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THIS WEEK I AM PREMIEREING 2 NEW SERIES ON MY BLOG! This is the 2nd new series that I am starting this week. I think I am doing this series for 2 reasons. To motivate me to finish some of my dramas that I have put on the backburner (HAHA) because I have been a bit sporadic with my drama watching lately. Reason 2 - so you guys can get my ongoing impressions on what I am watching. Maybe to start conversations if you are watching the same dramas or want to start ones that I am watching but also it will be like mini reviews. We will see how this series unfolds and transforms over time because I am sure it will grow and change as I write more and post more.


- A Man in a Veil: Yes, that is right! Trying to actually finish my first daily drama EVER! I have always started watching these but always got behind and then eventually dropped it because I could not keep up. LET ME TELL YOU, I have support via Twitter so that is HELPING A LOT! This drama is VERY ENTERTAINING!! It is some crazy goodness - SUCH A MAKJANG DRAMA and we ALL KNOW THAT I AM A SUCKER FOR MAKJANGS! I have also found some new Korean actresses and actors that I need to keep on my radar and check out other dramas that they have done. I am really enjoying the cast in this one.

-Homemade Love Story: Here I am also trying to finish my first weekend daily drama as well. I am not succeeding as much as my other daily drama though. I have gotten behind on episodes so I need to catch up. I started this one because I LOVE the two lead actors and wanted to see them on screen together as a couple. FOUND FAMILY is one of my favorite tropes and THIS HAS THAT IN SPADES! This has sort of taken a back burner to be honest but I want to get caught up and back to it.

-Lie After Lie: You want CRAZY, MAKJANG vibes, look NO FURTHER! It is like this drama is trying to put a 100-episode crazy daily drama into 16 episodes (HAHA). Lie After Lie is one of those dramas where you think the plot can't get any crazier AND THEN IT DOES! I am just along for the ride. I just want the evil people to go down in flames and our couple to have a happy ending. THEY DESERVE THAT! It is funny because the actress who plays the mother in law in this drama is also in A Man in a Veil and both characters are POLAR OPPOSITES - couldn't be more different in EVERY WAY! I am always surprised when I see her in both dramas because I still can't believe it is the same actress.

-Mask: I started this drama when I didn't have as many dramas on my watchlist SO NOW it has sort of taken the back burner for now. I AM LOVING IT SO FAR! The leads have great chemistry. As you can see, I have a theme going right now where I am just watching ALL THE CRAZY DRAMAS AT ONCE! This is another juicy, high drama Korean drama WHICH I AM A SUCKER FOR! It is funny to be watching this at the same time as Lie After Lie because the male lead in that kdrama is such a nice guy and his character in this drama is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE!

-My Dangerous Wife: THIS DRAMA IS NUTS! I have no idea where it is going because I think the plot is moving SO FAST so I am not quite sure what will happen. How can it keep this pace for another 12 episodes! Anyway, I AM LOVING IT! Nothing is quite what it seems and you are always at the edge of your seat because you don't know what will happen next. VERY ENTERTAINING! I mean I think I watched episodes 3 and 4 with my mouth open the entire time HAHA!

-Private Lives: I am not sure how I feel about this Korean drama. I have not watched episodes 3 or 4 yet because I was so surprised by episodes 1 and 2. I think I was expecting a completely different drama from the synopsis so when the drama did air and I started it, I needed to wrap my head around the drama I got. Probably one of the reasons I haven't continued yet. I PROMISE I WILL WATCH MORE - which is why it is still on my watchlist and not dropped yet.

-Search: I started this drama over the weekend AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Search was one of my highly anticipated dramas for October because I LOVE JANG DONG YOON! I love that I am getting to watch this in October because it has everything you would want for a Halloween season drama - monsters, action, thriller - WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR! It even has humor which I did not expect. I am very curious where this drama's story will take us and I am SO EXCITED FOR NEW EPISODES!

-Start-Up: I don't know what I was expecting with this drama BUT I enjoyed this premiere more than I thought I would. I also started this drama over the weekend. I ALSO CRIED LIKE THREE TIMES IN THE SPAN OF 1 EPISODE! Come on KDRAMA - I NEED TO SURVIVE ANOTHER 15 EPISODES! Why did you have to hit us in the feelings in the first hour!? I loved the backstories that the first episode introduced and I am excited to see how the characters will interact with each other once they all meet each other which looks like it might happen in the next couple of episodes.

