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Picture I took in Japan

If you are here, it must mean that you are a fellow drama watcher OR a music lover. WELL I AM HERE FOR YOU! I already write another blog for kdramas (if you want that blog, I can provide that at some point) BUT THIS BLOG IS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!

As you know from my ABOUT section, my journey of drama watching started over 10 years ago. I naturally started with kdramas but that has EXPLODED in to everything else. I watch all Asian dramas from all the countries and this blog is for me to share my interests and thoughts. Since my interests span into music, I will talk about music as well. Hopefully you find something on this blog to like and make you want to come back.

Now just because I talk about kdramas over on my other blog, doesn't mean I won't talk about it here BUT this blog just allows me to talk about the other countries' content that I check out and watch. Kdramas and Kpop has exploded over the last few years WHICH I LOVE but other countries need love and TLC. There is some amazing content coming out of other Asian countries as well. THIS IS WHAT THIS BLOG IS FOR! I will find content that I love that I want to share with you guys, share them, hopefully you check them out AND THEN I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK! I want to start a conversation WHATEVER THAT IS!

FOR ME - This blog will also act as an outlet for creative expression. I will write about what I love, my thoughts on that content or just in general and just express myself. I want the content I build on this blog to be natural which will make it fun for me, fun for you and a creative outlet and site of discovery FOR EVERYONE!


It will just be Me and my Cat hanging out, drinking coffee and drama-watching :)


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