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September 2022 is another month DOMINATED by cdrama posters. I feel like we are getting network events every month recently. In these events the network releases new trailers and posters for all their upcoming dramas. This is why we have been getting A LOT of posters for cdramas in the last few months. September was no different but HEY who is complaining...If you are expecting kdrama posters in this post, I will tell you right now, there are only cdrama posters in this month's poster collection. That is what caught my eye this month.

I am currently watching Are You Safe. I always love when they put features on posters that are geared towards technology or the future. For example, I love the circle over Tan Jian Ci's eye in this poster. Don't ask me why I like these types of features because I really can't give you good answer. I just think it looks cool and I like the look of it. Anyone else watching this drama? What do you think of the drama so far?

I know I have talked about Mr. and Mrs. Chen before on this blog. Well, the drama released a new poster this past month. There are a lot of things about this drama that has caught my eye. Supposedly it is based off of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith which sounds entertaining to me. I love that is set in the 1940s which draws me in due to the costumes and setting. I am curious how the story is going to time period it is set in. I think this drama has some potential.

I don't know much about this drama but the first posters look AWESOME! I love the colors. I love the costumes. I know some of the cast and others are completely new to me which I love when that happens so I can discover new actors/actresses to follow. I don't even know the synopsis of this drama so; the only thing right now are the first posters. I am definitely keeping an eye out for this drama.

I really need to watch more modern cdramas that aren't just crime dramas. A lot of them are on my list to watch, I just need to click play on them. I love the look of this drama between the posters that were released and the first teaser that was released. The cinematography and look of this drama pique my interest a lot.

Another drama I don't know much about but the poster interests me. I love that it might be set in the future. Sci-fi themes always catch my eye. I love the look of this poster. I love how the DNA helix wraps around both of the leads. I love that the colors are simple and gives a lot of contrast. It stands out because it doesn't have much color. Definitely adding this to my Plan to Watch list.

I mean it is Allen Ren, I, OF COURSE, have to include a poster of him when it is released in the month. Who else is watching Thousand Years for You? I am and I am enjoying it. I am probably in the minority when it comes to enjoying this drama. I don't know. I am only on like episode 10 but I am curious how it is going to play out moving forward. I love this umbrella poster from Thousand Years for You. Both leads look great! I think they pull off historical costume very well. An umbrella scene is ICONIC!

THIS DRAMA LOOKS LIKE IT IS FINALLY GOING TO BE RELEASED!! I am excited for this pairing. I am also a sucker for Xianxia dramas so this poster and trailer caught my eye this month. It has been forever since both the leads have been on my screen. I love the colors in this poster.

I mean I don't need to say much about this poster and drama. A LOT OF PEOPLE, including myself, are looking forward to this drama. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THIS POSTER! IT IS BEAUTIFUL, just like the other posters that have been released for this drama. I have high expectations with this drama for its' costumes and look.

I am not quite sure why this poster caught my eye this month. There is just something about how the male lead has like 2 images in this drama. That makes me ask questions on why they did that. Does it have something to do with the story? Is he a bad guy like a cheater or is it a crime drama and he killed someone? What does it mean for the female in the poster? I now have this drama on my radar to check out.

This drama has been sitting on VIKI's Coming Soon section for MONTHS and WE FINALLY got movement on the drama this month. This drama looks like a suspense drama just from this poster. It looks like it might have some technology-based story which interests me as well just from the look of the poster. I love both actors in the poster. I am totally checking this drama out when it airs. If these 2 actors are a couple in this drama, I need to see that as well.

Another drama that I know I have mentioned on this blog before. I can't help it. PRETTY COSTUMES CATCH MY EYE! I guess that means the marketing is working. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT TAN JIAN CI AND HIS WHITE HAIR! MY GOD, he looks amazing with white hair!

THATS IT FOR THIS POST! I could have put A LOT more posters in this post but then it would have never ended. After September where there were not a lot of posters that caught my eye, we are back to TOO MANY POSTERS!

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters - wonder what ones I will have then! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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