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If you are new to my blog, WELCOME! If you are not new, WELCOME BACK!

I honestly wasn't going to put myself through this torture this year BUT HERE WE ARE! It has been just a CRAZY year and dramas was my happy/sane place AND PROBABLY yours too. I watched a lot of dramas this year, MORE THAN I EVER HAVE BEFORE! So, I was not planning on doing these kinds of list because I knew it would be SO HARD TO CHOOSE! As you can see, I got persuaded and whittled down my list to this. I broke my choices into 2 lists so over the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing them. (I know I might have cheated a bit 😂)


*Now, remember these are in NO PARTICULAR order and not ranked*

Episodes: 8 (VIKI)

This was an anthology series. It was 1 story per episodes for a total of 8 stories. Now I will say some episodes/stories were better than others. My favorite personally was "Joan's Galaxy". Overall, this stood out to me because how unique it was. I just had never seen anything quite like it in Kdramaland ever which is why I loved it. I think the writers had a lot more room to write stories that they wanted to tell which gave the actors more room to stretch their acting abilities. LET ME TELL YOU, IT SHOWED! The stories were entertaining. The acting was amazing in this. The cinematography and special effects were other aspects that stood out to me in this series.

Episodes: 6 (NETFLIX)

I was a HUGE fan of season 1 of Kingdom so there was NO WAY I was going to miss season 2. Season 2 definitely didn't disappoint either. It was just as good as season 1. The acting, the action, the cinematography and story all were TOP NOTCH! I was glued to my seat the entire time! It was a really quick and nice binge. If you are a fan of zombies, I would HIGHLY recommend this drama. You will not be disappointed. I can't wait for more from this drama.

Episodes:16 (VIKI)

I actually started this drama because I saw that Kim Ji Hoon had joined the cast and I was curious in what capacity. The drama had kept his role under wraps and there was not a lot of information out there. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! His acting and character was a HIGHLIGHT for me in this drama. The entire cast did a phenomenal job in this drama. It wasn't a perfect drama for me, I didn't like a part of the ending but overall, THIS DRAMA WAS FANTASTIC! The OSTs are great and the story takes hold of you and doesn't let you go until the end of the drama.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

So, I was interested in this drama but what REALLY made me interested was the posters that were released before it aired. JUST LOOK AT THE ACTOR'S CHEMISTRY ABOVE IN THAT POSTER! The chemistry between the 2 leads was DEFINITELY a highlight of this drama and man their chemistry was 🔥🔥🔥! This drama gave me one of my favorite kisses of 2020. Both of the leads also shined in this drama on their own but when they had scenes together in this drama, they leapt off the screen. This drama was such a joy to watch!

Episodes: 24 (VIKI)

This drama was so entertaining and SUCH A WILD RIDE! It was unpredictable which was entertaining for me. Just when you thought you had figured everything out; the drama would throw in another curveball and you would be scrambling to pick up the pieces. Trying to figure out how and why the drama went that route and what clues it had shown you to go that way. This drama was exciting to watch and I could not wait for new episodes every week.

Episodes: 16 (VIKI)

There were 3 things that stood out to be in this drama and put it in my top favs of 2020. The young cast was AMAZING! The young actors in this drama deserved all the applause and awards because they were phenomenal. The OSTs in this drama are some of my favorites of 2020. The third thing was how emotional this drama turned out to be. I expected going in that it would be a straight forward crime drama but the lead actress who was the cop brought an element of emotion into this drama that I was not expecting. Her character's relationships with all the other characters were just heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Episodes: 16 (VIKI)

What surprised me about this drama that it was SO MUCH DARKER than I expected it to be. From the teasers and trailers, you got the false sense that there would be comedy involved. At first this was the case BUT MAN when the crimes started to happen, IT GOT DARK QUICK AND I WAS ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! I will admit it sort of dragged in the middle and was hard to follow but the twists and turns MORE THAN MADE UP FOR THAT! The evil in this drama was ON A WHOLE OTHER PLANE!

