the end of January. I love what I have watched so far. I am curious to watch more see how their relationship changes and progresses over the rest of the drama. I am also sort of glad I am behind on this drama because I have heard their relationship is a very slow burn so, now I don't have to wait and can just click play on the next episode right away.

The Love Proposal - This lakorn is just CRAZY man! I guess that is what I signed up for though when I clicked play on a lakorn. You got cheating, murder, crime, action, warring family just everything. 😂 I am also bingeing this drama to finish it by the end of January. I really wish the drama did not have the gay part of the storyline because it is very toxic and doesn't give off the right message. It also isn't needed. The writers could have easily not made the character gay and I think the story would have still worked. I am about half way through the drama and secrets are about to be revealed. I am curious what will happen when secrets start to come out - especially between the 2 main couples.

We have entered a new year and January is almost over. This list will definitely be different by February when a new WATCHLIST post is out. I hope that I can finish a lot more of the dramas I brought over to 2023 from 2022 by then. I brought over 5 dramas and I will definitely have completed 2 by the next WATCHLIST blogpost. I hope that I can finish 3 by then though. I have a lot of dramas from 2022, especially in the last 2 months of the year, that I did not watch and that are on my list to watch. We also, of course, have new dramas starting every week. OUR WATCHLISTS WILL NEVER BE EMPTY!



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