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THAI DRAMA REVIEW: The Last Promise (2020)

I had never watched a lakorn before so I decided that needed to change. As you know from this blog, I have watched Thai dramas, they all just happened to be BL dramas. So, I scoured the internet and asked twitter on what should be my first lakorn. I landed on The Last Promise just by chance because I found it on Youtube. It sounded like something I would like so I clicked play. I AM SO GLAD I DID!

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF THE LAST PROMISE - Orn (played by Aff Taksaorn) loses her husband (played by Two Popetorn) when she is pregnant with their son. She has to raise their son alone. Her son grows up resenting his father while Orn loves him and never forgets him. Thichong (played by Tor Thanapob) is a friend of Orn's son and comes into everyone's lives. Thichong and Orn seem drawn together but why? Can they figure out the mysteries and questions that surround Orn's husband? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their life to be happy?

Overall, I AM SO HAPPY THAT THIS WAS MY FIRST LAKORN! I came into the drama with no expectations so I really did not know what I was getting into. I enjoyed this drama SO MUCH! People told me that this would be a good choice as my first Lakorn because it isn't as crazy as some others. It is a nice introduction to Lakorns and I have to agree. I will say though, if this is on the tame side, HOW CRAZY DO LAKORNS GET!? 😂



This entire drama centers around the main couple. Well, I guess 3 people who make up the main couple. So, if this main couple didn't work, the drama wouldn't work. LET ME TELL YOU, IT DOES! I love the main couple of this drama whether that is Orn/Phak or Orn/Thichong. No matter who Orn was with on screen, you believed in their love and them as a couple. You rooted for them and wanted them to have a happy ending. They were just so believable as a couple which what sold me on The Last Promise. You also wanted to kill anyone who got in the way of their happy ending. This tells me that I was invested in this couple.


I am SUCH A SUCKER for reincarnation stories. The Last Promise was just a beautiful love story and the use of reincarnation was PERFECT! I may not always like to watch romance dramas and may be picky when it comes to romance but I am also a hopeless romantic. Reincarnation is one of my favorite tropes/stories when it comes to romance dramas. To have a couple who loves each other SO MUCH that not even death can keep them apart, that just pulls at my heartstrings EVERY SINGLE TIME! The Last Promise uses reincarnation so well. I loved watching Phak/Thichong and Orn find each other again. You got to see them rediscover each other and get through all the obstacles to be together again.


I have never seen any of these actors/actresses in a drama before. I was impressed by all of them. Tor Thanapob is definitely one of my favorite Thai actors after this drama. The range of his expressions, emotions and acting in this drama BLEW ME AWAY! All the actors/actresses did a fantastic job acting out their roles as well. They made me hate their characters if they did something idiotic. They made me believe in their love story. They made me believe all the emotions they acted out on screen. This drama has a lot of talent in the cast FOR SURE!


I will never be quiet about how much chemistry Tor Thanapob and Aff Taksaorn had on screen together. It was ELECTRIFYING! They could just look at each other and just through those glances, you saw the chemistry. I don't know if it was how good the acting was between the two or it was the story and how convincing these two were as a couple. Maybe it was a combo of everything. EITHER WAY, THIS COUPLE HAD CHEMISTRY TO SPARE IN THIS DRAMA!



There were multiple characters in this drama that drove me nuts and were obstacles in this story/drama. The one character that made me the craziest was Orn/Phak's son Paam. His actions in this drama MADE NO SENSE TO ME! Now his actions could be explained up to a certain point in the plot but all his actions after that plot point DID NOT MADE SENSE! I was so angry with his character for most of the drama. 😂


I both loved and had issues with the ending of this drama. On one hand, I loved that it was an open ending and the viewers could interpret where the drama was going to go next especially with Orn/Thichong's relationship. I don't want to give away spoilers but what happened at the end makes sense to me because it is like when one door closes, another one opens. I like that concept for the end of this drama. In my opinion, it really was the only way to end the drama too. On the other hand, I was SO INVESTED in Orn/Thichong's relationship up to the end. Just because I was so invested on their relationship, this ending hurt me as well. 😂

Rating: 9.0/10 (Streaming on YOUTUBE now)

If you are curious about my reaction to the drama IN REAL TIME - here is my tweets/watch thread for the drama

Have you seen The Last Promise?

What did you think of the drama?

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