Episodes: 12 (VIKI)

I did not anticipate HOW INVESTED I was going to be with this drama. It was a drama from my favorite network and had an interesting premise BUT MAN I FELL HARD FOR THIS DRAMA! It is HANDS DOWN one of the best dramas I have ever seen. I cried probably every episode but I am okay with that. The characters in this were so well rounded. The story/concept of this drama is unforgettable. THE EMOTIONS were my favorite part. You rooted for the good guys and didn't know what to expect in the end. I actually cheered for some characters when their stories played out. THAT IS HOW INVESTED I WAS IN THIS DRAMA! I need a SEASON 2 because I did not want to say goodbye.

Episodes: 32 (VIKI)

One of the few romance dramas I watched in 2020 and probably my favorite of the year. This drama was just so comforting and easy to watch. It did help that there was a crime element involved (there is a joke by now that I only watch romance dramas with a side of murder 😂 - not going to lie, this is sort of true). The couple was so cute together and it made me smile every week. The cinematography was beautiful to watch and it was just a comforting drama to watch week to week.

Episodes: 12 (NETFLIX)

This drama had EVERYTHING and was so fun to watch every week. It had comedy. It had romance. It had FOUND FAMILY (my favorite trope). It had fantasy. It had MURDER! 😈 It was just a feel-good drama where I anticipated every episode week to week. It was precious and I have a soft spot for it in my heart. I felt every emotion while watching this drama from laughing/happiness to sobbing and wanting everyone to be okay by the end. That is a sign that I am loving a drama. I can't even express fully HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS DRAMA!

Episodes: 16(NETFLIX)

This is just an AMAZING drama! It was beautiful to watch with the creative cinematography and magical stories. The opening title sequence was so unique. I loved that every episode was based off a fairy tale and had a message. I loved the message of this entire drama as well. The FOUND FAMILY TROPE was a highlight of this drama for me but that might be because that is my favorite trope as I have previously stated. The acting in this drama was SUPERB and had an effect on me every week. It had a lot of depth and lore behind it. You can tell the writer put a lot of thought into the story and the director/producers put a lot of thought and energy into the production.

Episodes: 10 (NETFLIX)

Another drama that I originally wasn't planning on watching. It looked scary and usually I skip scary drama BUT I CLICKED PLAY! I am so glad I did. I was SURPRISED by this drama. I am glad I did not read the source material before I watched this. I think that made me love it even more. It just has such a unique story and is another one of those dramas that you don't expect much depth to it BUT MAN DID THIS HAVE DEPTH AND EMOTION! I connected with the characters and got emotionally invested. My favorite character was the main character, Hyun Soo. Yes, there were some plot holes and there needs to be a season 2 BUT I think I love this drama because it was so unexpected and unique in what I had watched in 2020.


Episodes: 8 or Movie Version (VIKI)

I had to put this in my honorable mentions because it was the BL Kdrama to start it all. More fun BL Kdramas were able to come out because of this one. It was so well done and it is a joy to watch. Both actors did a FANTASTIC job with the roles and had such chemistry. Kdramaland brought beautiful cinematography and lighting to the drama which was a joy to see. I just wished it was a longer and had more episodes BUT I still had to put it on my list.

Episodes: 24 (VIKI)

I liked this drama A LOT MORE than I was expecting too. This is why it is in my honorable mentions for this list. The type of comedy in this drama usually doesn't work for me but in this drama, IT DID! It was very funny - a complete meme from start to finish. I think what made me stay was you connect with the characters. Something rare in a drama like this, especially with this type of comedy. I absolutely adored Choi Jin Hyuk's character by the end of this drama! 😂

What were your favorite Kdramas of 2020? Did some of your favorite Kdramas make my list?

Stay tuned for Top 11 Non-Korean dramas of 2020 that comes out NEXT WEEK!




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