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THE NEWS CORNER IS BACK!! I know a couple of months were skipped but it is back for June. Just a reminder, most of the news posts will be about casting news. I might add a couple of other news tidbits if I find it interesting. This post is just things that I have collected over the last month or so. All of the news will be confirmed - I don't want to post anything about rumors or anything. I AM SURE I WILL MISS SOMETHING - especially the amount of news that is announced every month in drama land.

ALRIGHT! Are you ready for all of the Kdrama news I have collected over the last month or so?

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon confirmed for new drama. [Soompi]

WINNER"s Kang Seung Yoon confirmed for "Heart Signal 4" Panelist [Soompi]

"Useless Lies" confirms supporting cast [Soompi]

"Maestra" confirms cast [Soompi]

Lee Ki Woo confirmed to Join Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won in new drama [Soompi]

Kim Hyang Gi, Ahn Dong Gu and Giriboy confirmed for new movie [Soompi]

NETFLIX's drama "Hierarchy" confirms cast [Soompi]

Go Soo and Oh My Girl's Arin confirmed for short form drama [Soompi]

Street Woman Fighter confirmed for Season 2 [Soompi]

Go Jun Hee confirmed for new drama [Soompi}

Rain and Kim Ha Neul confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for new school violence drama [Soompi]

ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo confirmed for Kim Nam Joo's drama "Wonderful World"[Soompi]

Go Ah Sung and Jang Ryul confirmed for new historical drama [Soompi]

Apink's Yoon Bomi confirmed for "Queen of Tears" [KoreanUpdates! Twitter]

Seolhyun confirmed to join "Shop of the Lamp" [KoreanUpdates! Twitter]

Jin Sun Kyu confirmed for NETFLIX movie "War & Disorder" [KoreanUpdates! Twitter]

New Korean BL drama "JUN & JUN" was submitted for review [BLUPDATES2022 Twitter]

Season 2 of His Man confirmed to premiere in June [BLUPDATES2022 Twitter]

"Love Tractor" confirmed to premiere on June 7th [BLUPDATES2022 Twitter]

"Where Your Eyes Linger" re-releasing as a movie version [BLUPDATES2022 Twitter]

That is all the Kdrama news I have gathered in the month of May.

Did you see something that interests you?

What casting/drama news are you excited about?

Is this kind of blogpost helpful to you?


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