-Tale of the Nine Tailed: TO NO ONE'S SURPRISE, I am watching this Korean drama AND LOVING IT! As is practically everyone else who watches Korean dramas HAHA! The lore behind this drama is HIGHLY entertaining and exciting. The graphics and cinematography are beautiful with OSTs that accompany it perfectly. The chemistry between the two leads are fantastic BUT ALSO the chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum IS SO GOOD! Having a GREAT fantasy drama that I am watching IS SO SATISFYING. This is a drama that I sometimes wish I wasn't waiting a week for episodes BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SUCH A GOOD BINGE!

-Zombie Detective: THIS IS MY BIGGEST SURPRISE FROM ALL THAT I AM WATCHING! I started this drama, just thinking I was going to check it out and eventually drop it, BUT HERE WE ARE WITH 4 EPISODES LEFT! I really thought that this drama's type of humor would cause me to drop it but for some reason I don't mind it. I am very particular about my humor when it comes to dramas. I find this drama VERY FUNNY! This past week took A DRASTIC SHIFT in a direction I didn't predict so I am excited for the last 4 episodes, to see how this drama ends. It has been a REALLY fun one to watch in October! One of my favorite things about this drama is Choi Jin Hyuk's thoughts and facial expressions. THIS DRAMA IS JUST ONE BIG MEME!


- Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave: Another drama I started when I wasn't watching as many dramas and now it is on the back burner. I started watching The Lost Tomb series and LOVED IT! So, I wanted to check out the Candle in the Tomb series OF COURSE! I love adventure/action dramas AND THIS ONE FITS THE BILL! I really need to get back to it and finish it BECAUSE THAT MEANS I CAN WATCH MY NEXT TOMB RAIDING DRAMA SOON!

-Maiden Holmes: I started this drama when it was still airing AND I JUST NEED TO LEARN MY LESSON THAT I CAN'T WATCH CHINESE DRAMAS WHILE THEY AIR HAHA! I can never keep up and just need to be patient and watch the drama once it is complete. I am severely behind and should have finished it by now BUT HERE WE ARE! I love the leads; I think their chemistry is great and I think the good balance between seriousness and comedy is really working for me. I am excited to continue this one and finish it FOR SURE!

-Noble Aspirations: There is ONE REASON and ONE REASON ONLY I started this drama AND THAT IS CHENG YI! This drama has been on my plan to watch list FOR A LONG TIME! After watching Cheng Yi in The Lost Tomb 2 earlier this year, I knew I needed to watch more of his dramas PRONTO! And before you ask, I have not seen Love and Redemption yet HAHA! I can't find that drama anywhere legally YET, but when I do - I plan to watch it IMMEDIATELY (WHICH PROBABLY MEANS I NEED TO FINISH SOME OTHER DRAMAS FAST!). I was excited to see a lot of other favorite Chinese actors in Noble Aspirations so I am looking forward to more episodes - THE FIRST EPISODE WAS INTENSE!


-My Gear and Your Gown: I am liking this drama more than I thought I would. It definitely still has A LOT of tropes that come up a lot but I like that it has brought up some topics that are usually taboo to talk about in dramas. I want the drama to get past the high school years and back to the present FOR SURE!

-Oxygen: The Series: I am LOVING this drama. I like that we are seeing multiple couples and that this past week we concentrated on the other couples more. I have one problem with this drama though - WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE DOCTOR STORYLINE!? (HAHA) The writers need to make up their minds with the direction they are taking this storyline and DO IT!

-My Engineer: Another drama that I need to get back to and finish. I promise when my life has calmed down a bit, I WILL FINISH THIS ONE TOO! This is another one I am enjoying a lot and I am glad that we have more than one couple because I definitely like some couples more than others.


-Cherry Magic: LOOK! When I get stressed, I start new dramas...SO HERE I AM - STARTING A NEW JDRAMA ON A WHIM! I AM SO GLAD I DID! I binged the first 2 episodes of this drama and LOVED IT! I know, I am a sucker for an office romance, so it was already a given that I was going to like this one. THE ACTOR'S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WHEN HE IS THINKING IS GOLD!! I have laughed out loud multiple times with just 2 episodes of this drama. So, needless to say, I am really enjoying this one!




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